I bought these Beutron buttons on sale at Spotlight for $1 a card….

I made these cuffs by gluing the pearls and rhinestones on….

My new dress-form that was given to me by an elderly aunt…..

And me with my crafty finds and brand new belt haul from the weekend.
It’s a jumble of a post but I suppose the craft element ties it all together!
I’m back on Twitter by the way, thanks to everyone ‘following’ me. It’s a new world trying to communicate in 140 characters but being without a phone has forced me to work it out.
I have no idea whether to replace my phone with what I had (LG Shine) or get something new. My friends are trying to get me to join the ‘iPhone’ club but I’m not so sure I’d use all the applications. I do like to sit in front of the computer and type to do these kinds of things. I’m so 1999 and new to the net.
Any recommendations?