Win this pendant from Secrets Shhh!

In honour of my first year celebrating Mother’s Day, I’ve teamed up with Secrets Shhh to give away this gorgeous Circle of Life pendant and chain worth $220!

It’s been a while between drinks hosting a give away, but this past year has really been one of change for me, and I thought it was a great opportunity to also honour you, the reader for sticking by Lady Melbourne as I grew and grew and eventually popped out a mini me!

All you have to do to enter is take a look at the Secrets website and tell me in the comments below which piece is your favourite from the Circle of Life collection.

Competition will end 5pm AEST Sunday 15th May 2016 with the winner announced here on Lady Melbourne. Australian entrants only folks!

Secrets Shhhh simulated diamond pendent | more on

Secrets Shhhh simulated diamond pendent | more on

Secrets Shhhh simulated diamond pendent | more on

Secrets Shhhh simulated diamond pendent | more on

  • bainbridge

    I’ve just become a mother myself and I loved the Circle of Life pendant in rose gold! It would add a little sparkle to my day!

  • Ashley Iliopoulos

    I love the circle of life unique edge necklace.

  • Sharon Wong

    My favourite would be the Heart Pendant in rose gold. Love makes the world go round <3

  • chingyou

    Love the mother and child pendant in rose gold! 🙂 Just become a mama myself so loving the sentiment and meaning of that pendant! Also loving your little posts on motherhood on your blog and insta account! I can so relate! Thanks lady m!

  • Pru Oswin

    I love the mother and child pendant. I am pregnant with my second child and the piece really touches me. Maybe it’s just all those crazy hormones!!

  • I love the key pendant. It’s a classic.

  • Agnes Bacskai

    Love this collection, actually I had to go through a few times to be able to pick one, but I think as I have a simplier style the Circle of Life Large pendant in Silver is my favourite. Would go with most of my outfits.
    Thank You for this amzing apportunity 🙂

  • Leanne Cutajar

    The key pendant is my favourite. It reminds me of the one my dad gave my mum when they were first married. She stills wears it after over 40 years of marriage ♥

  • Mellinda Govan

    The heart pendant is my favourite

  • Mel

    I love the key pendant in any of the colours (preferably one of each lol). I’m obsessed with any key related accessories at the moment.

  • Nassep

    Sterling Silver Infinity Disc Pendant – because thats how much I love

  • shirley maxwell (zappelli)

    Circle of Life Pendant Large in gold its would be treasured and loved always thank you beautiful giveaway

  • Miss Jen

    Hey Lady M – first time poster, long time reader. Jumping in to say how much I love the Mother and Child pendant! Secrets Shhh would not normally be on my radar however the pic of you wearing the Circle of Life pendant made me have a another look; so elegant! I love how the Mother and Child pendant can be worn with the Circle of Life. I adore pieces that can be used in multiple ways and I think Secrets Shhh are on to a real winner with this style. Beautiful, meaningful and multi-functional!

  • kerry

    Hi Phoebe, I absolutely love the white gold tree of life pendant. I love the simplicity of the design with just a little sparkle, and i love how it can be framed by a circle of life pendant. Beautiful!

  • Caroline Kennon

    Hey Lady M. I’m typically the kinda gal who likes a bit of “chunk and drama” to my jewellery, but since embracing mama-hood and hauling around 13 kilos of babe on my hip, I’ve embraced the classical and understated pieces that I can wear with anything (note: I’ve transferred the drama to clothing prints!). So I LOVE the Circle of Life Unique Edge Set Pendant in rose gold. Totes #ontrend x

  • The Butler did it

    My fav piece is the Circle of Life large in rose gold, it’s elegant and simple and would be easy to layer with other jewelry (my newborn sons name plate necklace)

  • Chrystal

    I love the eye- symbolic of so many things. Evil eye to keep you safe, third eye to symbolise intuition and psychic ability and they eyes being the windows to your soul. Such a gorgeous symbol and beautiful collection.

  • Belle Parker

    Oh wow this collection is amazing. It’s very hard to choose one, I think one of my float loved peices is the key pendant, it would be such a lovely peice of jewllery to own. I would love to pass it down to the next generation in my family if I had it or likewise the circle of life pendant!

  • Esther Jaspal

    The Rose Gold Tree of Life Pendant is just fab! Intricate and elegant with a bit of a twist! A lovely statement piece of jewellery that will never go out of style!

  • TheRestlessOne

    The mother and child pregnant in white gold is gorgeous! In fact the entire collection is really beautiful and inspiring.

  • I adore the mother and child pendent in rose gold. My eldest turned 18 last week, I also have two younger daughters who are 15 & 16. This would be a perfect way to celebrate the 18th anniversary of becoming a mother for the first time.

  • Nina Wiltshire

    I love the eye pendant, for some reason it reminds me of the Greek Evil eye, which brings back good memories because this is where I was proposed to last year! The circle of life collection is very elegant.

  • cazbar82

    I love the tree of life – symbolic of family, growth and nature. What a lovely collection!

  • Kim

    I love the meaning behind the circle of life pendant.
    To me it represents that our lives consist of ups and downs which are shaped in a never ending circle.
    However, we evolve as a person through each experience and we become a better person!

  • Kira

    The circle of life pendant is my pick from the collection. While all the pieces are stunning, there is something special about the simplicity and meaning of the circle of life pendant — it makes it a very special piece to wear!

  • Ayesha Awan

    I loved the circle of life pendant in silver because its trendy, stylish will b a good addition to my jewellery collection if i win it 🙂 all the best to me 😛

  • Jasmine Nelson

    I love the white gold Cross Pendant because it makes such a powerful statement. It’s a great way to keep my faith close to my heart

  • Meredith Atilemile

    This is a beautiful piece – and very fitting for Mothers Day. I love the large Circle of Life pendant, although it’s hard to decide if I prefer it in rose or yellow gold.

  • Heather

    What a lovely piece. Happy Mother’s day:)
    I love the circle of life pendant in silver, its both classic and stylish.