Isn’t it nice to be back blogging! Since starting at the cesspit of contagion otherwise known as childcare, my little one has managed to catch all manner of disgustoid illnesses. And then of course I got whatever she had and we’ve all been down for two weeks now.

It’s been…an education to say the least. It’s awful when your child is sick, but learning patience to deal with putting everything on hold has also been challenging. Cancelled meetings, ignoring emails, being housebound, endless doctors visits. Pre-baby if I had a cold I might take a day or two off work, pop a codral and get on with things. This time around we were quarantined for crying out loud.

That meant spending a lot of time at home and so what did I do when I wasn’t playing nurse? I shopped online of course. And when this little gem of a skirt appeared for only $25.75 it was like a little reprieve from the internet gods.

I’ve mixed it with a wardrobe fave in this Majorelle top, and because everything else I’m wearing costs upwards of $200 I don’t think you can tell that the skirt was such a bargain. Like, if I told you it was say, Armani Exchange, would you blink twice?

I enjoy dressing like this, it’s like wearing a little secret only I know about (and you, and the entire internet  – shhhh). Can people tell? Do other people dress like this? I love people watching and often try and guess how someones put an outfit together.

So you don’t have to, here are the deets. It’s good to be back!

What I’m wearing:
Top: Majorelle, see this blog post for details
Skirt: Flounce hem skirt from SheIn
Heels: Charles by Charles David
Bag: Glomesh
Glasses: Prada
Earrings: Elizabeth Cole

Olive frill hem skirt with Majorelle 'Creek' top | more on

Glomesh handbag

Olive frill hem skirt with Majorelle 'Creek' top | more on

Olive frill hem skirt with Majorelle 'Creek' top | more on

Prada sunglasses

Olive frill hem skirt with Majorelle 'Creek' top | more on

  • Nice earring.

  • nishtha jain

    l love the way how it compliments everything

  • Thanks to you, i’d never would’ve thought that Grey and Khaki go together, LOVE THIS OUTFIT