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 I’m a huge Alison Goldfrapp fan, so it was when I re-discovered ‘Black Cherry’ the other day after many years of it sitting at the back of a cabinet I fell in love with the red glittered heels that feature on the back cover. I managed to find the images in this post from the same shoot- just to die for.

Deciding that as I’m a DIY girl I could make my own pair, so I went to K-mart and bought a cheap pair or $20 heels. Next stop was Spotlight for the craft glue and glitter and then it was a case of painting on the glue and sprinkling on the glitter. This is one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done, there is no secret step it’s just a case of glue and glitter. If you make yourself a pair do let me know, I’d love to know if other people have attempted this themselves.

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  • I couldn’t resist and made a pair and I love them. I added a few steps and the glitter is staying on really well. Thanks so much Lady M for the inspiration.

  • Utterly fabulous. Shoes that Dorothy would be envious of. Well done Ms Melbourne! x

  • Steph

    I’m in love with these shoes! Ever since I was a little girl and first watched The Wizard of Oz, I have wanted a pair of red, glittery heels. These are beautiful, and I can’t get over how simple the were to create. Great idea!

    I’m going as Dorothy to the next dress up party I snaffle an invite to!

    Thanks for sharing x

  • To think that it seems that all this time, my eternal shopping mission has been to find a pair of exquisitely glitter-y heels, and you just MADE a pair! Amazing! I will definitely be trying this out, thank-you!

  • I’ve always dreamed of having my own ruby slippers. I may just have to do this over the weekend.

    So lovely – thanks! x

  • Robyn

    You go girl! Awesome Idea, I’ve always wanted a pair of Dorothy shoes but never quite knew how to go about it, so simple, so effective, wondering how long the glitter would last using the craft glue.

  • Not hairspray! Use clear shiny spray-on shellac. You’ll find it on the same shelf as the spray-on paints. Several coats and you can even wipe the shoes down if they get splattered!

  • I have a pair of red glitter shoes – shoe bought not diy and they really do shed glitter like crazy. Some kind of fixative really does help.

    Maybe I should try reglittering my shoes using your instructions. I’ve had them for over 10 years and they are a bit dusty. It’s near impossible to clean glitter shoes!

  • Ooooh I want to do this!! I need to get some heels ASAP.

  • W-o-w. To think that it seems that all this time, my eternal shopping mission has been to find a pair of exquisitely glitter-y heels, and you just MADE a pair! Amazing! I will definitely be trying this out, thank-you!

  • Wow – they look amazing! I am going to give it a go myself – should I email you about ‘the secret to gettng the glitter to stick’? 🙂 I have been after a pair of shoes like this for sooooo long and have never thought about doing it myself. As for the actual paint, do you ‘paint’ it on with a brush or should I do this with a spray? 🙂

  • I did this for a swing dancing ball, as of course they don’t make red glitter dance shoes, but once they dried if I brushed over the shoes the glitter just fell off, not all of it, some that hit the actual glue stayed but it wasn’t enough to cover :(, if the shoes don’t need to bend in any way, a coat of clear lacquer might do the trick?

  • I love leaving a glitter trail I have set of Indian bangles & Sme of them are coated in silver glitter & I love it whn they sprinkle glitter over my body it looks quite magical.
    But yes your right if glitter started to fall off the red no.s there would be quite a problem I think they are perfect for striking a pose or maybe dressing up as Dorethey for your man.

  • What a great tip from Lily! Yeh, I agree you should definitely spray that shit with some hairspray or you might get some complaints about leaving a glitter trail! …not to mention a pair of balding shoes! eek!

  • “Follow that yellow brick road girl “Love this pic very “FRENCH”my favourite It’s so sexy it’s so cute now your really talking to me Lady Melbourne.
    I’m growing to Love you more & more.

  • Lily

    I love your blog and I LOVE your new shoes!

    I made myself a pair of ruby slippers once and I do have some advice. If the glitter does start to fall (which it generally starts to do and can be quite messy) hairspray does indeed a help! However I found just an average old hairspray didn’t really help too much. Fudge’s “Membrane Gas” hairspray however did the trick and my shoes are still going strong! Just make sure you cover the shoes with it in a well ventilated area as it’s not the most pleasant smelling stuff.

  • I was just about to mention Violet’s sneakers… and I think I have just the heels to benefit from this. Tuesday’s project, here I come!

  • I saw Goldfrapp over 10 years ago in Glasgow Arches when they were just a little speck on the horizon, was an awesome gig, serious vocals from one talented lady

    Loving your DIY

    Sleekit x

  • Anna

    But won’t the red glitter dust fall off everywhere and drive you crazy? Did you spray them with anything to fix the glitter in place after gluing them on? Is there anything you could spray them with – like hairspray?

  • Wow LM you are a very clever lady. Love your work!

  • lazuli

    I did that for a dorothy costume once upon a time… Was good fun!

  • You’ll be the next choice to play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz… fabulous! Click your heels and you’ll save on transport costs, too….
    The closest I’ve come to this is spraypainting shoes gold – also not so tricky, but yours look better!

  • svenskaussie

    Brilliant !!!

  • hehe love them! Love glitter heels, I have a silver pair I can’t wait to wear!

  • <3 Goldfrapp. I need to dig out and repair my red heels 🙂

  • What a cool idea. And I bet you’ll leave a bewitching trail of glitter everywhere you walk! xx

  • Hahah very adorable!

  • Lovely blog :))
    I would love to invite you to my make-up & accessories giveaway! :)) Check it out here:

    Can’t wait to hear from you <3

  • F.


  • What a co-incidence! Violet Lebeaux stuck red glitter all over her sneakers in her post today.

    Guess it’s a red glitter kinda day!

  • Wow. So simple. I think I now have my next DIY project. Every girl needs a pair of sparkly red heels.