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The Gold Skirt Odyssey

Gold, gold, pleats and gold. It was on a whim that I posted a picture to Instagram of a gold pleat skirt and asked if any of you knew where I could find a similar beauty to call my own.

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Siyona Part II

At a time in fashion manufacturing when minimum runs can be made in the hundreds of thousands, Siyona is attempting to change the process.

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Wear your Baby: Babein

Let’s face it, if your baby won’t abide sleeping lying down like the rest of us, or screams if you dare put the little dote in a bouncer to make a cup of tea or put on some clothes or eat – then wearing your baby might be your only option.

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What would Jon Snow do?

He’d wear this stole, wouldn’t he? When I saw these pictures of me standing in the bushes dappled in sublime winter sunbeams with the…

Gucci Resort 2017 Collection shown at Westminster Abbey, June 2016

GUCCI Resort 2017

The audacious giddy complexity of it evokes Brittania, skinhead bovver boy, late 80s acid-house rave-wear and all the chic’s, from geek and nana to shabby.


Siyona: Part I

When this Siyona skirt dropped onto my desk, I was reminded how sometimes beautiful details, like the colour of a fading fence, can be all the inspiration one needs.