Products from The Natural Supply Co. |

The Natural Supply Company

It was with great delight that Celeste, one third of The Natural Supply Co reached out to tell me about their digital venture.

Lady Melbourne tries MarulaOil by Paul Mitchell |

Beauty Review: Marula Oil

I’m not sure entirely whether it’s the shampoo or my left over pregnancy hormones, but as you can see in these photos after using the products, my hair does look super shiny. Would I recommend it?

Beauty haul from Sephora | is here!

Here’s a nice little beauty update for you: Sephora has launched their Australian website…..finally!

House of Maxx Boutique Skin Clinic, Melbourne |

Meet House of Maxx

The founder of House of Maxx, Makayla Herdman suggested that we might like to meet as two women from Melbourne who’ve both started their own fashion and beauty related businesses


Brow Perfect with ‘Eye Of Horus’

I’ve discovered a new way to define your brows that’s simple, easy and only requires two products. Really and truly, you could use just the one, but as I like them to look a certain way, two pencils is still a pretty good solution!