Hello there, New York

Lady Melbourne in New York

I have been doing a lot of travel lately, which is why you’ll see the blog shift from Hong Kong on to New York. That’s right, I’m here for almost a month, working, blogging, eating, shopping and generally soaking up all this place has to offer.

It is ker-razy hot here right now, I didn’t think it could get over 30 degrees in May but it has and it will continue to be hot for the rest of my trip.

These photos you see are after a day spent cycling around Central Park and then home via Macy’s to check out the sale they are having at the moment. More on that one later don’t worry!

I’m really thrilled to be able to bring you content from New York for a while, if there is anything you’d like to see or places you think are worth a visit please feel free to leave a comment!

Photos: Andrew Montague

Lady Melbourne in New York

Lady Melbourne in New York

Lady Melbourne in New York

Lady Melbourne in New York


Lady Melbourne in New York

Lady Melbourne in New York

Lady Melbourne in New York


  • @ Scott :)Grimaldis has the best pizza i have tasted in a long time:)

  • Make a trip over to Brooklyn – it really is awesome and has a bunch of cool rooftop bars.

    You will want to try Grimaldis pizza while you are thee too… (might have to q for a while though!)


  • We rented a bike when we where there as well 🙂
    Central Park is one BIG place 🙂

    Hope you had a great time…I know i did in the heat 🙂

    Did you try the coffee shop/restaurant in the middle of the park ? (i can not remember the name)

    Have a great day LM.

  • Sonya woods

    Brooklyn! We didn’t make it.

  • Lady Bracknell

    Lovely, Lady M. You do fit right in as a real New York chica bonita. Enjoy! “linda” means much the same but I’m so totally over that as you will have gathered. LoL-as the children say!

  • I love New York and yearn to go back, the place is so good damn vibrant! Enjoy x


  • It’s great looks like you must be enjoying. Looking forwards for more shares from your side.

  • You look so gorgeous, Lady! Enjoy everything that the city has to offer… I can’t *wait* to see your updates!

  • Olivia

    Looking fabulous as always Lady M! I am EXTREMELY jealous of you right now. you have the best taste in fashion. You are beautiful and elegant- a true lady 🙂

  • Gabriella

    OMG!! So jealous!!

  • Selena

    Be sure to visit the New York Public Library! It is truly breathtaking. You would also love Buddakan – Ninth Avenue at 16th Street..it has stunning interiors and amazing Asian cuisine. Both places featured in the Sex and the City movie.

  • I’d love to see any cooky little secret vintage shops, small independent designers and the Costume Institute at the Met. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading about anything you choose to share.