Hot in Soho, New York or Lady Melbourne’s tips for shopping while on holiday

Hot in Soho, New York

It is hot, it is sweltering, it is sticky. It rains and thunderstorms but is never cold, and so sunny days turn into balmy nights. I am not a person that takes kindly to humidity, but then I’m in New York and am not going to complain about the weather to you.

Having travelled half way around the world however from a city where you can literally have four seasons in a day, there has been an adjustment period while I’m here. You can leave the house wearing the same clothes…..all day? You don’t need layers? I don’t need to bring a jacket/sweater/scarf/insert extra layer of your choice, just in case?


You have probably noticed that I’m wearing mainly dresses on my trip and it’s on account of two things: the unexpected, humid weather and the fact that I didn’t pack for the tropics. Of course I have done my duty for the economy and bought a couple of summer dresses, but I’ve also been aware that what ever I buy has to translate to Melbourne, its climate and my lifestyle once I’m home.

There is nothing worse than unpacking after the trip of a lifetime and looking down at that tie-died caftan you bought on the beach in Bali for only $8 with the thought: what in holy hell was I thinking.

I’ve done it don’t worry, I’m not above the holy laws of practical shopping while on holiday. I once bought a red, crochet, knit cardigan at the gift shop of a Gold Coast resort I was staying at that actually looked ok thrown over my bikini sipping cocktails by the pool. Straight to the Salvo’s upon my return.

So, I suppose the lesson I’ve learned over the years when shopelling (shopping + travelling = shopelling. Go with me.) is that before you swipe that credit card ask yourself, ‘Will I wear this back home?’

If the answer is anywhere remotely near, ‘Only cleaning the bathroom, ‘ or ‘Maybe to Zumba?’ put that red, crochet cardigan down and walk away.

What I’m wearing:

Dress: Mexican number I picked up on Etsy
Heels: Marc Fischer
Bag: Sambag
Belt: Kookai

Hot in Soho, New York

Hot in Soho, New York

Hot in Soho, New York

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  • Meryl

    Oh! I want your shoes in this post! You look wonderful, as usual.

  • I’ve definietly been guilty of buying things overseas that look fabulous on say women in Rome that don’t translate when back in Melbourne, too many to list!

    BTW you’re awesome! I’ve loved watching you take on New York via Instagram! What a fab trip and you’ve looked so stylish the whole way x

  • Wow. You bought a card from a gift shop, on the Gold Coast?!? That could only end badly. I’m glad you have learn’t your lesson.

  • enjoying ALL your NYC posts – looking gorgeous as you shop, eat and explore such a great city!!

  • Hi girl.

    This post showes the funny side of you…

    I was having that excact same thought process when i went shopping a few weeks ago now.

    We went to this outlet outside NewYork, and my plan was to change my entire wardrobe for work/the gym.
    So i ended up buying a lot more color (to many black clothes in my closet) pinks, dark greens, white an so one. So many new workout clothes as well…going to the gym feels a lot easier when you look nice…
    Do you agree?

    I bought – Shirts …many shirts, a pair of shorts that i can wear for work, and the most comfy high heels i can tell you…they come from GEOX…they are just built like a dream…

    Plus plus…i have never used so much money on clothes ever as i did on that trip…but luckily i do not regret one buy i made once i got home:)

    (Everything is so much cheaper in the US compared to Norway – even GUCCI )

    Have a great day sweety 🙂

    I always check your page more then once a day in the hopes that you might have made some new fantastic content…

    Have a great day – Linn

  • Bec

    Oh LM, one of the things I truly regret not purchasing is the red beaded vintage dress in this blog post:

    I was in Brooklyn and at the time still had 6 months of travelling ahead and couldn’t justify the price or weight of the dress (also think it was a little big at the sides). In hindsight I should have bought it and mailed it home immediately.
    I hope whoever has it now loves it dearly! Apart from that I’ve bought plenty of stupid things overseas, mostly from H & M…