Panasonic Lumix TZ10 & my trip to the Ottoman

“Sponsored by Nuff Nang”

I mentioned a little while back that Nuff Nang were sending me a Panasonic Lumix TZ10 to try out and carry around with me in case I felt the urge to snap randomly while I’m out and about. Bloggers are known to do such things (strange creatures) so it was kind of funny that I found myself pulling it out of my bag and doing just that.

This jewellery is case in point: I was walking past the shop on my way innocently to do some banking and from the window of ‘Ottoman Treasures’(385 Sydney Rd Brunswick Ph 03 9388 8400) these beauties stared back at me. I thought to myself, ‘I’ll just take a little look, it’ll probably be tres expensive but in the name of the blog it would be a crime not to investigate.’


Necklace: $40

Turquoise ring: $10

Silver ring: $10

Nazar or evil eye stone: $10

Double hand-shake correction means that I can take photos of myself with one hand and they come out picture perfect.

Beautiful detailed shots courtesy of the 12x optical zoom lense.

So I tried on the jewellery, snapped some pictures and of course bought the lot. As the camera has a 25mm wide-angle 12x optical zoom LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens it meant I could capture the detail of the jewellery without having to use my much larger digital SLR.

12.1 Megapixel love! ‘Intelligent Auto’ means that I can use that setting and the camera automatically sets the apeture, light and white balance.

So happy! If only I’d actually been in Turkey to make my purchase. I’ll most definitely be taking it with me on my next trip however as it makes a great travel camera. Compact with a fab lens and it has a built-in GPS for easy organisation of the photos you took on your holidays to boot!

Anyhow not to have all the fun, Nuff Nang and Panasonic are giving you the chance to win your very own Panasonic Lumix TZ10 that retails for $650 by leaving a comment on this post with the answer to:

Where in the World would you take the Panasonic Lumix TZ10 and what photo would you take?

You can view the terms and conditions here, competition closes September 3rd 2010.

“This post was made possible thanks to the Panasonic TZ10 and Nuffnang”

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  • Oh, so many great options for photos with a shiny new camera! I’d take it to Rome with me, and photograph every gelato I ate while wandering the narrow cobbled streets. Or at least, every stick remaining cone or wrapper! No, wait – maybe I’d take it to Paris and take photos of macarons in every possible colour.
    No – I know what I’d do – take a photo everywhere we visit on our honeymoon, with my feet poking into the bottom of the shot, so I can remember I really was there!

  • TJ

    I’d love to take the Panasonic TZ10 to southern Western Australia during the spring season to take great close up photos of all the beautiful wild flowers and birdlife.

  • KP

    If I win this competition, I will be taking the Panasonic Lumix TZ10 to New York City next March. Utilising the POWER O.I.S. – at dusk I will take a self-portrait of my boyfriend and I on the southern end of Times Square, making sure I capture all the fast moving people, colourful lights and advertising behind us. This will be THE shot of our first holiday together!

  • GC-CC

    Well it would have been mighty lovely to have had on my recent trip to South America to capture the totally unselfconscious beauties that walk the beach of Rio, maybe I can hope for next time 😉

  • Btw Ottoman treasures is a beautiful shop, my boyfriend actually found it for me after serving a lady wearing jewellery from there. Your turquoise ring is stunning 🙂

  • I would take it to tahiti and photograph the gorgeous blue water and majestic sunsets……. Heaven!

  • next trip come to versilia, tuscany. and clubbing in the best italian clubs: bussola versilia & capannina

    I would travel to Turkey (my parents homeland) and take a picture of my granny making borek by hand! Shes 80 and looks like a little bouncy ball so I think it would make a very cute picture!!
    Seyma xoxo

  • Helen

    Darwin. I was there last night at the nights markets and the sunset on on the beach is amazing.

  • To Colorado to meet my good friend who is doing wine tour holiday of America and Europe.
    I’d take photo’s of the incredible landscape, fun in the snow and of course us being silly 🙂

  • Erin

    I would take the Panasonic Lumix Tz10 back to the wonderful Turkey and the other 15 countries in europe i luckily got to visit a few months back, unfortunately looking through my photos they are pretty blurry and disappointing 🙁 Give me a chance to re take my photos and capture the breath taking europe through this camera!

  • Samantha

    I would take the Panasonic Lumix TZ10 to Japan with me during the cherry blossom flowering season to take photos of wind swept cherry blossom petals.

  • Milly

    I would take my new Lumix to the best city in the world, Melbourne, to take pictures of most stylish people in the world.

  • Eu levaria todas as noites para os meus sonhos para que eu não os esquecesse quando eu acordasse.

    I would take every night to my dreams that I will not forget when I woke up.

  • Samantha

    I would take the camera to Paris, which will enable me to snap prettttyyyyyyy pictures of the eiffel tower! 😀

  • Chris

    I would take it to New York at Christmas and photograph Central Park, covered in a light dusting of perfect snow (well, that’s what I’m hoping for my trip later this year!)

  • This is a fantastic prize. Thank you Lady Melbourne, Nuffnang and Panasonic.

    I am in a great need of a good camera. I love taking photos whether it be for my blog, of family and friends or just for pure pleasure.

    Capturing moments in time is priceless, as you can never get those moments back.

    Miss Bias : )

  • What a delight to capture the smells and sensations, the happiness and busy nature of people in markets – smelling the fruit as they do here in Place Carnot in Carcassonne (France), pressing the cheese, or delighting in the violet garlic, greeting friends, and children playing around the fountain. The Panasonic Lumix TZ10 would be my bosom companion on a journey through the markets of south west France and Lao PDR, zooming in on people and fruits, capturing perfectly the display of produce, the stylish nature of the French (even in markets), the cheeky smiles of children and produce sellers, the beauty of the Lao country and its people, and the job which fresh fruit and produce can bring to us all. With this cunning little camera I could ‘zoom in the gloom’, capture myself with produce and people, highlight strange foods, and rekindle those delights in my old age as I gaze at the albums!

  • Hi Lady M:)
    loved the rings:)

    Have a nice day down under…

    From Norway – sp

  • I’d take it to Melbourne, record my shopping adventures and then blog about them!

  • I’d take it to Melbourne and record my shopping adventures!

  • Beq

    Love It!!!

  • That camera looks awesome! I would take it on my trip to Bali next month and take lots of photos of my wonderful blogging friends that I will be travelling with and my beautiful friend’s wedding.

  • Alexandra

    I would take it to Sweden to escape from the horrible looming spectre of the hung parliament.

  • Shinygirl

    An hour ago I was on the phone with my little sister who’s in London, I was lamenting how few recent photos we have of us together! So I would take this camera to London and she’s take me to her favourite cafe and we’d take millions of photos of us together. Sisters are the best.

  • Amy

    I would take it with me on my student exchange to Germany I’m in the middle of setting up.

    I could easily document the entire trip, my time studying and visiting other countries that way and never have to worry about getting the identity of the place wrong.

    From North Queensland, to Sydney, London, France, Germany, Italy and any other country I have the time to visit as well!

    Cute and easy to carry I wouldn’t have to worry about size and I could easily send the photos along home so everyone could see what I was up to…

  • E

    I would take my Lumix to the Sahara, with my just-bought Berber jewellery, riding on my camel into the sunset. Then the medina in Fes, then … perhaps Chefchaouen or Essaouira with my lust for colour, music and movement.

  • Mo

    I would take the Lumix home with me and photo my gorgeous bubbas. x

  • Norma

    I would like to take a picture of the indigenous communities living in the north mountairs ( la sierra negra) in the state of Puebla,in my country Mexico.

    these people are part of the past and the future of my country, is why i decided to study law, people who do not live technological changes in society, respects the natural environment, people who are poor but rich in culture and traditions , people who unfortunately is distressed to speak their home language. . . .

    and only would take the picture to remind someone, anyone, should never be ashamed of where we come from and what we were. . . .

  • Nat

    if i could just take that one photo i´d take the camera everywhere i´d go and wait for the perfect moment for the perfect photo!

  • lulubrownskin

    As clichéd as this may sound, it feels superbly appropriate as this was & still IS my “visual” to actually getting me there!

    Where? Well, let me set the scene for you:

    Panasonic Lumix TZ10 would be in my hand giving it up for a very snazzy self-portrait avant La Tour Eiffel!
    I would be in some kind of ridiculous finery – all candy colours & bling OR…in my most minimal-[Parisian]-chic — the Libran soul hasn’t quite decided yet :>

    Either way, I would be proffering my most fabulous FORTY-feeling-like-TEN smile & would be COMPLETELY thrilled JUST to be there [finally] WITH the added bonus of CRISP photo memories & NO DSLR-in-weekend-size-bag in sight – CHEESE!

  • Wina

    I will take my Lumix TZ10 to the beach.
    I’ve always wanted to take a fun and playful picture like this:

    short and sweet- a picture’s worth a thousand words they say! how appropriate! 🙂

  • Tegan

    I would take the Lumix TZ10 with me to Paris. The built-in GPS will ensure that I won’t get lost amongst the gorgeous little french-named side streets!

  • Fiona

    I was just retrenched from work after 11 years of loyal service. I would stay local (Melbourne) so I would take the LUMINX TZ10 down to the beach the day after my last day at work (15 Sep) and take a photo at sunrise to symbolise a new beginning.

  • Estelle

    I would take a photo of the gorgeous caves in Slovenia. I am going on a long backpacking trip starting in December and my camera has lost the ability to focus!

  • kate

    i’d take the camera to meredith music festival and capture all the amazing bands that i am going to see and the fun that always occurs when we are setting up our tent. Ohhh and take pictures from the ferris wheel and all the ecletic things that occur duriing the weekend.

    Can not believe how cheap your rings were!! jealous!

  • Louisa line

    I would take it to Milan to photograph the shoes on the catwalk and the everyday people walking in the street, more importantlyI would take it to take photos of my Dad whom is in palliative care, he is 63 and is seriously ill, I would take photos of all of us with Dad…photos are everlasting memories and memories should be cherished.

  • Where I would take it: Imagine.
    What I would take photo of: Imagine.

  • Kate

    I’d take it with me to Africa at the end of the year.

    I’d have a photo of my boyfriend’s grandma and grandpa and their beautiful family stored on the camera, so I could show it to the people still in Africa who befriended his grandma and grandpa when they moved there as a young married couple, with two young children and another on the way who was born at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro!

  • Just looked at the jewellery again and realised you are only wearing a singlet!? Put on a cardigan! You’ll catch your death!

  • Fabulous necklace! Got to love the big jewellery. Definitely support the idea of going to Turkey too, it’s fabulous! (some pics here if you want more encouragement: )
    I would travel back to Tokyo and take photos of my lovely friends who I miss so much – and all their children too, as it’s a complete baby boom at the moment!

  • I didn’t have a decent camera on my first trip to India 2 years ago. So I’d take this one with me when I return to India in December. I hope to capture Rajasthani castles,the Kerala backwaters, the markets in Mumbai and the beach huts in Goa. But most importantly, I’ll photograph the Sikh temple where I married my husband, and my husband’s family home – both are the places that mean the most to me from that trip.

  • Daisy Steiner

    I would travel through Europe taking one-handed MySpacy tourist photos of myself in front of things like the Eiffel Tower.

  • Carolina

    I’d take it to Portugal for a sun-drenched, dreamy and nostalgic holiday. Whether it be climbing and marvelling the rugged cliffs of the Algarve, or the old world charm, laneways and amazingly photogenic city that is Lisbon. I’d definitely go back there with my Lumix and take the photos that I wish I had to match my memories…

  • The TZ10 would accompany on my first overseas trip to Greece. Oh to travel! The photo would be of me, happy in Santorini. Dreaming of that white and blue!

  • Carmel

    I would take it to South America to Iguazu Falls with hubby and soon-to-be-baby and photograph the spectacular falls while taking in the sounds and feel of the spray

  • Amy

    I would take it to the UK with me in March so I can see it through my partner’s eyes (who has only been in Aus for 2 years) xx

  • Iliana

    I’d take pictures of the way I see the world to share it with my friend in France whom I have yet to meet in person. Then if we do get to meet, I’d snap lots of pictures of his world so I can cherish those moments with family & friends back home in Texas. Thanks for such great giveaway, it’s definitely something that I would use 24/7 😀

  • Leah Jones

    I would take this camera everywhere! It would live in my world and be my daily companion. It would capture screen grabs of my life – from the insane to the inane – and her output beauty will be shared with loved ones.

  • I would take this awesome camera to India and take a picture of me doing a jump shot in front of the Taj Mahal!

    *Note* A jump shot is a timmer picture taken at just the right timing when you (the person in the pic) has jumped and therefore catchig you in the air!

    I have a great collection of them now 🙂


  • Nic

    Hamilton Island for my upcoming wedding – I would have one of our guests take a photo of us as we are saying our vows on the beach!

  • Amanda

    No doubt in my mind, I would take the camera with me on my next trip to Melbourne – take a photo of me with my boyfriend (he lives there, I live in Sydney) and then stick the photo on my fridge, desk, desktop…. all a bit cliched and gushy I know, but my camera/phone just has not captured us quite right yet!

    Thanks Lady M, you continue to have the great giveaways and inspirational posts.

  • Megan

    I would take the camera back to China! I have travelled there twice and both sets of photos have been lost when my computer crashed. The first time I went I was working in a school in a tiny fishing village outside of Qingdao and the second time I travelled through northern China. Retracing my steps would allow me to capture some of my memories, and this time I’d get them printed as soon as I got home!!!!

  • climatron

    I’d go to Kamchatka… breathtaking!

  • I’ve always wanted to backpack overland from China to Russia, through Xinjiang to the exotic Central Asia and pushing through the Urals. It would require only the essentials. I imagine an excellent Lumix would be perfect for documenting the journey from details of the diverse people and gorgeous landscapes. Lumixes are awesome alternatives to hefty DSLRs, a dream.

  • Lady M I was in Newtown the other day shopping around & I bought a lovely liitle Ottoman bowl for my husband who is actually Turkisk himself.I couldn’t believe it when I saw your blog.I also have one of those evil eye charms similar to the that one in your pick hanging on my wall beside my bed.I really,really Feel your style !!!!!

  • Emma

    I’d take it straight to the Panasonic office (or to the nearest Panasonic display) and take a photo of the nice company that gave me a free camera 😉

  • I would take the camera to my boyfriends house in Dunsborough WA. He has the most magical house on the beach – you really can’t beat it!

  • yu

    Amsterdam – bicycles, whimsical houses, canals, french fries with aioli, street markets – definitely one of my favourite cities!

  • Coney Island Baby

    I would take my new Lumix to the streets of Melbourne… The more I travel the more I appreciate my own backyard.. The first photo I would take would be of the rain falling as dawn breaks over the city on my way to work…

  • I can’t believe how affordable your new jewellery was! I hope you’re feeling very pleased with your bargains!! xo

  • I’m going to Italy in a few weeks- I’m soooo looking forward to photographing the historic architecture and gorgeous textures… a Lumix would help greatly!

  • Katherine

    I’m not sure I enjoyed the blatant advertising – but the jewellery was nice.

  • Gabriella

    I would travel to Italy and take pictures of the winding cobbled back streets of Naples whilst sipping on a cappucino!

  • Clare

    This will sound morbid, but I would go through Europe photographing restful and tranquil cemetery grounds – there are so many, each with their own unique charm and character. I would also have to snap the Whirling Dervishes in full rotation whilst in Turkey – simply magic!

  • Megs

    I’d travel to New York as last time I went my poor camera broke and I missed so many amazing photos, Central Park in particular was so inspiring and beautiful I’d love to wander through there again and capture the beauty

  • Tara

    i would like to take this little beauty to a dilapidated warehouse out in the burbs where I plan to make a stop-time animation short movie in which a 60’s black and white floral shift dress is romanced by a emerald green blazer and grey plaid golf pants. So I will be taking a few hundred pictures of the lovestruck threads as they dance the fandango across walls of street art. Cant wait to get started, especially if I have a Panasonic Lumix TZ10 to get the job done with.
    Congratulations on your divine bargain finds Lady M 🙂

  • I would take it on a trip to Canada – I’m determined to visit all the places in the Anne of Green Gables books and take photos of myself there, The double hand shake correction means I wouldnt’ have to lug a tripod around with me! Hurray!

    I love that turquoise ring. Chunky!

  • My next trip is to Japan. It’s such a diverse country with amazing people and a contrast of modern and traditional. I always travel light, so a compact camera with all the advanced features of a DSL would come in very handy indeed and help me stay under my luggage limit, allowing more room for shopping.



  • Julia

    I would take this camera on my upcoming trip to the Pilbara – it looks like it would capture those desert sunsets perfectly!

  • I’d love to take the Panasonic Lumix to India and take close ups of all the beautiful handmade textiles that the Indians do oh so well 🙂

  • I would take the camera to India and I would snap the beautiful bright coloured sari wearing Indian women going about their business. Love to capture the beautiful colours of India on a fantastic camera.

  • Most definately I would take this camera to Crete… The palace of Knossos first hand shots would be much better than the black and white photocopies from high school text books!

  • Jaclyn Smith

    I would love to fly to Paris with my boyfriend and take a photo of us at the top of the Eiffel Tower! 🙂

  • That is one amazing necklace! I can’t believe how affordable it was.

    If I could take that camera anywhere… I honestly think I’d take it back to the Dukes Highway in South Australia and take some photos of the amazing abandoned farmhouses there.

  • kittycate

    Hmmmm…..South Coast Baby!!! Australian South Coast ,that is….beautiful shots of my babies XXX

  • Blythe

    I would take it down to my local park and relish in the fact that no matter where I travel to Melbourne is still the most amazing place in the World and I get to experience it everyday!

  • I’d take it to Provence and snap some lavender in the sunset. So jealous of your jewellery finds!

  • Julie

    New York, and happy snap my way from the local bagelry to the Museum of Modern Art

  • leah

    Oh I forgot to ask….What nail polish are you wearing in this? It is gorgeous!

  • leah

    I would take it with me to Japan. I am going there soon for the birth of my niece or nephew. Can’t wait, going to be so snap happy!!

  • Kimberlie

    My next trip is to Bali, so this camera would be essential to capture everything that my memory can’t…

  • I would take it on my upcoming trip to Australia and photograph all the cupcakes I eat in Melbourne. I would title the project “cupcakes I have eaten” and it would be a work of art! Small cameras are so much handier for food photography than bulky DSLRs!

  • d

    I would go to Sri Lanka and re-take shots of the (moving, distant) wildlife that my camera failed to capture on my holiday last month