MSFW 2011: From the front row…

You always see the most interesting people at fashion week, it’s part of what makes it so much fun. Behold…

Ebony, Fashion Hayley and Leah the editor of Fashion Journal

The eternal Jenny Banister and stylist Philip Boon

I wore a vintage dress from Episode, Mimco bag, Samantha Wills rings and my heels are the same as what I’m giving away from

Blogger Cecylia, myself and Irish from Stylezilla

Husband and wife team Clea and Nathan behind Melbourne label Limedrop.

  • I wore a jenny banister dress to my year 10 formal…10 years ago. I still have it & it is still beautiful!

    Your hair looks stunning also.

  • Ahh love it, this post makes me miss Melbourne xx

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  • So lovely to finally meet you,was so engaged in conversation i forgot to make use of the free bar!

    Sleekit x

  • yoyos

    really love your outfit! also love the strong eye makeup on you. sooo sooo sooo very stylish, in my opinion.

  • I’m in love with your dress!! So stunning..

  • Henrietta

    Isn’t the key word here ‘Interesting’ not ‘stylish’? How refreshing that women and men have the courage to wear what they want and not slavishly follow whatever is dictated.
    Well done ladies! Keep up the individual style, it’s not boring or predictable at least!

  • You look gorgeous!

  • Laura

    And not one stylish one amongst you, well played fashion bloggers, well played!

  • I love the accessories you used to jazz up your black dress