Beauty haul from Sephora | is here!

Here’s a nice little beauty update for you: Sephora has launched their Australian website…..finally!

House of Maxx Boutique Skin Clinic, Melbourne |

Meet House of Maxx

The founder of House of Maxx, Makayla Herdman suggested that we might like to meet as two women from Melbourne who’ve both started their own fashion and beauty related businesses


Brow Perfect with ‘Eye Of Horus’

I’ve discovered a new way to define your brows that’s simple, easy and only requires two products. Really and truly, you could use just the one, but as I like them to look a certain way, two pencils is still a pretty good solution!

Beauty reviews on Lady Melbourne |

New Beauty Reviews!

Here’s some great products that have come across my desk of late that are sure to have you primped and preened to perfection!

Smith's Rosebud Salve

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

I discovered Smith’s Rosebud Salve in New York two years ago and it very quickly became my FAVOURITE lip balm ever.

Lady Melbourne reviews the best botanic bathroom products

Botanic Blast: Bathroom products from around the world

Some people like sugary sweet vanilla, or marshmallows and cocoa butter for their morning shower ritual. For those of you who prefer something on the botanical side, I’ve done the research and found some great products that will have you scrubbed, polished and coming up roses. Or smelling like essential oils – your choice!