Coburg Trash and Treasure

Over the weekend I visited Coburg Trash and Treasure. I’m trying to get around to more markets and recently visited Camberwell Sunday Market.

I thought it was rather small and that there was plenty of trash and the treasure was hit and miss. That said if you were prepared to rifle through every stall you could find things, but in terms of fashion and textiles it wasn’t great.

On the flip side I picked up a couple of random bits and pieces and it was much cheaper than Camberwell.

Are there any other markets in Melbourne that you think are worth a look? Let me know and I’ll pop along with my camera in tow so I can report back.

What to buy, what to buy?

This guy was hilarious, as soon as he spotted The Gardener taking my picture he did everything to get in shot. I have a whole series of photos of him nonchalantly hanging about MID FRAME.

I bought this tea cup and saucer for $5 to add to my blue and white china collection. Below was an ash tray with a gold alsatian which would have fit quite nicely with my porcelain dog collection, only I don’t smoke.

  • Gold dog ashtray was too cute to be left behind… you should have got it to hold some of your fabulous jewellery! I think Coburg sounds like Wantirna or Dandenong trash & treasure (they might all be run by the same group, I think??) – but it’s all the more fun when you DO find something amazing at the more trashy markets.

  • Awesome! Superb market…Nice place to hanging out..

  • Bianca

    I’m with Jolee, St Andrews is a great market. I encourage you to visit the chai tent (if it’s still there)…yum!

  • Jolee

    St Andrews!!! My all time favourite market. I take all my interstate visitors there and they love it too! A beautiful setting and gorgeous atmosphere.

  • Have to agree, the guy hanging around is hilarious!

    Disappointing it was a bit small though 🙁

  • Awesome! I didn’t know there were markets in Coburg and I LIVE in Coburg…

    Definitely going this weekend, can’t wait to rifle through some stuff

    V x

  • Find it funny that guy kept hanging around! 🙂

    Lovely pics – I’m jealous of all the great markets in Melbourne, we always visit as many as we can when we take a trip!

  • Megan

    Any chance of you posting the rest of the pics with that guy in them?
    Hahahahahaha i love a good photo bomb, too funny 😛

  • Hi sweety:)

    The posts if you showing “daily life” is one of my favorites.

    Love the tea cup 🙂

    Have a great day from cloudy Oslo.