Super Kuwaii

About 6 months ago now I went to the press showings for Melbourne label Kuwaii. Check out the blog post. I ordered this trench, was supremely happy about my choice but it then took me something like 3 months to pick it up.

Wash out

I’ve got a new pair of jeans from G Star and I have to say, I really like them. I might be converted to a regular denim wearing yet!

Colour pop!

On my visit to Fashiondacci I purchased this clutch amongst a couple of other items yet to be seen on the blog, partly because they are winter wear. This clutch however could be worn all year around and I think it’s a nice little colour pop to add to any outfit.

How to create the perfect cat eye make up

Have you ever wondered how to create the perfect cat eye make up?

This look is much easier than you think to achieve, specially if you have good products. I like to combine my eye liner with an ink/pen and eyeliner cream because I like a dramatic and strong, deep black.

These sunnies are a little bit mad

But when have I ever been one to shy away from mad accessories?! Just the other day I visited one of my new, favourite, Melbourne boutiques Fashiondacci. Aside from buying a grey Mongolian lamb hair gilet, an aqua leather pochette and a porcelain dog figurine, these customised sunnies were given to me by Kurt the owner. I LOVE THEM!

Black & Gold

Most of the time, not all, but most of the time my outfits are lead by what accessories I’m wearing or intend to wear. Ergo, I may have a necklace I know I want to wear, or a pair of shoes, or earrings. Then I build the rest of the outfit around that.

The winner is….Syd-en-eeeee!

These photos were taken at an event I attended at The Ivy Penthouse and it was truly the most rock star venue I think I’ve ever seen. Sunken lounge room, spa, the shower area (I’m not even going to call it a bath room) alone is bigger than my kitchen.


In one week I have been in 4 different Australian cities. It has made blogging extremely hard to keep up with, but flying about…

To blog

I did an interview recently for a Melbourne writer called Camille that was originally published in Catalyst magazine and then on her blog Camille Leon. I don’t often get good photos of me blogging because I’m, well, blogging (!) but I just loved this.

Lady M & Arthur Galan style event at Array

In line with the tower’s tagline – a little bit French Riviera, a little but Manhattan, very Melbourne – Mirvac hosted a Manhattan-inspired VIP cocktail event at the Array Display Suite where Arthur Galan and I talked all things spring racing as well as guests being treated to a runway show of the latest AG collection and his collaboration with milliner Kerry Stanley.

Remember a time…

I wanted these photos to look old fashioned, so I took them on Instagram. You might recognise this dress from a post I did last week about ASOS’s new Spring Summer collection.

Happy Friday!

Do you like to wear hats in summer? I like a very certain type of hat, in that I like wide brim floppy varieties, but not say, a baseball cap.

New Accessories

I just adore accessories and I’ve realised lately that I don’t do posts dedicated solely to these trinkets that I love so much. I used to do it all the time and now I’ve put this together I’m wondering why I don’t do them more often.

New Day

This blog post is dedicated to the Irish national Jill Meagher who was abducted, raped and murdered this week in Melbourne. I understand that this is a departure from usual blog content, but I wanted to acknowledge this story because its really affected me.


This is a recent addition to my wardrobe in the lead up to Spring/Summer here in Australia: the ‘Big Ben’ bag in white leather by Torula from

These earrings deserve an animated .GIF

I bought these earrings to wear to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week that has just come and gone and you’ve seen one single picture of them but really, you have to see them with ‘movement’ hence the .GIF. They are deserving of that I think.

The Light Belongs To Yves Saint Laurent: Touche Éclat

One Touche Éclat is sold every 10 seconds around the globe. It’s really quite staggering when you think about it. I started to use it years ago when I bought it on a trip to Europe, so when YSL asked me if I wanted to talk about the product, and of course offer you the chance to try it, it seemed quite a natural synergy.

Welcome to my wardrobe: Vintage 70s Dresses

For me, there is something so perfect about soft, cotton 70s dresses for summer. I love the Laura Ashley look too, you might remember I recently blogged about a new season Laura Ashley skirt.

These need some small alterations, to be cleaned and pressed but I can’t wait to share them with you as the months get warmer.

The Weekend

I did all sorts of things this weekend, mostly it was a lovely chance to relax and catch up on things after fashion week and the races last weekend. It also gave me a chance to sort of a heap of new things that I have lying around that I just haven’t had a chance to feature as yet.

Fringe Benefits: Oroton ‘Serene’ leather tote

when I saw that Oroton were having 75% off store wide at their DFO store, I kind of thought to myself, ‘Le sigh, ‘store wide’ probably means off that pile of wallets sitting in the corner.’

Well, it didn’t. It literally meant 75% off the retail price of every single item in the store. Behold…

MSFW 2012 Highlights: Carly Hunter

I really enjoyed the Carly Hunter show last week at MSFW 2012. Mainly it was the gigantic, silver, arrow earrings that caught my eye but I also thought that the digital prints were done in a way that was not derivative like much of what I saw at Australian Fashion Week earlier in the year.

Canturi Jewels

Canturi threw open their doors for a brunch where you could go along and meet Stephano Canturi himself and see (and touch, and wear, and drool over) their very latest collection, ‘Odyssey.’

Made In Earth Creations

Made In Earth Creations (MIEC) is an Australian owned jewellery business established in 1999 by Bunny Bedi. MIEC uses 925 sterling silver set with the finest quality natural crystals and gemstones sourced from all around the globe.

Lady Melbourne for The Electric Lounge

I’ve been working on a project behind the scenes for about a month, called ‘The Electric Lounge’ for Westfield that I can now share with you all. Westfield partnered with five fashion bloggers to capture their favourite looks for the season, here’s mine!

In the Shadows

In my last blog post I launched my eBook ‘The Ins & Outs of A Media Kit For Bloggers’ of which I’m proud as punch, and it’s now got me thinking about my next one. The other hot topic people want to know about is photography and these photos are a great example of just how far I’m come as someone who is largely self taught.

Nanna chic: Millers

For those of you overseas readers, Millers is a budget clothing retailer here in Australia that caters mainly to an older demographic. It’s not exactly fashion forward and you will never see their items grace the pages of Vogue et al.

From Europe with love

There is a shop called Episode on Sydney Rd where I’ve been shopping now for about 10 years. It’s moved in recent times, still on Sydney Rd but downsized to a smaller premises and started to sell new clothes.

Oscar Oscar Winner Makeover

You may remember that I recently hosted a competition for one of you to win a hair makeover courtesy of Oscar Oscar Southland. Natalie the winner and I went along to check things out.!

Sneak peek: Meet Sophie Kyron

Last week I got to meet one of my favourite Australian designers, Sophie Kyron. I’ve done a 30 minute interview with her so while that downloads and I transcribe it, here is a little teaser of what you can expect photo wise. I’m pretty thrilled I have to say!


In addition to shooting outside at The Vibe Carlton there were a couple more indoor shots taken indoors but that didn’t fit with the last ‘story’ but that I wanted to share.

The Motel

What a weekend! On Friday night The Gardener and I went to the opening night of Bild Lilli at the Malthouse theatre and stayed over night at Vibe Hotel in Carlton indulging in the Look Polished package. A little stay-cation if you will.

In love with: Rose Gold

I haven’t ever really worn rose gold so I thought I’d try my luck. At the moment it’s only costume jewellery, but its a nice way to ease myself into what looks like a new love affair with rose gold.

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent

In June this year it was reported that the new creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane, was set to change the name of the iconic Parisian label. So what did I do? I went onto Etsy the moment I heard(via Twitter of course) and bought myself a little piece of this iconic label.

Sophie Kyron

Perth based Kyron has a dedicated following here in Australia and I hope you can see why in the photos below. I think that her ‘Delicate Armour’ collection is one of her best yet combining semi-precious stones, glass beads, swarovski crystals and brass stampings.