Black & Gold

Most of the time, not all, but most of the time my outfits are lead by what accessories I’m wearing or intend to wear. Ergo, I may have a necklace I know I want to wear, or a pair of shoes, or earrings. Then I build the rest of the outfit around that.

Case in point is the necklace I’m wearing in these photos, which was actually a belt that I picked up the vintage fair I attended on the Gold Coast recently. It was broken and the stall owner sold it to me for $5, probably wondering why anyone would buy a broken, unusable belt. I had other plans for it however and when I got home I whipped out the pliers and made it into the necklace you see me wearing in these photos. It still doesn’t have a clasp, it’s being held together with a safety pin (sssshhhhh!) but that’s easily remedied.

I simply couldn’t walk away from the tortoiseshell (fake of course), the pearls and the faded gold. It was kind of mad, which is just how I like my accessories. Lois Lane told me last week that I looked like a ‘zany nanna’ with my clashing prints and accessories. I took it as a compliment 😉


This jacket is new and I can’t stop wearing it. I wear it during the day, at night, at the supermarket, basically if I am required to wear a jacket this is it. It’s from St Frock and you of course can buy if online, as well as the Lady Melbourne blouse!

What I’m wearing:
Jacket: St Frock
Jeans: Dr Denim
Blouse: Unspoken
Clutch: Estilo Emporio
Heels: Nat Sui from In Her Shoes Boutique
Crystal rings: Made In Earth Creations

  • Lady Melbourne

    Yeah, a success with you all! So glad you like it, but then I think loving sequins may just be a requirement of reading this blog 😉


  • i love the shoes and pants !!!!
    Karl Lagerfeld  and  Marc Jacobs giveaway here!!!!!!

  • Beautiful jacket! Good eye for the belt too – it makes a lovely necklace 🙂

  • Jacquelyn O

    Great outfit, I’m not brave enough to wear sparkle’s but this would go nicely with a silver top I have quietly sitting in the cupboard waiting for the right blazer.

  • Love the outfit you look amaze and great bag too! x

  • Lady Melbourne

    Aw thanks JoJo! Wouldn’t be hilarious if we both turned up to lunch wearing it next week…Kyra and I do that ALL THE TIME! LMxx

  • Oh Lady M you have done it yet again. Your outfit has been put together as if done by a professional stylist! I love the necklace (belt). Very clever. I have been looking for a sparkle blazer all year with no success – until now. I took your advice, clicked on the “St Frock” link (very convenient thank you), ordered the little gem and it should be in my hot little hands within 24 hours. You know it is said – that when you copy what someone else is wearing – it is the greatest form of flattery. I hope you feel flattered. Jo x