Style Correspondent Update: Shooting Street Style

Part of my onward march to get myself to New York (see my style portfolio here) sees me shooting the fabulous Cecylia on my N8. I’m no Scott Schuman,  but it did surprise me what you could do with a camera phone. I would never usually consider such a device for fashion photos but these turned out quite nicely I think.

Cecylia is a vet and fashionista- for the longest time I thought that when ever she spoke about being a vet it was her having a good hearty joke. Like me saying I’m an astronaut. Not so.

I met her after work at vet clinic where she works and we took these in the car park. I suppose it just goes to show that you can be/look/embody style no matter where you are.

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Roksanda Ilincic jacket (also seen here), vintage necklace and shirt, Hiroko Koshino skirt (hand-me-down from her mother-in-law, also seen here), Felder Felder belt (gifted from the designers), Marc Jacobs bag (also seen here)

Christopher Kane lace jacket (Net-a-Porter), vintage Collage skirt (hand-me-down from her mother), vintage sunnies, necklace and belt

Vintage jumper and necklaces, vintage Moods skirt, Romance was Born cuff (also seen here), YSL pumps

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  • I am loving these, especially the Roksanda Ilincic jacket. In fact that whole outfit is something I would love to wear, really good job!

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  • That black vintage skirt is perfect- you’re so lucky your mum passes stuff down!
    And I’m surprised the phone camera turned out so well, must have been your skill 😉
    xx S

  • Love the colours of all the outfits. A nice change compared to usual black Melburnian style 😉

  • Vanessa

    Oh my! Seriously lusting after those YSL pumps. Cecylia has a fabulous, unique style. Love it.

  • Gorgeous pics- Cecylia looks fabulous! A great choice for your street style pics.