The perfect blush dress

The perfect blush dress, with a nod to lingerie (but definitely not a nighty!), this frock is the kind of thing you could throw on with some sandals or dress up with black heels. Both of which I’ve done mind you but here I thought I’d show it to you with some neutrals and a hint of turquoise.

I like to think of December as ‘frock season’ if you will, with so many parties and events to attend I find myself in and out of them every other day. I read an article on the weekend by Trinny Woodall who said that she basically doesn’t wear dresses any more. This coming from a stylist it did make me wonder, “why?” after all, at 1.75m she can wear the hell out of a dress.

But it got me thinking that dresses aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Is that perhaps, I ask, because some just never find the right dress? In my case, I know that v-neck and wrap dresses tend to flatter my figure better than say, a shift dress. So I steer clear of those for fear of looking like a brick. I chic brick, but a brick none the less.

A couple of years ago I had a colour analysis done which changed the way I shopped. I’m going back shortly to do a workshop with the same consultant on how to dress for your particular figure (hello childbirth for changing my shape!) It looks at things like necklines, where the waist will sit on a dress, the length of pants etc. I can’t wait!

Until such time I will be wearing this perfect blush dress well into the summer ahead.

What I’m wearing:
Dress: StFrock ‘Samara’ dress in blush, I’m wearing a 12
Jewellery: vintage necklace and turquoise bracelet, 24k gold bracelets I picked up on a trip though Abu Dhabi.The 'Samara' blush, wrap dress from StFrock | more on

The 'Samara' blush, wrap dress from StFrock | more on

The 'Samara' blush, wrap dress from StFrock | more on

The 'Samara' blush, wrap dress from StFrock | more on