In one week I have been in 4 different Australian cities. It has made blogging extremely hard to keep up with, but flying about the place gives you time to think and reflect on all sorts of things.

I was thinking about what I’d packed, unpacked, repacked and what I’d left behind, and then I remembered how much I have worn this coat/cape so much this year. It’s been a great trans-seasonal piece and somehow has just worked with almost everything in my wardrobe. Do you have a piece like this? I’m wondering now if I should just search each season for a ‘key’ piece that I love. The thing is, I stumbled upon this coat/cape, it wasn’t something that I had been looking for or even really needed.

Will I be able to replicate it next winter? Who knows! Do you have any pieces that have just fit right in to your wardrobe unexpectedly?

What I’m wearing:
Coat: Shakuhachi from Halcyon State
Shirt: Vintage
Skirt: Shakuhachi from Halcyon State
Necklace: Lanvin from Parisian Street Society
Bracelet: Chanel from Parisian Street Society
Bag: Vince Camuto

  • It is a gorgeous coat Phoebe, but your styling choices make it shine xx

  • Love this look on you! The red just makes you pop!

  • I’ve always loved this coat on you, the colour and versatility to dress up or down. I bought a Gorman leather jacket on Ebay recently and have never had it off, at $99 it was such a steal. My aim is to buy more quality and less quantity.

    Sleekit x

  • Love your bracelets! You wear the cape so well too 🙂

  • You DO wear it terribly well! Sometimes the unexpected finds are the best, bought for love rather than over-considered… your hair looks amaze, ps.