Lady Melbourne wears a blue midi skirt

The blue midi skirt

It’s winter here and I can’t lie, this outfit wouldn’t really get a big workout on a daily basis but I wanted to have a crack at wearing a midi skirt.

Lady Melbourne taking tea at Grace Cafe, Fitzroy

Take an Alternative Walking Tour of Melbourne!

How well do you know your home city? Ever considered taking a walking tour?

I like to think I know all there is to know about shopping in Melbourne, but it was with great delight that I discovered a few gems on a recent Alternative Walking Tour of Melbourne.

Mozi 'Out Of Africa' beaded clutch

Mozi Out Of Africa Clutch

This ‘Beaded Zebra Clutch’ is from their ‘Out Of Africa’ range and I love it with my Lady Petrova coat. I generally can’t stand the colour yellow, but for some reason, perhaps as it’s such a small dose I really love this clutch!

Chic navy blazer with silver accessories

The Navy Blazer

You might recall I was out at DFO Essendon last week (best bargain shopping in Melbourne) and while I was there to work, I managed a sneaky tour of the centre and picked up some ridiculous bargains, this blazer being one of them. Sportscraft is an established Australian label that while erring on the conservative side, do classics like a trench, merino sweater or wool blazer to perfection.

Lady Melbourne does 70s Glamour

Your Favourite Clothes

What’s your favourite thing to wear? And I’m not talking about a Snuggie or no-pants-are-the-best-pants attitude. Is there an item of clothing or style that you go back to again and again?