How to look splendid for next to nix!

This is the post that always escapes me: great idea but never executed.
I was raving to one of my friends today about this fab pure silk top that I bought at DFO for $20 on the weekend and she said for god’s sake will I do a post about it!

So here are some of the tips I employ to look splendid on very little cash.

1. Never pay retail. Designer outlets should be your new best friend if they aren’t already. The silk top in question is from the Witchery factory outlet and needed a stitch to attach the bow on one side of the collar. I saved $129.95.

2. If you can sew then you may already know this, but Mother Melbourne taught me to shop in the furnishing section first, then to look at dress fabrics. You will find pure fabrics like cotton and linen with a wider meterage and generally cheaper. The fabric for this skirt that I made cost $10.95 a meter and I only needed half of that. The skirt cost $5.50.

3. Well, you already know this but shop second hand. And I don’t mean vintage, I mean your true blue local op-shop or charity store. I found this on trend, cropped, linen blazer for $6 at Savers.

4. Customise clothes that you already own. I spotted a gal walking down Chapel St the other day with this super cute cardi with cream trim, in a sort of military twist.
Whilst at Spotlight buying my curtain/super cute skirt material I bought some grosgrain ribbon and sewed it onto a black cardi I already own. Cost: $6.95.