I still love you

I’m not sure how long I’ve had this dress now, a couple of years I think but it could be longer. I wore it to an event today and had loads of compliments, I think it’s the colour that people warm to.

I’ve worn it to fashion week before, and I think I’ll wear it again to this years LMFF in a couple of weeks. Because I still love it even though it’s a vintage number and it didn’t cost me very much, it’s a special piece in my wardrobe that brings me a lot of joy to wear.

Do you have pieces like that? I like stuff that has a story or history attached to it.

What I’m wearing:
Vintage dress: Etsy
Heels: Mimco
Bag: Olga Berg
Necklaces: MIEC
Belt: Kookai, I bought it at an op-shop
Lipstick: From Topshop, but I can’t remember the colour! It’s bright pink.

Vintage blue dress

Vintage blue dress

Vintage blue dress

Vintage blue dress

Vintage blue dress

Vintage blue dress

  • I love those necklaces! They look so great and you could wear them with almost everything!

  • That amazing frock obviously still loves you too!!! Gorgeous shade Lady!

  • Love this dress on you, and it could be that you can tell that you love it. I think that makes a huge difference.

    Does jewellery count? I never met my maternal grandmother, she died when my mum was 8. But for my 18th mum gave me her St John’s medallion that she’d received just before WWII, on a beautiful gold chain. I’d wanted it ever since I was a little kid and mum first showed me. It’s one of only a few personal pieces from my grandmother that my mum has. I wear it all the time and it is my good luck piece. Wore it for every uni exam, job interview, scary doctors appointment, and even when we were waiting to find out if I was pregnant. So far it’s only brought me luck and I like to think my grandmother is watching over me when I wear it. Bonus is it looks fabulous on top of the sentimental side of things.:)

  • Lady Melbourne

    It’s pretty simple, would you like to see a tutorial? It’s just sort of a long, loose pony tail that I’ve pinned.

  • I second the hair comment – I love your hair! And this color dress + red lips combo looks gorgeous on you.

    x Renee

  • Kim

    How did you do your hair? Love it

  • Those necklaces look PERFECT with this dress – it’s such a great colour!

    I have a cotton dress from Sportsgirl which is my go-to piece when I don’t know what to wear – it gets dressed up for a night out with the girls, worn with tights and boots in the winter, takes me from work – drinks… It was even worn on the first date with my partner!