In which I buy jeggings…

I mentioned on twitter over the weekend that I’d bought a pair of Levi’s jeggings and the reaction was nothing short of hilarious. Here is what some of you said:

@rodarterebel I never thought you’d buy jeggings! Can you post pics of them so we can see the non-legging ness?

@rodarterebel This side of the ditch the Supre ones are VERY popular esp. paired with Kathmandu puffer jackets. I cry every time I see it.

@kforkali jeggings are the comfiest pants ever made

@sianaly I’d be interested to know how they are after 1 wear. Often they loosen at the waist go baggy at the knees which annoys me…

@carlyfindlay I saw some at supre and decided not to spend $45 on supre

@TheJessjess I see, Levi’s are sneaky with their “jeggings” labeling, they just mean the fit is very slim – like jeggings

I already own a dark denim pair that I bought earlier in the year and not once have they been mistaken for the legging/jean hybrid. To me they look like jeans but are extra super comfy. With that in mind when I read that Levi’s had released a black pair I thought I’d check them out while I was passing Just Jeans last week.

You asked for pictures so here they are in all their spray on glory. I have to say that they are the most comfortable skinny jeans I’ve ever worn because lets face it: non stretch denim combined with a skinny, spray on cut is tough at the best of times.

Have you tried them? What do you think?

What I’m wearing:
Cape: ASOS
Jeggings: Levi’s
Tshirt: ASOS
Boots: Payless Shoes
Bag: Oroton
Scarf: I made it
Rings: All Samantha Wills except the square flat silver number.
Manicure: Shellac done at Miss Fox

  • jessica

    i am super short (My 12yr old cousin is taller then me) and im quite a small build, for years i have had to take all and i mean all of my jeans up and ironicly, this is the first pair i havent even had to touch! they are perfect! i immediently went straight into work to show all the girls at work these amazing jeans! its like they had the short person in mind when they came up with these babies! i loved them so much i now own 4 pairs of jeggings and i will never buy normal jeans again!

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  • before looking at this post i was staunchly anti jegging but they really do look like jeans! i wouldn’t pick them for jeggings if i saw you walking down the street in a pair. amazed that you made jeggings fashionable – nice work 🙂

  • Taking jeggings to a whole new level… are you going to rock them at MSFW?

  • Shona

    After seeing how great they look on you I’m now tempted to try on the ones at Saba, wish me luck!

  • Amy

    woooww! As said I never thought that you would buy leggings, but the way you put the outfit together just gives it a whole new look! Also I absoutly love rings so when I saw them I nearly had a heart attack, they are soo pretty! P.S Loving the black nail polish 🙂

  • The girl’s still got it !

  • Hi, pretty Lady !!!

  • Butler

    Damn!! Just spent $280 on Swedish Hasbeens boots that look exactly like those Payless ones… oooohhh bugger it!!!!
    Love the cape and black nails, you look gorg definately a “see a band” outfit 🙂

  • Donna Walsh

    You just may have pursuaded me to give them another try. The pair I got last year were impossibly overstretched arounded the waist by the end of the first wear and not comfortable because I kept having plumber moments. They were expensive, but they were not levis .

  • I love your scarf! Don’t wear jeggings myself but they look incredible on you (and not too tight either). My number one rule is to feel comfortable so looks like you’re onto a good thing!

  • amelia

    I DIE for the rings!!! The whole look is amaze xxx

  • I really like them, but I am a big fan of jeggings in general.

  • These definitely don’t look like the “jeggings” everyone is referring to. When they first came out they were literally leggings with a denim look to the fabric (awful!).

    Thank goodness they’ve now got the combination right as these look exactly like any other pair of skinny leg jeans. My Sportsgirl pair are actually quite similar – the fabric is super-stretchy and soft so they don’t feel like denim at all. NHG x

  • yoyos

    I havent worn jeans in 3 years but youve got me considering giving these a go…this is kind of a big deal Lady M 🙂

  • Hi lovely,

    Another Perth blogger and I popped into Levis last Saturday and the sales girl said if we were looking for skinny jeans we should try on the jeggings. I burst into laughter and we both said nooooo!
    When we actually saw them I was so surprised. They’re not jeggings at all! How silly, I bet they turn a lot of people off them with that name!

    But anyway, you look amazing in them and that scarf is divine.


  • Who knew jeggings could look so rad? That’s Levi’s for you! This is a super cute look! Love it x

  • what are jeggings…?

  • Anda

    Hi:)! Not a fan of skinny jeans/jeggings, but I must admit they look amazing on you! The rings…Well…I’m speechless…What a beautiful outfit-need I say more? Love.

  • Nina

    i don’t think i’ve seen you look more beautiful Lady M! Loving the extra volume in your hair. Awesome.

  • Holy cow. This outfit is perfection. I adore that cape with the oversized bow! Recently bought my own pair of ‘jeggings’ from Sportsgirl. They are amazing and so accommodating.

    Thanks for filling us in on the rings too 😉

  • Valentina

    the jeggings look amazing! i may need to get me a pair. also i’m loving the rings!

  • Letitia Power

    Love this! Such a cute outfit! The scarf gives it such pop and style!