Lady Melbourne boho mexican dress |

The Sun God Dress

With the sun shining outside my window, and as I’m only able to get up to my balcony and not out and about with my tripod, I thought about the sun god Ra and pulled on this outfit.

Lady Melbourne wearing McGuire Denim skirt |

The McGuire Denim Skirt

Thanks for bearing with me over the last two weeks, motherhood and all it entails is a huge adjustment to say the least! I’ll be writing about it some time soon, in the meantime I thought it was high time for an outfit post and my first one post pregnancy to boot!


Baby Melbourne!

The temporary service interruption this past week has been to introduce Baby Melbourne into the world!

Vintage MiSSONI skirt |

A little bit of Missoni

I’ve had this skirt for a while now, and intended to wear it all summer long but then got myself pregnant and couldn’t fit…

Lady Melbourne wearing boho dress from label 'Raga' |

A Boho Dress

I’ve enjoyed wearing this dress so much during pregnancy, but like a lot of clothes I’ve bought I’ve tried really hard to steer clear…

Lady Melbourne in the nursery she decorated herself |

A Nursery

Despite the fact that I work in a creative field and am generally an organised person, the project of creating a nursery has only…