Veronica Beard

Veronica Beard wasn’t a label I’d heard of until I stumbled upon it recently during the Shopbop sale. But now I know about it, I can’t get enough of the natural fibres and extreme attention to detail.

I’ve done my best to take photos below of the pin-tucking and stitching detail, not to mention the embroidery, silk tassels and fagotting detail. And before you do a head snap, which ever way you spell it (faggoting, faggotting, fagotting) is actually a beautiful stitching technique, used in joining two pieces of material by means of an insertion stitch. I’ve no idea of the origins of the word or term for this type of stitching, but my research tells me it originated in Victorian times and was traditionally used on lingerie and natural fibres like silk, cotton and linen. Here’s how the Free Dictionary explains it.

You’ll notice it in white below used down the front of the blouse and along the seams of the arms. It’s these kinds of details that have always drawn me to fashion, always feeling a sense of excitement by small and sometimes overlooked details. Bound button holes, French seams or invisible hemlines. Tailoring techniques that are often lost in modern day fast fashion.

So there you go, a lovely addition to my wardrobe in a modern garment with a good old fashioned dose of dress making techniques!

Blouse: Veronica Beard
Jeans: Oasis
Bangle: I bought that one in New York a couple of years back.

Veronica Beard silk 'Alpine' blouse |

Silk tassel on Veronica Beard 'Alpine' blouse |

Veronica Beard silk 'Alpine' blouse |

Pintucking on Veronica Beard 'Alpine' blouse |

Veronica Beard silk 'Alpine' blouse |

Veronica Beard silk 'Alpine' blouse |

  • Anna May Samson

    i know you posted this ages ago – sorry for being so late to the party! How do you find the Veronica Beard fit? true to size? just asking as I want to buy a dress online. thank you! 🙂

  • It sure is, I just had to photograph the details, it’s what makes the blouse so special 🙂

  • Absolutely stunning piece! I love Veronica Beard. Although i’ve only ever seen her items online so it’s lovely to see that attention to detail up close. gorgeous!

    x Luciana