Successful Australian Women

Career Tips From Successful Australian Women

Recently I was inspired by an article I read in Who What Wear daily on career tips from some of the fashion industries most successful women.
Two things struck me: how helpful this would have been to me when I was starting in my career, and why isn’t there the same from Australian women? So I made one!

Lady Melbourne in bohemian luxe on a weekend getaway

Bohemian Luxe

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of a weekend away in the well being region of Victoria, the Daylesford and Macedon ranges. It was a complete back-to-nature experience so I packed light and took comfortable clothes in natural fibres with a little bit of bohemian luxe thrown into the mix.

The 'Atmosphere' leaf print dress from St Frock


I wore this gum leaf print dress to MSFW recently and people loved it. Was it the print that sparked some sort of national pride I wondered? A lot of people loved the neckline as well, and I think it’s a shape that would flatter most figures.

Lady Melbourne will be teaching masterclasses with The Guardian Australia

Guardian Australia Masterclasses with Lady Melbourne!

I’m teaching masterclasses with The Guardian Australia on social media for business and beginners. I started Lady Melbourne eight years ago when social engagement was in its infancy, and have grown, as it has grown. The popularity of Lady Melbourne is indelibly linked to the rise in popularity of social media.

Runway 4 for MSFW 2014

#MSWF 2014 Runway 4

Friday night saw a host of Melbourne labels showcase their spring collections on the catwalk at Melbourne town hall. As usual having access to Lucas Dawson photography means that I’m able to give you a backstage glance at how it all happens, enjoy!

Michael Lo Sordo on the runway at #MSFW 2014

#MSFW Highlights

The opening night parade for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week had some catwalk ‘moments’ which is basically what you look for during the week.


MSFW opening night parade in Melbourne, 2014

#MSFW 2014 Opening Night

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) kicked off last Friday with a spectacular parade that shut down a city street. Little Bourke Street was transformed into an urban garden complete with runway right down the middle of the road.

Lady Melbourne's double pearl rings and earrings

Double Pearl

So I went on a search and found this fabulous jeweller from Korea with a store on Etsy. She makes everything and these pieces took a couple of weeks to get to me but I honestly couldn’t be happier with them.

Lady Melbourne tries a skin peel

What is a skin peel?

The image most conjured up when talking about skin peels is of the character Samantha from season five of Sex And The City, when she gets a chemical peel right before Carrie’s book launch.

The results are pretty shocking, and because it’s not something a lot of people talk about, or well explained, it’s a lasting image for most women.

But skin ‘peels’ are actually an effective treatment if administered correctly, and can certainly change the appearance of your skin in terms of sun damage, ageing and pigmentation.

Lady Melbourne wearing a coat as a dress

The Coat Dress

Do you wear your clothes in ways other than intended? A coat as a dress? A skirt as a dress? A top as a turban?

I think it’s a great way to breath new life into your wardrobe, and it definitely makes you think outside the box when you start to piece together a look.

Lady Melbourne wearing 'Eye of Horus' cosmetics

Beauty Review: Eye of Horus Cosmetics

If you’re going to try and recreate eye make up inspired by ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, then I would imaging you’d be after the blackest of black pigment.

Enter Eye of Horus, an Australian brand developed to bring high quality products that can be used on sensitive skin.

Lady Melbourne's GLOMESH 'Day's Takings' bag

All Wrapped Up

I love that this pom pom cardi is a little bit ugly and kitsch(don’t worry it hasn’t escaped me), kind of reminds me of something Molly Ringwald would have worn circa 1986.

Lady Melbourne in the Madison Square Varsity Knit Sweater

The Varsity Knit

From screen siren to at home on a Sunday in one fell swoop!

You can’t look like that all the time, or maybe you can if you’re Dita Von Teese, but most of us enjoy something tres comfortable and stylish to knock around in. Enter this Madison Square Varsity Knit in grey from my friends at St Frock.

Lady Melbourne in a vintage inspired Natasha Manfield dress

Girls on Film

In a recent blog post, I pondered whether when in doubt we always reach for a style or type of clothing we know will fit well and look good.
Always looking for sharp, natural light with a film-like quality, I realised I do the same in my photography.

Lady Melbourne wearing the Limedrop Butterfly Tent Dress

Butterflies and Limedrop

Last time I wore one of of Limedrop’s ‘Tent’ dresses on the blog was when I went to Hong Kong last year. They are a staple of the label in cut, however each season you will find them in the signature print of the collection.

The VW Lady Dragon Love Heart shoe by Melissa

VW Lady Dragon Love Heart

I’ve not owned this particular style but have owned Melissa before and what I can tell you is they’re super comfortable and fit true to size. With that in mind I’m hoping to give them a good work out at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week that is almost upon us.

Lady Melbourne taking tea at Grace Cafe, Fitzroy

Take an Alternative Walking Tour of Melbourne!

How well do you know your home city? Ever considered taking a walking tour?

I like to think I know all there is to know about shopping in Melbourne, but it was with great delight that I discovered a few gems on a recent Alternative Walking Tour of Melbourne.

Mozi 'Out Of Africa' beaded clutch

Mozi Out Of Africa Clutch

This ‘Beaded Zebra Clutch’ is from their ‘Out Of Africa’ range and I love it with my Lady Petrova coat. I generally can’t stand the colour yellow, but for some reason, perhaps as it’s such a small dose I really love this clutch!

Chic navy blazer with silver accessories

The Navy Blazer

You might recall I was out at DFO Essendon last week (best bargain shopping in Melbourne) and while I was there to work, I managed a sneaky tour of the centre and picked up some ridiculous bargains, this blazer being one of them. Sportscraft is an established Australian label that while erring on the conservative side, do classics like a trench, merino sweater or wool blazer to perfection.

Lady Melbourne does 70s Glamour

Your Favourite Clothes

What’s your favourite thing to wear? And I’m not talking about a Snuggie or no-pants-are-the-best-pants attitude. Is there an item of clothing or style that you go back to again and again?

Mixing prints and classic shapes for winter

More Simple Winter Clothes

While realistically you’d have to wear tights rather than bare legs, I liked the challenge of mixing textures and shapes. In this instance it’s a fitted pencil skirt with a slouchy sweater, and clashing prints thrown in for good measure. To tie it all together I threw on a trench because if it’s good enough for Audrey Hepburn, it’s good enough for me.

Sheer blouse and full skirt by Lady Melbourne

An Ode to New Look @ Dior

Christian Dior unveiled their latest offering at the Paris couture shows this week and there was an abundance of full skirts, as a nod to the ‘new look’ pioneered by Christian Dior himself in the 1950s.
It’s freezing here at the moment, but I’m dying to wear the look this coming spring and I think this is how I’m going to go about it…

Lady Melbourne in vintage Missoni from Mary Lipshut's collection


Two years ago I got to meet one of Melbourne’s most fashionable treasures, Mary Lipshut. She passed away last year, and this year her stunning collection was bought and consequently sold by Hawkeye Vintage in a series of sales across Melbourne.

Lady Melbourne in New Caledonia

Why You Should Go To New Caledonia

Speaking about New Caledonia, the most common response has been, ‘I had no idea…it was so close/it was so affordable.’

It seems that despite it being just hours from our shores, New Caledonia isn’t necessarily on our radars as a holiday destination. That’s not to say it’s some sort of undiscovered paradise – it’s not undiscovered, rather, I’d say, overlooked.

It seems that despite it being just hours from our shores, New Caledonia isn’t necessarily on our radars as a holiday destination. That’s not to say it’s some sort of undiscovered paradise – it’s not undiscovered, rather, I’d say, overlooked.

Super foods: What are they?

What are superfoods?

It’s beyond a trend when you can buy what were once obscure seeds in the aisles of your local supermarket, and celebrity chefs promote activated almonds as part of your everyday diet. Superfood it seems, is here to stay.

So where do you begin?

Lady Melbourne discovers New Caledonia

What to do in New Caledonia

So your flights are booked, fake tan has been sprayed and you have an overflowing suitcase full of kaftans. Aside from the obvious cocktails-at-sunset-by-the-pool, there is a lot to see and do in New Caledonia that might not seem evident from tourist paraphernalia.

Lady Melbourne's flower crown

Learn How To Make a Flower Crown

The Style.Co in Melbourne run classes with their very talented in house florist Vivien, where you learn step by step wiring techniques, wrapping, how to cluster certain flowers together and ultimately create a flower crown of your very own design.

Lady Melbourne's beauty regime

Win the ultimate day of indulgence with Manicare!

One thing I love about reading blogs and watching YouTube, is the amount of beauty advice you can gleam from every day women just like you and me. Want to know how to braid hair? Youtube. Want to know how to apply the perfect winged eye liner? Head over to Chloe Morello’s blog.

Lady Melbourne's 1970s tan leather coat

A gift…from the 70s

Occasionally I am given vintage clothes from friends who know that I wear them pretty much…all the time. This was passed along to me by a friend as it belonged to her mother but she wasn’t getting any wear out of it. Would I like it?

Inside Lady Melbourne's accessory closet


Here’s a look at just some of the accessories I own, I’ve pulled out some of my absolute favourites but I don’t wear that often for fear of ‘ruining’ them. Which is silly because they should be worn, life’s too short!

Lady Melbourne wearing a sheer, oxblood blouse

See Through

The ‘sheer’ trend isn’t one I’ve paid a huge amount of attention to, in the main part because I think there’s a fine line between appearing deliberate in your decision to apply the trend, and just looking like you forgot to put on a singlet or cover certain lady bits.

Lady Melbourne's vintage check coat

Check Mate: Vintage Coats for Winter

Peaking out on a rack was the sleeve of this coat, so it was the fabric that caught my eye. It needed a dry clean, and most of the buttons were missing but I thought it was pretty special to find a tailored, pure wool coat that was made in England…for $15.

Lady Melbourne in Ace of Something Fedora

Felt fedoras: perfect for winter

Ace of Something are an Australia label that make one thing only: felt fedora hats. This is one of theirs in a fawn colour, but there are so many to choose from you’ll be there for hours. The hats are 100% felt wool and made in Australia(love that!)

Black lace maxi dress

Rise Like A Phoenix

I love black lace in summer and winter, and while the leaves are turning golden and the days getting colder here in Oz, this type of dress is one of those trans-seasonal pieces you can wear across the seasons.

Lady Melbourne in Winter White

White in Winter

The heaters are on and brollies out in Melbourne now with winter having well and truly arrived. How do you guys feel about white in winter? I suppose if you live somewhere super cold with snow it might not be practical, but for a Melbourne autumn I’m giving it a go.

Gwendolynne Bridal Boutique

Behind the scenes at Gwendolynne

Stepping into Gwendolynne Burkin’s Fitzroy boutique you could be caught thinking you’d been transported into a 1920s salon. Fine Edwardian and Art Deco furniture complements the high ceilings that give way to a wall of finely beaded and hand crafted gowns.

But what you really want to read about I guess, is the atelier upstairs where all the magic happens. I was granted a look behind the scenes when I visited recently to see the progress on her up-coming collection.

Lady Melbourne wearing Timi Alaere

Timi Alaere

Timi Alaere is a Melbourne based label showcasing eclectic design inspired by cross-cultural references that incorporates original limited edition prints.

Lady Melbourne wearing Mavi jeans

A Turkish Encounter: Mavi Jeans

Mavi work with five different washes and these mid rise super-skinny ‘Alexa’ jeans from the Gold Reform collection fit into my wardrobe exactly the way I like to dress: a little bit comfy, a little bit of luxury, a slightly vintage look and, of course, a fabulous fit.

Phoenix Keating MBFWA 2014

Phoenix Keating at MBFWA 2014

La Diosa de Oro, meaning ‘Golden Goddess’ was the nickname for the first female bullfighter, Conchita Citron. Phoenix Keating’s collection draws from the garb of the Matador or ‘Traje De Luces’ in his collection presented yesterday at MBFWA 2014.

Gail Sorronda MBFWA 2014

Gail Sorronda at MBFWA 2014

Gail Sorronda kicked off the second day of the week with a collection inspired by none other than Disney’s The Little Mermaid. This was presented in subtle details and colours right through to actual digital prints of Arial herself

Lady Melbourne's bohemian accessories

Sunday at Sunset

Even if no one else can tell, I like to know there are little touches to my outfit. The hat you picked up on holiday, the bracelet that cost $3 in Hong Kong. Do you have those quirks in the way you dress?

Vogue launches H&M in Melbourne 2014

Vogue presents H&M in Melbourne

Last week, Vogue presented their edit of some of the exclusive pieces that will be available for Australian customers only, when H&M opens its doors on April 5th.

Editor Edwina McCann was on hand to present the looks, along with Margareta van den Bosch, H&M’s global creative advisor with whom I was able to steal a couple of minutes for an exclusive chat.



Now in is 18th year, the Tiffany & Co. National Designer Award supported by Harper’s BAZAAR announced the 2014 winner – congratulations STRATEAS.CARLUCCI. Talented finalists; búl, CHRISTINA EXIE, HARYONO SETIADI, Livia Arena, PAGEANT and STRATEAS.CARLUCCI were celebrated at an invitation only event this morning.

Prada lace white skirt

Take Two: Mixing Old and New

I don’t often look back to reflect on photos I’ve discarded at the time of posting, so I was quite delighted when I found these. It’s good to see what I thought wasn’t good enough at the time actually wasn’t too bad. Kind of like life huh?

Lady Melbourne's full circle lace skirt


Just a relaxing Sunday lounging on a chair I dragged off the street. That’s right, I saw it on the side of the road,…

Lady Melbourne's DIY tassel heels

DIY embellished tassel heels

One area that shines on Pinterest is the DIY section, be it for clothing, crafts, home repairs, hair dos- you name it. I happened upon a tutorial to make your own tassel or fringed heels that was easier than I could believe.

Lady Melbourne in a lion mask

Look what I found..

On our way back from lunch and a spot of shooting, The Gardener and I popped into a variety shop looking for candles but I ended up getting stuck into the masks and dress ups.

Lady Melbourne wearing Sussan lift and shape jeans

Winner of the Sussan ‘The Denim Story’ give away is…

You may recall that I blogged recently on my discovery of some great basics and very on trend pieces from none other than Sussan. Their latest offering and an exclusive for Lady Melbourne readers is their latest denim range which has just this week dropped in store.

Anyhow Sussan were so happy that I was happy with my recent purchases that they said, ‘How about we give a Lady Melbourne reader the exclusive jump on the denim range and a $200 voucher to spend.’

New beauty review: Clean teeth and radiant skin

New beauty review: Clean teeth and radiant skin

If there is one thing that I love in my beauty routine, it’s cleansing. I’ve spoken about various products that I use before, and I’m also not immune to trying out all manner of treatments in pursuit of a sparkling visage.

Two things came across my desk in January that piqued my cleanliness interest: the Oral B Black 7000 electric toothbrush and a microdermabrasion and neoOxygen facial at neoSkin.