Today’s Face: Pop!

At a pinch I probably could have created today’s look, but let’s face it: getting a professional to show you wins out every time.

Recently I had this comic book inspired manicure done by Sara at Miss Fox and while we were chatting away about what I wanted to do for the corresponding blog post, someone said, ‘Why don’t we just get Luna to do it?’

Who is Luna you may ask? I’ll let Miss Fox explain:

Our award-winning in-house principal stylist, Miss Luna, brings over 15 years international experience from editorial, runway, celebrity and screen work, as well as working in some of Europe’s top hair salons. In addition to being a talented makeup artist, she has extensive experience in colouring, cutting, styling on fashion shoots, bridal, and catwalk. Luna has spent much of her career working overseas which enables her to bring international style notes to her clients.

Luna has so much experience that I simply showed her two pictures, explained the look  and she created exactly what I wanted.

I’m hoping to bring you some tutorials by Luna on more complex make up looks, and of course I always love a good expert tip on say, how to make your eye shadow last or how to apply faux lashes.

Most of the time these days you can just walk into any department store and stumble upon someone swabbing at you with various brushes, but quality one on one time with someone who can analyse your skin type, face shape and bone structure makes all the difference.

Is there anything you’d like to know from an expert like Luna? Ask away!

Make up & lashes: Luna at Miss Fox
Custom manicure: Sara at Miss Fox

You can check out and book professional makeup services from Miss Fox here.

Today's Face: beauty by Lady Melbourne

Today's Face: beauty by Lady Melbourne

Have you considered getting nail art or a shellac manicure? My blog post ‘Shellac Manicures: Your questions answered,’ might help!

Today's Face: beauty by Lady Melbourne

Today's Face: beauty by Lady Melbourne

Today's Face: beauty by Lady Melbourne

  • Love the gif – how did you make this? I always use picasion but it makes the pics grey and grainy 🙁

  • LOVE the makeup!

  • Chloe Partikas

    Eeee I love the gif 🙂 Put a big smile on my face. Love the heavy eye make up too! – Chloe x

  • Lady Melbourne

    They use Jane Iredale products I believe, really beautiful stuff.

  • Lady Melbourne

    Nice to e-meet you Charlotte!

  • Lady Melbourne

    Thanks all, I’m really enjoying bringing you weekly beauty content!

    @Wild Tea Party I’m not sure but I’ll try and find out for you.

    @Sazzajane I picked it up at Sephora when I was there recently and it’s called ‘1st Night.’ Here’s the link:

  • Hey! just stumbled across your blog and it is great to find a fellow Melbournian fashion blogger!


  • Guh, you look amazing!!

  • Hair looks amazing!

  • Yes:)
    One question what foundation did she use?

    Have a great day LM 🙂

  • CateW

    Love, love, LOVE this look! Those lashes!

  • Sazzajane

    Love it! Would love to know the brand/colour of the lipstick, it’s fab.

  • I friggin love this and am so glad you said it was done professionally because I thought, oh heck that’s a tricky one to learn!

  • Gabriella

    OMG!! Those eyes! You like you belong in 60’s film!

  • Loving that mani and those falsies Lady M. Do you perchance know what brand the lashes are?