Small Victories

One of my friends asked me the other day: ‘Do you ever wear jeans?’

She does see me outside of occasionally checking the blog but rarely if ever wearing denim. I’ve always figured that you don’t log on here every day to see a gal strutting about her city in a pair of jeans and that there are sort of, more interesting things to wear like this or this. Or this, or this.

So on a more casual day this is what you might find me wearing, or how I wear jeans when I do wear them. And they’re vintage no less.

This bag is rather new and was a Christmas present from Kikki K of all places. I had no idea they even did bags and beautiful leather ones at that. It has a 13″ laptop bag that comes with, you can pull it out or insert at your liking. So now rather than lugging my yoga/laptop/spare heels/kitchen sink bag around as well as my handbag, it’s all in one.

What I’m wearing:
Jeans: Vintage Faberge
Silk Tank: Silk shop in the Block Arcade
Trench with pleats: Living Doll from David Jones
Heels: Parker Roche
Leather Bag: Kikki K
Necklaces: Single medallion is from Samantha Wills, the other is a Tiffany bracelet that I wear on a necklace.

  • Absolutely love you in this outfit! Probably one of the best I’ve seen, I think it really suits you and you wear those jeans so well. Miss my Faberge jeans, must go on a hunt for a new/old pair. Love the hair and styling too!

  • Hello! So glad to hear you’re loving our beautiful Ostermalm Premium Leather Handbag – it looks gorgeous in your photos. Thanks for sharing!

    kikki.K x

  • Seconding the request from SparksInSpring for a hair tutorial – the style that you are wearing here is gorgeous.

  • simple yet stunning!! xoxo

  • See, I’d look like a hippy in this outfit. You just look stunning! Love it all on you.

  • Your hair looks really great today.x

  • I love how you did your hair in this post! 🙂 Would love to see a tutorial on it 🙂

  • I have never been fond of jeans, on me. Not to say I don’t like them…just never found the right ones for my 5ft 1inch frame (yes same as Kylie…do you see her in jeans often?!) Love your hair Lady M! x

  • geez, I think I should have put my glasses on before commenting. 😉

  • Please add to my orogianl comment LM:
    I remember my sis….had a pair of faberge jeans… & they were…..
    original phrase deleted by accident! oops. X

  • Hi LM, you look really great in these faberge jeans! I remember my sister in the 80’s & they were so tight on her, she had to get me to help her to zip them up!
    I used to live in my Levis 501’s. I wouldn’t know where to buy them now though. My favourite pair of jeans are by RM Williams. They are super comfy!

    Suzi x

  • I am a jeans wearer as I love how easily they can be dressed up or down. Loving your whole outfit but especially shoes and necklace 🙂