One week of: Blouses

little while ago I was chatting on here and via twitter about my swollen ankle due to a pair of rather vertiginous heels I own that I fell off rather unceremoniously. Anyhow, turns out my ankle is now strapped and I’m off heels for a week(Spring fashion week next week is a motivator if any to stay off them….fashion week in flats: blasphemy) so you will be getting a week of beautiful blouses.

No feet or heels at this stage but I do love presenting different looks using the same theme for a week….makes me realise how much of the same item I own in my wardrobe! Which I’m sure has to be the same for some of you, non?

Violet & I body suit/blouse with silk sleeves.

  • Siesha

    Dear Lady Melbourne,
    I love this top! Where did you acquire this?

  • Woah and wow, what beautiful sleeves. This reminds me of one of the dresses I just bought from a friend’s old Aunty Portea. She must of been a fashionista back in her day!. Black vintage dress with a lace panel front and big big big floaty sleeves. The other dress, well, ahem…..a red 80’s stretchy ‘Dynasty style’ number with a black sequin feature, which I bought purely for a laugh.

  • Wow, what an amazing blouse!
    The sleeves are devine.
    Hope your ankle heels before fashion week xo

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  • Hi
    Feel better:)
    You look gorgeous:)


  • Beq

    love the sleeves!

  • Gorgeous!

  • Gorgeous blouse

    Grammar queen, hee hee

    Sleekit x

  • Dear Lady Melbourne, you look gorgeous as ever, but make me shudder at your apostrophe use for blouse’s 🙂



  • Gorgeous blouse! I love the idea of doing a week of different blouses, looking forward to seeing the rest of your posts!

    miss violet bell.xx

  • That is such a pretty body suit! As a blouse devotee, I can’t wait to see what you come up with this week.

    x The Velvet Bow

  • That is one amazing blouse! Hope your ankle gets better speedily!


  • Maya

    Puffy sleeves are the bees knees.

  • Amy

    You look super gorgeous. Love the photo! =)

  • Ellie

    Damn those heels! Rehome them. Over here (kidding!) do you think there’s money to be made in teaching girls how to walk in such challenging shoes ?!