I went to the Gold Coast and what did I see…

I’ve been on a little holiday since Thursday last week to the Gold Coast which I thought would be quite clever of me until I realised that if you aren’t an organised blogger and schedule posts ahead of time and DON’T bring you camera with you, your blogging efforts fall behind pretty quickly.

I digress, bought to you by the power of Instagram, here is a selection of some rad stuff I picked up at this place called ARKIVE Vintage in the heart of Surfers Paradise, and at this vintage fair that just happened to be on while I was there. I had no idea I would stumbled upon such a cool shop but I’m thrilled that I did because it’s now on my go-to list of shops to visit on the Goldy.

Picked up this Mexican embroidered blouse for $35 from the vintage fair.

Ditto these adorable porcelain dogs that I also spied at the vintage fair. Yet more clutter to add to my collection. I’m going to have to clean their eyes up a little bit but I’m looking forward to them meeting their new friends.

I don’t own a pink belt, let alone one with gold, coin-like studs on it.

Also found these sunnies and grey, croc clutch at ARKIVE and haven’t stopped wearing them since.

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  • ’twas lovely to meet you Lady Melbourne…glad u found some goodies. Our webstore is due to go live very soon with oodles of fab vintage pieces.. Shall keep you posted. We await your next visit to the Gold Coast with open arms of bagfulls of vintage delectables! Arkive Vintage ❤ Lady Melbourne

  • Lovely new purchases! Was that at the vintage and designer markets at Gov’s? they have so many nice stalls 🙂

  • Genevieve

    The hot pink belt reminds me of one I wore in the 80’s! I loved it and gave it to a young friend a few years ago. Mine had studs.

  • Milly

    Hi lady M you got some cool stuff there. Great sunnies.