From the archives: A time before Lady Melbourne

I’ve been wondering whether or not to sell these camisoles because they are original and one off, but then, they are simply languishing in my studio at the moment so I thought why not put them out there?
Before Lady Melbourne when I had my own accessories label, I dabbled in a couple of ranges of camisoles hand made in Melbourne from vintage fabrics. They sold well, I only ever used the same design but different, beautiful fabrics.
As I still make my own clothes but don’t have a label at the moment I thought this might be a nice way to get back into the saddle so to speak because I’d love to start selling clothes again.
p.s- the white one will be for sale, I just didn’t like the pictures I took of it 🙂
  • tara

    i would love to buy one!! they are so cute!
    and i love the fabric, and they seem so versatile

  • Indigo

    I love the camisoles, they are so beautiful and I've never seen anything quite like them before. I say sell them 🙂

  • festival road

    Hi Phoebe
    I'd be interested in the camisole with the Japanese inspired floral print on the apricot background? can you email me at ? xx

  • feather in a storm

    Go back in to production! Stunning choices of fabric.. would love to see more?

  • katiecrackernuts

    I think lines like this are the perfect way to get back into the saddle. They're lovely.

  • Tiki Doll

    they are stunning, do you mind if I feature them on my site?

  • Fashion Tidbits

    gosh how beautiful are they!! the prints are gorgeous Lady M

  • mom & son

    I love it all!
    They look so comfy!