The Maison Scotch Blouse

Well, we all know I love a good embroidered blouse don’t we? I’ve heard the theory we often buy variations of the same item and end up with a wardrobe full of the same thing.

‘But they’re all slightly different!’ I hear you say. Fear not, it’s becoming clear that I do the same. And I don’t care a bit because I love each and every blouse for different reasons.

This one is pure silk but with a heavier, bolder embroidery in comparison to say this one by Sambag.

I was unaware of the label Scotch & Soda/Maison Scotch but discovered it on one of my Friday night online shopping escapades. It’s an Amsterdam brand featuring classic and vintage styles, enriched with a wealth of inspiration from around the world, evident in this blouse I think.

Do you buy the same/same but different clothes all the time? Surely I’m not alone 😉

What I’m wearing:
Blouse: Maison Scotch
Skirt: McGuire Denim
Gold jewellery: vintage or bought on my travels
Heels: Amazon, bought them a while back now

Lady Melbourne wearing McGuire denim skirt with Maison Scotch blouse |

Gold bracelets, more on |

Lady Melbourne wearing Maison Scotch blouse |

Lady Melbourne wearing Maison Scotch blouse |

Snake Skin heels |

Lady Melbourne

  • Tatjana

    You look stunning!

  • luciana

    Your hair looks AMAZING!
    And totally hear you about buying the same thing.
    I had a wardrobe clean out a little while ago and found 4 mustard coloured dresses hiding in there! I’m a little more aware of repeat offenders now.

    x Luci