Hong Kong nails by Miss Fox Melbourne

I’m venturing back to Hong Kong after 4 years and as it’s Chinese New Year and just because I love to have quirky nails I popped into Miss Fox Melbourne before I left and had these heart shaped nails fashioned.

Sara-Jane worked absolute magic on them after I’d described in detail what I was after. It’s a little abstract telling people to file your nails into a point(!) but she got it and below is the result.

Some FAQ’s on the Lady Melbourne Facebook page and Twitter have been:

Are they gels or acrylic?
No, they are my natural nails done with shellac polish

They look a bit thick?
That’s because to achieve this look we needed quite a few coats of shellac

Do the points hurt?

How long did it take?
2 hours exactly

  • These look fabulous and feminine, love.

  • GOSH they are talented! love it!

    The Sydney Girl

  • Those nails would go perfectly with my red Melissa shoes! Love.

  • They look great! Love the idea, have never seen anything like it before! 🙂


  • Super cute! Must try these soon. Enjoy HK!

  • Wow they look amazing! Love it!! I wonder if there anyone in Perth that does shellac nails as awesome as that …

  • Natalie

    They look amazing! I had my first manicure yesterday and i’m slightly addicted!

  • I love Miss Fox – This design is super, it looks so good on you! x

  • Bec

    Those are the cutest effing nails I’ve ever seen!

  • So cute!!

    I heart them!

  • BoVin^e

    Wow!! They look great. I want them

  • Shez

    Love them! What make-up are you wearing? It looks very summery…

  • Milly

    Hi lady M they look awesome!!!!

  • Fabulous idea! Your nails look great.