This skirt makes me happy!

Do your clothes make you happy? Is that even a question you’d ask yourself?! #firstworldproblems?

Perhaps it’s a thought that’s crossed my mind because I’ve worked in the fashion industry now for 13 years (yikes!) and I love what I do. Ergo, I have items of clothing that make me happy. I love the colour, or texture and history of the garment if it’s vintage, or perhaps it’s how it makes me feel when I’m wearing it.

I wrote five years ago about the dress I dreamt about as a child and I loved hearing your comments about how clothing made you feel and reminisce. But rather than talking about memory, I’ve been thinking lately about the joy I feel wearing this skirt, sort of like my coin bracelets and how they jangle. Mother Melbourne says she knows when I’m nearby because she can hear my jewellery chiming and while that might drive some people nuts, I just love it. It actually makes me happy. Simple things right?

What clothing makes you happy? Also I made you a .GIF, scroll down!

Lady Melbourne loves you!

What I’m wearing:
Skirt: SEED Heritage
Blouse: Vintage
Bag: Zac Zac Posen from
Heels: Florsheim
Pendant: Etsy
Wallet: ‘Babylon’ wallet from Furla
Lady Melbourne in fringe skirt |

Sleeve detail from embroidered shirt | more on

Zac Posen Eartha Small Double Handle Bag | more on

Furla 'Babylon' wallet | more on

Zac Posen Eartha Small Double Handle Bag | more on

  • Jeannie C

    I consider my finds at the thrift store to be the most valuable of my possessions. I swear finding such astronomical things are like moving heaven and earth