Mozi 'Out Of Africa' beaded clutch

Mozi Out Of Africa Clutch

This ‘Beaded Zebra Clutch’ is from their ‘Out Of Africa’ range and I love it with my Lady Petrova coat. I generally can’t stand the colour yellow, but for some reason, perhaps as it’s such a small dose I really love this clutch!

Inside Lady Melbourne's accessory closet


Here’s a look at just some of the accessories I own, I’ve pulled out some of my absolute favourites but I don’t wear that often for fear of ‘ruining’ them. Which is silly because they should be worn, life’s too short!

Lady Melbourne in Ace of Something Fedora

Felt fedoras: perfect for winter

Ace of Something are an Australia label that make one thing only: felt fedora hats. This is one of theirs in a fawn colour, but there are so many to choose from you’ll be there for hours. The hats are 100% felt wool and made in Australia(love that!)

Lady Melbourne's bohemian accessories

Sunday at Sunset

Even if no one else can tell, I like to know there are little touches to my outfit. The hat you picked up on holiday, the bracelet that cost $3 in Hong Kong. Do you have those quirks in the way you dress?