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Lady Melbourne wearing a coat as a dress

The Coat Dress

Do you wear your clothes in ways other than intended? A coat as a dress? A skirt as a dress? A top as a turban?

I think it’s a great way to breath new life into your wardrobe, and it definitely makes you think outside the box when you start to piece together a look.

Lady Melbourne wearing Chic Wish body con dress

No more sweaters…

I spied this dress on I Heart Bargains instragram account and when I found out it was something like $54 I could hardly believe my eyes.

Lady Melbourne's GLOMESH 'Day's Takings' bag

All Wrapped Up

I love that this pom pom cardi is a little bit ugly and kitsch(don’t worry it hasn’t escaped me), kind of reminds me of something Molly Ringwald would have worn circa 1986.

Wool sweater from the Aran Islands

My Aran Islands Sweater

What’s your idea of luxury?
You might be forgiven for overlooking an Aran Islands sweater as a luxury item, until you discover the history, expertise and hours upon hours it takes to make one.