Not Mum Jeans!

Before we begin, I am aware that ‘mum jeans’ or ‘mom jeans’ are a trendy style, worn by the likes of ASOS dwelling hipsters in an ironic nod to the 90s. These are not the type of jeans I’m talking about.

Rather I thought we could talk about fitting into jeans as a mother, post pregnancy with a new waist line to contend with. While I’ve in the main part bounced back pretty well, I sort of feel like my body has been put back together in slightly the wrong way. Maybe my hips or pelvis are wider, I dunno exactly but some of my jeans fit me, and some don’t. And so the search begins.

Most of the time the more spandex or lycra included in denim, the less structure you’ll see. Ergo, they may not appear to lift or shape your derrière for example, but they will be super comfy. You basically get to choose one or the other – comfortable jeggings that might not look amazing, or stiff denim that makes your butt look great.

I decided I wanted to try and find BOTH in one pair of jeans/jeggings and that’s where these Wild West Stitched Jeggings from Boho Bird came in. They’re flat across the waist with a fairly wide elastic, so a big tick as far as being flattering around the tummy. The denim quality is heavy enough that they look structured, with the jeans having about 30% stretch. I’m wearing a size 10 and they haven’t really stretched too much since they arrived four weeks ago, I could probably fit into an 8 if I wanted a super tight, snug fit.

I think paired back with a loose chiffon top they’re pretty awesome, I’ve also been wearing them with ankle boots and sandals while the weather is still fine. I’ve cut the hem as pretty much every pair of jeans I buy needs to be taken up, and was too excited to wait until I’d properly hemmed them to take these photos. But they come with a really nice cuff which you can see in the photos on the website.

So there you go, mum jeans that aren’t offensive and won’t break the bank, Lady loves you!

What I’m wearing:
Top: First & I from ASOS
Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff from
Jeans: Wild West Stitched Denim Jeggings from Boho Bird
Necklace: The Turkishop
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bracelet: MIMCO
Heels: Nine West
Bell sleeve sheer blouse from ASOS |

Rebecca Minkoff bag with sheer blouse |

Bell sleeve sheer blouse from ASOS |

Motorcycle knee jeggings from | more on

Long shiny hair, more on |

Dark denim jeggings | more on

  • Sophie ♥

    This outfit=LOVE! I hope you are well x

  • You are looking so cute in this amazing outfit. I really like your heel.