The Seamstress by Maria Duenas book review

I was drawn to the plot line because it mixed mystery, espionage and fashion (who knew?!) and Duenas paints evocative descriptions of exotic locations. I was absolutely transported to Tangiers, Madrid, Tetouan and Lisbon of the 1930s but when I got there I found myself needing a more nuanced emotional story. Women who consistently get butterflies in their stomach, annoy me.

Have you read a good book lately? I’d love to hear what you recommend, it might end up next months reading!

Current Reading

Here is what is on my current reading list and as usual please chip in with your two cents worth because I love to pepper my reading with suggestions.

December Reading

I haven’t done a reading list since July on the blog, which isn’t to say that I haven’t been reading but just haven’t published it.

July Reading

…or brains are sexy, so says The Gardener.

I thought that was quite funny because we all read don’t we but it is nice to talk about what’s on our current reading lists.

April Reading

Not so sure I’ll get through them all as we are half way through April, however I do have a new stack of books on my desk to keep me amused for April.

April Reading

I didn’t do a book list for February or March because I had so much to get through- rather ambitious to think I’d get…

January Reading

Over January I usually end up buying myself more books than usual in the hope that it will be ‘slower’ and I’ll get more time to read. It results more often than not in me having enough books for February as well but still I buy the books.

Happy Friday! Dreaming of Chanel Book Giveaway!

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte Smith, author of Dreaming of Chanel and custodian of the Darnell collection. Her previous work in Dreaming of Dior has been a raging success in showing Australian and international readers just how special the collection really is.

July Reading

It’s been far too long since I’ve written about my monthly reading list so as it is the beginning of the month I thought I might kick things off by mentioning what’s on for July.
It’s my turn in book club to choose a book so in an attempt to pick something no one has yet read I chose M.J. Hyland’s ‘This is How,’ which is on the new release list. I haven’t poked my nose inside it as yet but by all accounts it looks fab.

New books, boxes and heels

On twitter yesterday I posted a picture of me toppling off these rather vertigeous heels while shooting these photos. It was quite funny until I wondered if I was going to cause myself a serious accident because of my heels.
I have some new books to get through, I’ve just finished Sonya Hartnett’s ‘Butterfly’ and just loved it. I think I may have asked a while ago if you had any recommendations for new books to read and that was one of them.

Book Club

I got home with an hour to spare to finish ‘Juliet, Naked,’ by Nick Hornby before dashing off to book club. I can’t say…

Book Club

Are you guys in a book club? I am and I really enjoy it. I love books, magazines, newspapers- hell I read my junk…