Lady Melbourne learns how to define her brows

How To Define Your Brows

I didn’t think I needed to learn how to define my brows…until I visited Ottoman 3 Brow Bar and had my eye brows threaded….

Summer essentials by Lady Melbourne

Summer Essentials

Summer is around the corner here in Oz, but whether you are reading this from a colder climate I think these ‘essentials’ still apply.

Lady Melbourne tries a skin peel

What is a skin peel?

The image most conjured up when talking about skin peels is of the character Samantha from season five of Sex And The City, when she gets a chemical peel right before Carrie’s book launch.

The results are pretty shocking, and because it’s not something a lot of people talk about, or well explained, it’s a lasting image for most women.

But skin ‘peels’ are actually an effective treatment if administered correctly, and can certainly change the appearance of your skin in terms of sun damage, ageing and pigmentation.

Lady Melbourne wearing 'Eye of Horus' cosmetics

Beauty Review: Eye of Horus Cosmetics

If you’re going to try and recreate eye make up inspired by ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, then I would imaging you’d be after the blackest of black pigment.

Enter Eye of Horus, an Australian brand developed to bring high quality products that can be used on sensitive skin.