Inside my accessories closet

oo many shoes- is there such a thing? I think if you never wear them perhaps? Or have I just committed fashion blasphemy?!
Anyhow, I own plenty plus a healthy dose of accessories so thought I’d show you inside my closet that houses it all. This is just a sneak peek, this would be a very long post if I documented it all!

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  • Mmm loves the studded bracelet

  • Love, Love, Love !


  • i heart ur chunky bracelet with pearls!!

  • I just love that you have a whole closet for accessories alone!

    And I wouldn’t expect anything less from your fabulous self!


  • Oh how I wish my accessories looked that tidy. At least my shoe collection does. (And no, you can -never- own too many pairs).

  • There is no such thing as too many shoes. I can no longer wear heels thanks to my health issues but I can’t bear to part with them. They are so beautiful it would be like parting with my children.

    I had to buy a hanger for all my jewellery (a lovely wire wall coat rack, works well for necklaces) so I understand your love of accessories and think it is completely normal! 🙂

  • How I wish I had your wardrobe!

    XO XO

  • My shoes always get trashed for some reason.. you take such good care of your stuff! x

  • The more you have the longer they last!
    Seriously, I never get rid of accessories … or shoes … or … whoops now my OCD is showing!

  • I love how everything is organised and your collection of shoes is to DIE for!

  • I tend towards the obsessive when it comes to organising my belongings. I just wish my apartment was large enough for me to store my shoes and accessories the way I would choose to. Until then, they will live crushed into boxes and shelves, victims of the rental market in Melbourne.

    Poppy xox

  • Om

    Oh for that kind of order!

  • Im jealous. x