Top 5 fashion tips for an Autumn garden party

VAMFF always kicks off at Melbourne’s Government House, a venue, it so happens, that is arguably unmatched in Australia for the staging of an Autumnal garden party.

I say this chiefly because Melbourne’s weather in early Autumn is perfect for garden-based soirees; the late afternoon heat typically gives way to a cooling twilight topped out with an orange-y pink sky.

And so it was, at the opening of VAMFF 2017, that I wondered, ‘what are five fashion tips that guarantee an enjoyable outdoor Autumnal afternoon’?

So here goes (in no particular order)

  1. Check the dress code and research outfit combos that fit said code. Seems obvious, but knowing the code back-to-front enables you to be adventurous with your ultimate choice. If you’re not sure, there’ll be a tendency to stick with conservative staples.
  2. Wear sunscreen. There’s nothing worse than a sunburnt face; and then having all and sundry, concerned expressions etched on their faces, approach you saying, “Ooooo you’re getting burnt!”
  3. Flat shoes or wedge heels only! Stilettos and lush lawn do not a happy pairing make. Yes, I’m wearing them in the pics below—but I shouldn’t have!
  4. Spend a bit of time choosing a delightful, chic-yet-practical sunhat. It will be your greatest friend in the bright heat of the afternoon, especially if you get chatting in a spot without shade.
  5. Make sure you pace yourself so you’re in peak social form during twilight. It is truly the magic hour and most pleasant time of the day.


  • Your dress is so so pretty! Hope you’ve enjoyed the event, you look so happy in the pictures so I assume you have:)
    Love from