Me, tea and Twinings

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Earlier in the year I attended morning tea with Stephen Twining, of the eponymous tea brand.

Growing up in a tea-drinking household with very English roots, I naturally thought that no one loved tea more than well, me. Wrong, I was so wrong once I went to said morning tea and met other people just as obsessed with the ritual of taking tea, not to mention Mr.Twining himself.

Honestly, I’ve never heard someone talk so passionately about tea and be able to talk about the history of tea is such detail.

For example, Twining’s Assam Bold is unlike some of the other teas that you might have tasted, because this is made from the camellia sinensis assamica which is prominently different from the high growing Chinese teas that we associate with a lot of white and green teas.

This is because the Assam region is in the North East center of India, and straddles the South East border of the Southern Himalayas.

Nope, I didn’t know that either don’t worry!

Twining’s Assam Bold is not only Twining’s strongest tea ever in Australia, but it’s also got the heaviest tea bag on the market– no need to use 2 bags anymore with this blend for which Mother Melbourne will be pleased.

The tea has a beautiful red hue, is smooth and extra strong to it as you can see in the pictures and naturally, it’s an absolute delight to drink.

Along with Twinings I’m giving you the chance to win your very own Assam pack that included this gorgeous wooden Twinings of London box full of tea!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me why you’d like to experience Assam Bold to be in the running!

Winner chosen at random and posted on Competition closes Tuesday 20th November 5pm AEST.

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  • tash


  • tash

    I Love Tea. I Love Twinnings.
    A Strong Twinnings Tea = Heaven to Me 🙂

  • Michelle

    For as long as I can remember, my mum has been a big tea drinker. I would love to give this beautiful tea chest to her and share a cuppa of assam bold together.

  • Denise Patroni

    I have a cupboard full of different teas as I love to have a choice and have not yet found my ultimate favourite yet. love to try some Assam bold for sure.

  • Lani Kennedy

    I’m so familiar with the regular favourite types, time to change the record with some Assam ( and a lovely wooden box wouldn’t go astray !)

  • Judith Senese

    After the chaos of the morning school and kinder dropoffs, I love to come home and make myself a pot of tea and relax.

  • Rowan MacDonald

    Finally some tea with a better of extra kick so I don’t have to have two tea bags – cant wait to experience this new flavour and change my future tea-drinking habits!

  • Nicole Taylor

    My partner is a massive tea drinker, but can never find anything strong enough for his liking, the Assam Bold sounds as if it would meet his expectation of a strong tea!!

  • Monica

    It’s honestly hard to pick what I would enjoy more- drinking a cup of tea or winning a competition! I would love to try this tea and rest assured I would be the happiest tea drinker in Tassie!

  • Robyn

    I like to try new things, in fact I aim to try something new every day. Assam Bold is now on my list.

  • Paulina

    I love a good, strong cup of tea,Twinings new Assam Bold is going straight o my shopping list

  • nicole larsen

    what an amazing tea and one Im sure to love

  • Anne

    Tea is my drink of choice in all occasions..I love tasting different teas to see if they will become familiar friends.

  • Paul

    Assam Bold, it’s pure gold!

  • Russell

    My beautiful wife would love this Twinings pack!

  • Karen Kitto

    My sister would love this over the Christmas break while visiting us.

  • April Jane

    The strongest tea bag, now I love strong tea and that would be a pleasure and surely my new first favourite item on my shopping list

  • Fatima Shah

    Ah to drink tea from a teabag that doesn’t reuire two teabags to get it to a decent strength. Assam Bold looks like to be my new favourite!

  • Julian Cartledge

    I love Twinings, and would doubly love to try new Assam Bold.
    Because strangely enough it sounds like simplicity at it’s most complicated 😀 I like my Tea a little complex 🙂

  • Di

    Love trying new teas & different flavors, saves being bored by the same old same old.

  • Kitt

    For someone who uses three yes THREE teabags in her morning cuppa, I’d like to be convinced of a tea bag strong enough for the likes of me!

  • Anne

    What a wonderful excuse this would be to have a few friends around for morning or afternoon tea.

  • Linda

    Im a classic tea drinker. The normal green tea. I need new ones!

  • Kim

    I am a tea drinker. I love love love tea! It would be perfect to throw a tea party!

  • Nicole lockhart

    Having a sacred stash of strong full bodied teas would be the perfect way to treat myself after a hard day at the office.

  • Noeleen

    Twinings Tea always starts my day – I’d love to try the Assam Bold

  • Falon Downing

    It would be great to try a new kind of Tea! We’re all big fans in this house.

  • Last year I tried making a tea granita for the summertime… I couldn’t get the flavour right! It was either too bitter from too much steeping, or without flavour! Maybe Assam Bold is the way to go?

  • Kirsten W

    I’ve never been a tea drinker until recently so am looking to expand my horizons. I’d love to add Assam Bold to my experiences!

  • Tayla Ryan

    I get sick of using 2 teabags to get the desired strength i need, so thanks to Assam Bold, i can now save some money.

  • Linda C

    TWININGS will bring some sanity to my day. Sip, chill, relax, ASSAM BOLD, perfect in every way.

  • Alice

    I’m a big tea drinker and love trying different blends as well as brands.

  • Laura Jilka

    I simply love tea,
    It makes me happy!
    Those relaxing slips,
    As good as a summer dip!

  • Rebecca

    My boyfriend’s mum is the biggest tea lover I know. I have never known anyone to enjoy their tea as much as her, or drink as much of it as she does.
    She even has a collection of antique teapots. I would love to be able to give this to her for Christmas. She’d love it!

  • J Sellers

    I love my morning cup of tea whilst I’m contemplating the day ahead. A good cup of strong Assam Bold will will give me a big kick-start.

  • Nancee Biviano

    I love cocking my pinky finger while drinking tea from a delicate cup.

  • Kathy Atkins

    I’d feel dead posh supping out of one of those cups. Be off with you coffee/tea mug!!!

  • I would consider myself a tea connoisseur. I travel to China and Japan every year to stock up my tea leaves and conduct a tea ceremony twice a year. I must admit, my expertise is only confined to Chinese teas. Now, I decided not to restrict myself in choosing my tea and I would be very greatful if I can experience this Assam tea from Twinning.

  • Michelle Snyman

    I love a strong bold tea so Assam will be perfect for me

  • Courtney

    a trip to china opened my world to tea. The magical aroma, and the feeling of comfort takes over.

  • Jude

    I would love to experience the delights of Assam Bold, with its sleek packaging, leaf rating, knowing that the flavour will be bold, smooth, strong and malty. At last a robust tea for all of your worldwide Twinings avid fans. Luxury awaits x

  • Kim

    Sounds delicious 🙂 would love to try!

  • Marie Pohnetalova

    it’s ‘Tea’mendous!

  • roberto colombi

    the ideal cuppa for me as the perfect wakeruppa!

  • Vera

    A new Tea that is as Bold as this new era. Faster to prepare, in your face flavour that can’t be ingnored. Even the most popular colour of this time. Destined to be a future classic and favourite of mine.

  • Yes I need this! I love tea but find am finding it hard to make the switch from coffee completely as it just doesn’t keep me awake as well. This looks like it will deliver just the right amount of buzz!

  • Amanda Palmer

    It will be lovely having another choice in my tea collection. Another flavour to be excited over when deciding. Welcome to my family Assam Bold!

  • Peter C

    I don’t like understated tastes,
    I like flavours strong with clout,
    So Assam Bold suits me perfectly,
    If it was beer definitely be a stout!

  • Rita

    Assam Bold conjures up images of the sipping tea on the veranda overlooking the hills and lush tea plantations.

  • Kai

    Because I’ve just moved and realised that one entire box from my kitchen was solely tea and tea accessories. You can never have too much!

  • phil

    what a great prize to win – have a different type of tea each day from the best tea manufacturer in the world

  • Christine Anderson

    Assam Bold, another exquisite addition to Twinnings exciting range. A nice strong ” cuppa ” comming up. Thankyou Lady Melbourne.

  • Sarah

    Because I love tea and I have never tried Assam!

  • Hi 🙂
    I have been drinking tea since i was eleven, and love it 🙂
    Have no other reason then that….

    Have a great day

  • Tea refreshes me for another page of creativity. It’s my morning ritual, and I can imagine the pleasure I’d get from opening that beautiful wooden tea chest for elevenses each day. Here’s to hoping!

  • tanya bowers

    this set of awesome teas would be great for me to try as im on a clean eating diet and tea is all im alowed to have. i love the different tastes and exquisit flavours that twinning always bring to the table i have never had a miss with twinnings how i would love to get my hands on one of these

  • Charisse Childs

    I love strong tea, and am presently drinking the Australian afternoon tea as I thought that was the strongest, so I would love to taste the Assam Bold, and see if I am bold enough to handle it.

  • Jayne

    I drink tea every day and love strong tasting teas. Also having a box to store my many many different teas would be great too!

  • Cat

    I am not much of a tea drinker and this would be a good place to start.

  • Jessica Prinzi

    I drink four cups of tea every day, if Assam Bold is as strong as you’ve said it is I’ll never run out of tea bags!! 😛

  • Genevieve

    Like Mother Melbourne I too love a strong cup of tea so would love to taste the Assam Bold! I’m already a fan of English Breakfast….

  • Vivacious

    I’m often told to be more bold but that would be rude
    and unlady like, crude
    so I’ll settle for some Assam Bold tea instead for thee.
    Twinnings please.

  • Kathryn

    I would love to experience Assam Bold because i am you’re typical 2-3 teabag user for the one cup. ILOVE STRONG TEA!!

  • Caroline

    I’d like to try tea like Lady Melbourne.

  • Adam smith

    Over the years tea has grown on me. Meaning didn’t know that there was as many types of tea for different accessions e.g. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and other acquired accessions. It’s great! 🙂

  • Aleisha Davidson

    Because Twinings never fails to impress!

  • Kelly

    Because Twinings has never let me down!!!!

  • Marzipan

    Lady Melbourne, I don’t think we have this blend of tea here in New Zealand. It sounds delish! I think you need to send it this way ;o)

  • Heather

    I have blood in my veins to dilute the tea! I love it but haven’t tried Assam Bold.

  • Abby

    I’d love to try Assam’s tea when I host an afternoon tea for my baby shower next month

  • Kirsty

    It’s sounds absolutely tea-licious! 🙂

  • Marina Moschos

    Since I found out that coffee and me don’t agree
    I have taken up drinking tea
    Tea is good for me I’m told
    I’d love to try Assam Bold
    I drink it black and strong (like my man)
    I hope I don’t have to wait too long (to try it)
    Twinings – my cup of tea.

  • Oh… I’d love to try the new Assam Bold, what a cool giveaway!

  • Liz Ellis

    I live in Humpty Doo!
    I like a good strong brew!
    Round here we aint ladylike
    So teabags I use two!


    I would love to experience Assam Bold as I love my tea and this would be my perfect treat

  • lynn lucas

    It’s Bold of Twinings to introduce Assam.To the Tea family, being so strong I will only need one bag, to get the brew with the flavour I desire.

  • I have told all my friends that I am on the path to being that ‘crazy tea lady’, and that I will one day have a massive collection of teas, teapots and teacups (with matching saucers) of all kinds! So it’s only fitting that I will have to try out Twinings Assam Bold sometime… 😉

  • Kim

    I would love to try Assam Bold because I can’t resist a tea party!

  • Nicole

    Love a good cuppa. I’d love to try Assam Bold as I like my tea strong and always use 2 tea bags. + the Tea chest would look awesome in my kitchen

  • p.s. I am addicted to ‘Tradditional Afternoon’

  • Kylie Bowers

    Oh wow I would Love to taste Assam Bold, love a good Strong Tea!

  • kay brymer

    Me and Twinings ahhhhhhhh

  • Sharon

    Tea drinker for so many years. Even New Years’ Eve I’m on the tea. This blend would be another flavour for me to enjoy on my tea journey of life.

  • Margaret Hollis

    Would love this tea chest. I love strong tea, as, I grew up in England, too. Love Yorkshire tea as it gives a good strong cup, sounds like Assam Bold would do he same.

  • Chrystal

    There is nothing like being woken up at all hours with a newborn, luckily there is nothing like Twinings to perk me up.

  • Sarah

    This time last year I was having a wonderful time in London. Ensconced in coat and scarf I was wandering through the Strand when I came across the magical little Twinings store. Tea heaven! I would love to spend a Sunday morning snuggled up with a delicious cup of Assam Bold and my photo albums, reminiscing…

  • Heather Beech

    oh this would be an amazing addition to my home, I have acquired a love of tea and am still broadening my selections. Twinings is a brand from my childhood memories.

  • My taste for quaility black tea (no milk) has been developing since I attended kindy in Europe! Whilst all the other kiddies sipped on their warm milk I patiently waited for my tea to brew… Given my tea drinking experience (I will not name names) I find that some teas on the Australian market are simply unpalatable – only good for tea staining paper – which is why I would love to experience Assam Bold.

  • Alana

    The Twining’s Assam Bold sounds just like my cup of tea!

  • Jelliott

    Count me in! I love tea, especially a nice strong cuppa.

  • Lyn

    What a fine idea to develop a stronger tea blend. Just the thing to get me going in the mornings!

  • Anna

    I would love to experience Assam Bold because I love trying new things. Experimenting with different types of teas is fascinating because they can totally enhance your mood. I’ve never tried Assam Bold before, and would love the chance to!

  • Rebecca

    So many tea nuts! Glad to be part of a tribe. Sounds like another good reason to throw a tea party – Assam Bold here I come…

  • Anita

    I am also a fellow tea “junkie”. I would love to try the Assam bold tea

  • Sonya woods

    I love trying new twinings teas! I am never left dissapointed.

  • Rosie

    I’d enjoy trying this new vari-e-tea on a summery night after work

  • Jo See

    This tea box would look great with my tea set. Would love to try a new blend!

  • I would love to win this gorgeous prize because I could really use a lovely Twinings tea chest and because I’ve always been an English breakfast/black tea kinda girl and I think it’s time to open my eyes and taste buds to bolder tea drinking horizons. Would love to give the new blends a whirl!

  • Jenna

    Because I love tea, taking tea, and trying new things!

  • ellen

    Assam in Malay means tamarind. I want to experience Assam Bold to regenerate the homely feeling I associate with assam tea in Malaysia.

  • I’m a chronic stinge and will reuse a tea bag two or three times… Just think how many refills I could get from a bag of tea that strong! I’d be set for months!

  • Mez

    Simply because I am a big tea addict!

  • Rosie

    I love the ad campaign for Assam Bold, and have been living by “every day is special” for a while now. This would just be the tip of the ice berg! Great post BTW!

  • PurplePixie

    It’s Christmas, and I’d like to try the Assam Bold as a Christmas present to my tastebuds! 🙂

  • Something with a name like that sounds like it is going to keep me awake – I NEED to try this! Lord knows I could use a big kick in the pants at work. The only thing keeping me awake and sane right now is reading new blog posts from my favourites and a big cup of tea.

  • Oooh, I’d love to win this set of amazing teas! I would love to experience Assam Bold as I am the person who is always steeping her tea for ages to get it nice and strong. 🙂