An ongoing shoe obsession

Come fashion week I find myself thinking either I don’t have enough shoes to wear, or the right ones. Neither of which is true of course, but does that stop me from looking shopping for new footwear?

No, it does not!

Many times over I’ve written about how the money I put into my wardrobe amostly goes on accessories. I’ve always thought that you can have a gorgeous $5 vintage or thrift shop dress as long as it’s matched with killer heels and bag. It’s sort of how Gary Pepper used to dress back in the day. I can remember this post for the stunning dress and the way she styled it. At last glance she’s now shooting with some of Australia’s top photographers, dripping in diamonds, so things sure have changed from the humble vintage dress days. In a way I miss seeing how she mixed it up with clothes that actually seemed attainable, but then again I’ve certainly changed a lot in the last five years so who am I to talk!

So it’s with that in mind that these heels from Poala Farbis from REVOLVE have found their way to my wardrobe, just in time for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

What hasn’t changed for me is that I’m still mixing up those bargain vintage steals like this silk shirt for $5(I mean, $5 for a pure silk shirt?!) I found recently that I thought would offset these luxe heels perfectly.

I now have a long shopping list for Paola Fabris, especially these ‘Psiche’ heels and these ‘Click Calf Hair Flats,’ that I think will be amazing coming into the warmer weather.

Do you love luxurious heels? Do tell!

What I’m wearing:
Blouse: vintage silk number
Skirt: Sussan
Heels: Paola Fabris from REVOLVE
Jewellery: All Murkani except for my necklace, I found that little gem at Savers
Hat: Kmart ($15!)
Zebra blouse, pencil skirt and Paola Fabris heels |

Paola Fabris suede heels | more on

Zebra blouse, pencil skirt and Paola Fabris heels |

Paola Fabris suede heels | more on

Paola Fabris suede heels | more on

Zebra silk blouse and gold jewelry | more on

  • This is actually styled perfectly. Bravo on the shoes – a timeless colour <3