Hong Kong on the Horizon

Staying at the Island Shangri-La meant that we were able to capture some of the best luxury locations on offer in Hong Kong. On the rooftop there is an indoor garden full of orchids and tropical greenery with long, sweeping windows that enable a view of the harbour right around to the mountain side of the hotel.

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Hong Kong Bound

A couple of weeks back I did a blog post about how The Gardener and I are off to Hong Kong to shoot for a couple of days. Well, we’re here, it seemed to take a lot longer than I remembered it would (Sydney first, then onto Hong Kong) but by god it’s good to be back!

Winner of the Clinique prize pack is…

Vicki F! Thank you to everyone who entered the competition to win a Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream pack!

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Silver & Gold

I don’t mind wearing silver and gold together. I started to think about it because last week I was doing exactly that and someone said to me, ‘Can you….do that?!’

I didn’t know that you couldn’t to be honest, unless you are still dressed by your mum every morning then really, you can wear what ever you like when you get dressed every day as far as I’m concerned!

Light Chaser

Sometimes it really is a case of chasing the light as it fades if you don’t get out there early enough during the day. I’m still reacting to day light savings changing only a couple of weeks ago, the sun sets a good hour or two earlier than it did only three weeks ago, so if I go about my day and get distracted I am then literally running about the neighbourhood chasing the light.

Hong Kong Mood Board: Would you like to help?

I am off to Hong Kong in early May for a couple days of shooting the fashion, sights and sounds of lets face it, one of the world’s most incrediable cities.

I have some pretty special locations arranged and so I’m looking for some pretty special outfits to take with me.

The look?

The Love Boat- meets 1970s- oriental-luxury. Colour, scarfs, halter dresses, Diane Freis, luxury jewels, oversized sunnies, platform shoes.


I’ve had this dress for almost a year now, it’s the ‘Galactic’ dress from Backstage and I bought it at an op-shop in Brighton. I love it when I find designer clothing that really is only a season or two old in op-shops. Why I haven’t show cased it until now is beyond me, I suppose when these nude ‘Opulent’ pumps from RMK arrived in the mail I thought they were perfect for each other.

Your invitation for a free haircut at Oscar Oscar

I’ve been working with Oscar Oscar salons the last couple of years to achieve my long, glossy locks and to generally keep my hair in shape. Over the years they have been so generous to Lady Melbourne readers with offers of makeovers, products, services and of course free haircuts. More on that later!

I thought it might be interesting to meet Oscar Cullinan, the man behind Oscar Oscar and talk about their expansion into the Victorian market.

Autumn to Winter in Melbourne

For anyone who has visited Melbourne knows, we more often than not have four seasons in one day. Most visitors don’t believe it, until they get here of course and realise that you can wake up in the morning to pouring rain and grey skies, only for it to clear by 11am to sunshine, then back to grey and high winds in the afternoon, only for the sun to come out again before a thunderstorm.

Winners of the Belinda Jane’s 3 x $50 vouchers are…

Number 5. Belinda, Number 20. Tony Avery and Number 64. Dean!
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Thank you to everyone who entered and make sure you stay tuned because there are some pretty special give aways coming up!

I’m going to…

That’s right folks, I’m taking myself off in the not too distant future for a month in New York. I’m going to eat, breath, write, see, hear and live New York.

Singapore Redux

Going through my photos of my recent trip to Singapore I realised that there is still so much that I haven’t shared with you.

Simple Style Tips

I love a good clutch and handbag as much as the next gal, but sometimes I just need to keep it simple so rather than arrive looking like a bag lady, I just consolidate into a laptop case. Do you have some tips for keeping it simple while looking chic? I’d love to hear!

LMFF 2013 Day 5: What I Wore

I threw this outfit together really quickly because I was feeling lazy and almost didn’t make it out the front door. This was the situation: un-waxed legs which meant I couldn’t wear a skirt, unwashed hair which meant I couldn’t wear it out, needing to wear something that hasn’t already been worn this week because GOD FORBID you wear the same thing twice to fashion week.

LMFF 2013 Day One: Opening Parade

So last night was the opening show for the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival principally sponsored by David Jones. Last year I wrote about what a yawn fest it was, and this year was a slightly better offering in that the show was opened by one of the department stores latest international offerings, Mary Katrantzou.

LMFF 2013 Day 1: What I Wore

I popped into Fashiondacci just the other day to pick up some stuff to wear this week and pretty much this entire outfit is from the store.

I really love Kurt’s ability to source vintage items that are on trend and in keeping with international catwalks (the midi skirt for example) as well as just plain mad things like my fury bag that looks like a cat. I LOVE IT.

Accessorise This

This week, Targus released research that reveals it’s not what you do, but how you look that determines your chances of success in work and love. Finally, after seven years of putting photos of myself on the internet IT’S PAID OFF.

I jest, but in all seriousness, the survey found that 97% of women believe the way people dress and accessorise affects the way they are perceived by others.

Emerald City

I shot in my new studio today for the first time and these photos are the result. There is still plenty to happen in the space and I’m looking forward to sharing all of my DIY projects I’ve got going.


Fame Agenda is a Melbourne based label who design all their own prints. They’ve just released their latest collection titled ‘Donkey Skin,’ which before you all go “WTF?!” is inspired by fairy tales, combining Charles Perrault’s 1695 French literary work Peau d’Ane (Donkey Skin) with the Russian fairy tale Sadko.

I still love you

I’m not sure how long I’ve had this dress now, a couple of years I think but it could be longer. I wore it to an event today and had loads of compliments, I think it’s the colour that people warm to.

Silver Plum

I didn’t actually wear this jacket today because it is damn hot here in Melbourne at the moment. All the international blogs I follow are thrilled that Spring has arrived, but summer really has no plans on leaving us here!

A look inside my new home

I’ve always been of the opinion that you fill your home with stories from your life- the people in it, the places you’ve been, the memories from times gone by. What I’ve shown you below pretty much all has a story attached to it, and it fills my heart with joy to be surrounded by these stories every day.

Tanjong Beach Club, Singapore

This is what the Tanjong Beach Club website tells us about themselves:

“The only venue on Sentosa’s most picturesque beach, this all-day hideout has something for everyone. Nurse refreshing tropical fruit cocktails, have a game of beach volleyball or beer pong, lounge by the pool or dance under the stars.”

Lapis Love

Why wear one ring when you can wear six I say. I have some new rings in my life that were custom made in Canada as pictured below, and the lapis lazuli is on loan from Made In Earth Creations

Villa Dolce- with a copy of Fashion Trend Magazine!

Dedicated to the absolute allure of holiday escapades, RIVIERA is laced with epic beauty and irresistible glamour. Discover a highly collectable Issue that unfolds into 180+ pages of unstoppable fashion.

Lady Melbourne has an exclusive preview of the ‘Villa Dolce’ editorial lensed by Nicole Corbett… a Mediterranean inspired narrative featuring vivid colours, prints and mesmerising jewels.

Meeting Miranda Kerr

I thought my interview with Miranda Kerr would be over before it had even begun.

My opening question about recent controversy surrounding the at times extreme diet and exercise measures taken by the ‘Angels’ in the lead up to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show had the PR’s hopping from foot to foot and rushing to intercept.

‘No no, it’s fine. They’re going to say no, but I’m saying it’s ok,’ Miranda says as we sit in a private suite overlooking Melbourne on the 23rd floor of Crown Towers.

I’m moving!

Why I thought I could move house quietly in the background and it not disrupt my blog is beyond me, but here it is: I’m moving house and it’s impossible to blog!

A day in the life…

There is no typical day in the life for me, in that I do all sorts of things all over the place, all the time.
Samsung sent me their new Samsung GALAXY Note II, to try and see if it could keep up with my incessant social media contact addiction, the need to take photos wherever I am and then of course share with the world.

Morning Glory

How beautiful are these ‘Morning Glory’ flowers? I was driving past with The Gardener and was like, ‘Stop the car!’

We were down the coast for the Australia Day long weekend and there were quite a few of these vines, and the white flowers you see below, of which I have no idea of their name.

No matter, they make for a spectacular back drop!


One of my favourite TV shows is ‘The Love Boat,’ for too many reasons to list in this blog post for fear that you will get bored and click elsewhere. Also: it’s not the point.

The point is, when I found this dress in an op-shop for $12 it screamed ‘Love Boat’ and I couldn’t leave without it.

I’m back!

I’ve been looking out at the geraniums in the garden and I’ve also had this dress in my wardrobe since September when Dr.Jones moved to Oxford to complete her PhD and was cleaning out her closet. It occurred while we’ve had super hot weather here, that I had a blog post staring me in the face with the flowers and this dress.

Head Case

I dunno, do you like turbans? I do, I actually own this and a blue one but I never wear them. I think this summer that might all change as I’ve been lurking around Pinterest for inspiration and have found a whole heap of ways you can wear them.

Floral Affair

I found myself in town on Christmas eve last year with The Gardener who needed to pick up some last minute things. It was kind of mayhem, so smug in the knowledge that I had done all my Christmas shopping, I decided to go and have a reflexology massage. On my way there I passed Cotton On who were already on sale and I picked up the skirt you see in this .GIF and photos below….for $5. Merry Christmas to me I thought!

Fresh as a daisy

The Gardener is on holidays so that means I have someone to take photos for me and isn’t the difference just so dramatic?! Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved taking my own photos, but there is something great about seeing yourself as someone else does.

New year, new jewellery

Not sure why, but lately I seem to have a lot of new jewellery in my life. It’s not an usual thing because let’s face it, I love accessories but these pieces are really special and I thought they deserved their own blog post.

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Fun times!

All of a sudden, I love clutches

I bought a clutch to wear to the spring racing carnival that has just passed, thinking that it would just be more convenient than lugging a bag around all day. I always think that you can never fit enough in a clutch, but soon realised that the opposite was true: I have been carrying around hand bags full of things I simply don’t need for years now.

3 summer hairstyles you’ll want to wear now

Now, as with all things in life that require a level of skill, practice makes perfect. As I mostly do my own hair I do spend time practicing braiding and up-dos. If however this kind of thing isn’t your forte, Oscar Oscar are giving you the chance to win a styling session with Adrian from Oscar Oscar Doncaster worth $180.

Beauty from the Deep: Biotherm

Just in time for Christmas (of course!), Biotherm has released limited charity editions designed by Swedish illustrator Ingela Peterson Arrhenius. With Biotherm I am giving Lady Melbourne readers the chance to win one of five of these limited, charity edition packs!

Super Kuwaii

About 6 months ago now I went to the press showings for Melbourne label Kuwaii. Check out the blog post. I ordered this trench, was supremely happy about my choice but it then took me something like 3 months to pick it up.

Wash out

I’ve got a new pair of jeans from G Star and I have to say, I really like them. I might be converted to a regular denim wearing yet!

Colour pop!

On my visit to Fashiondacci I purchased this clutch amongst a couple of other items yet to be seen on the blog, partly because they are winter wear. This clutch however could be worn all year around and I think it’s a nice little colour pop to add to any outfit.

How to create the perfect cat eye make up

Have you ever wondered how to create the perfect cat eye make up?

This look is much easier than you think to achieve, specially if you have good products. I like to combine my eye liner with an ink/pen and eyeliner cream because I like a dramatic and strong, deep black.

These sunnies are a little bit mad

But when have I ever been one to shy away from mad accessories?! Just the other day I visited one of my new, favourite, Melbourne boutiques Fashiondacci. Aside from buying a grey Mongolian lamb hair gilet, an aqua leather pochette and a porcelain dog figurine, these customised sunnies were given to me by Kurt the owner. I LOVE THEM!

Black & Gold

Most of the time, not all, but most of the time my outfits are lead by what accessories I’m wearing or intend to wear. Ergo, I may have a necklace I know I want to wear, or a pair of shoes, or earrings. Then I build the rest of the outfit around that.

The winner is….Syd-en-eeeee!

These photos were taken at an event I attended at The Ivy Penthouse and it was truly the most rock star venue I think I’ve ever seen. Sunken lounge room, spa, the shower area (I’m not even going to call it a bath room) alone is bigger than my kitchen.


In one week I have been in 4 different Australian cities. It has made blogging extremely hard to keep up with, but flying about…

To blog

I did an interview recently for a Melbourne writer called Camille that was originally published in Catalyst magazine and then on her blog Camille Leon. I don’t often get good photos of me blogging because I’m, well, blogging (!) but I just loved this.

Lady M & Arthur Galan style event at Array

In line with the tower’s tagline – a little bit French Riviera, a little but Manhattan, very Melbourne – Mirvac hosted a Manhattan-inspired VIP cocktail event at the Array Display Suite where Arthur Galan and I talked all things spring racing as well as guests being treated to a runway show of the latest AG collection and his collaboration with milliner Kerry Stanley.

Remember a time…

I wanted these photos to look old fashioned, so I took them on Instagram. You might recognise this dress from a post I did last week about ASOS’s new Spring Summer collection.