Inner Circle: This week’s inspiration HOT PINK!

There is something so joyous about hot pink don’t you think? It’s not for everyone but even just to look at I find it fascinating, if not entertaining in the least. With neon being such an important beauty trend this last season we can’t overlook how you can update your look with bright pink neon lips, M.A.C being a great starting point.

We’ve seen pink stride down the catwalk at Marc Jacobs and then our all time favorite fashion blogger Susie Bubble interpret the trend. If anyone can wear neon pink and baby blue together it’s Susie.

I always love some sort of vintage inspiration as well whether its over at Etsy where you can find 60s style stiletto’s, or by gazing at an Andy Warhol ‘Marilyn’ print all day. I’d take either in a heartbeat.

Head on over to Inner Circle to check it all out!

  • I am graduating in a couple of weeks’ time, and I bought a little shift dress off ASOS: nude and fuschia with black trim. I love it!

  • i really love your top and shoes in the Photo.

  • Lady Melbourne

    Rodarte- the top is a vintage Christian Dior piece I picked up on Etsy

    The Bargain Darlilng- it’s not something I wear very often thats for sure!

    Dazzle Strandz- it sure is hot hot hot right now!

    BellaChoco- You can buy them here actually, I’m selling them on my Etsy shop! I bought them about 2 years ago so they aren’t new

  • BellaChoco

    Hi Lady M
    I love the shoe in this photo! Where are they from?

  • Hot Pink really is hot right now. Our Dazzle Strandz hair tinsel colour Í Will Never Forget You Pink´is actually our most popular colour right now. People are tending away from the usual sparkling silvers and bronzes and want something contrasting. I suppose hot pink works really well for colour blocking too.

  • lets see you in some hot pink!

  • Rodarte Rebel

    I love your top attached to this post Lady M! Where is it from?