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Boho embroidered bag as see on Lady Melbourne |

The bag I love but never wear

I first spied this bag in the window of a shop and literally stopped walking and made the decision to buy it there and then. I just loved it and I still do, trouble is – I never seem to wear it.

Lady Melbourne boho mexican dress |

The Sun God Dress

With the sun shining outside my window, and as I’m only able to get up to my balcony and not out and about with my tripod, I thought about the sun god Ra and pulled on this outfit.

Lady Melbourne wearing McGuire Denim skirt |

The McGuire Denim Skirt

Thanks for bearing with me over the last two weeks, motherhood and all it entails is a huge adjustment to say the least! I’ll be writing about it some time soon, in the meantime I thought it was high time for an outfit post and my first one post pregnancy to boot!

Vintage MiSSONI skirt |

A little bit of Missoni

I’ve had this skirt for a while now, and intended to wear it all summer long but then got myself pregnant and couldn’t fit…

Lady Melbourne wearing boho dress from label 'Raga' |

A Boho Dress

I’ve enjoyed wearing this dress so much during pregnancy, but like a lot of clothes I’ve bought I’ve tried really hard to steer clear…