How to create the perfect cat eye make up

Have you ever wondered how to create the perfect cat eye make up?

This look is much easier than you think to achieve, specially if you have good products. I like to combine my eye liner with an ink/pen and eyeliner cream because I like a dramatic and strong, deep black.

I’m also trying two new products- Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen and Revlon Colorstay Crayon Eyeliner. I usually use Gorgeous Cosmetics iNK Liquid Eye Pencils but I’ve run out and in an emergency situation on NYE I went to my local Chemist Warehouse (all that was open) and bought these two products. They were the best quality I could buy at the time, but I’m pleased to report that so far despite costing very little they are long lasting and wear quite well.

Here goes!

1. I do my makeup base first and have pretty much everything else finalised when I do this particular make up look.

2. Line your upper lid as close to your lash line as possible with a cream/kohl based pencil liner. I like to keep it fairly thin but it’s entirely up to you. I also line right into my inner eye. I end the line where my eye lashes end.

3. To create the ‘flick’ or ‘cat eye’ look I then take the pen applicator and simply ‘draw’ it on as an extension of the line already there. I find this is much easier than trying to draw an entire line from my inner eye to out and end with a flick. I try to use the same brand so that there is consistency of colour, in this case they’re both Revlon, they just have different applicators.

4. Then I put on lashings of black mascara and pencil in my brows.

The two different types of eye liner applicators that I like to use, in this case its Revlon as that was all that was available to me but pretty much all brands have a variety of eye liner applicators.

5. You’re done!

It’s the quickest and easiest make up look I do and I love it, specially when I’m in a hurry. Yes that ‘cat eye’ or flick may take you a couple of times to get right, but if you can line your eyes with a regular eye liner, drawing on a little flick at the end with a ‘pen’ like applicator will be easy as pie.

Good luck and if you have any further questions just leave them in the comments.

  • Lady Melbourne

    Hey @linn- I’m preparing one as its been a while so stay tuned!

    @Barbara- I understand what you mean, if I’m really tired this look is just dreadful, I look 20 years older too! Give it a go though and let me know how you go 🙂


  • Eye makeup seems to make me look 20 years older no matter what I try, but I’ll give this a go. You make it look easy!

  • Hi girl.
    I have a question, but not about this topic…
    Could you do another book post ?

    Have a great day from a snowy Oslo:)