Soft 70s Style

And that’s what fashion’s all about, isn’t it? An ability and preparedness to style-up an outfit with pieces of varying origins, in a way that perfectly suits your own style.

Lady Melbourne wearing a Love Me Sugar Eye Mask

Love Me Sugar

Six years ago I’d written about ‘Love Me Sugar’s’ handmade eye masks after receiving one she’d sent from Paris. Imagine my delight when the owner walked into my classroom a couple of weeks ago here in Melbourne.

Sebastianella penny bracelet | more on

Meet Sebastianella

When I look at a coin I wonder where it’s been in the world and how it ended up in my possession. Sebastianella is sourced and made in Melbourne so I know where my bracelet has its roots. Where will it end up? Only time will tell.

New Loeffler Randall accessories, more on |

New Loeffler Randall

Here’s a look at their latest campaign, I love the tassel back pack and these hot pink Arbella suede sandals, you can check out the look book for the entire collection.

Lady Melbourne wearing her MYSWEAR custom designed trainers |

MYSWEAR Custom Trainers

In your imagination are the perfect pair of trainers, down to their shape, materials and colours. But, as they are a pure fantasy item, you’ve never seen them for sale – until now! that is, as Farfetch has created the marvelous MYSWEAR shoe service.

Lady Melbourne wearing boho dress from |

Boho Love

Just a very quick outfit update today with a new favourite in my wardrobe. I’ll buy pretty much anything with embroidery on it, and this dress is no exception!

Fall accessories from |

Spring Accessories

You might recall that, last week, I posted where you could get 25% off your total order. Well, here’s some (yes, there’s more!) of what I snapped up – because who doesn’t love shopping with a tidy discount.

Murkani Jewellery

Murkani Jewellery

This necklace and bracelet are from Australian jewellery label Murkani. Specialising in beautiful bohemian jewels, the label take great care through their design and…

Purple Jade beads |

The God of Small Things

I’ve set myself a new photography project this week in order to get back on top of content after a week down with the flu: a photo a day. It’s that simple, and it’s going to be about the details and things I see around me.

Flat lay of Autumn accessories

New things for Autumn

It’s been a few drinks between flat lays don’t you think?! And there’s certainly no shortage of gorgeous things coming across my desk, so here are some lovely things to ponder…

Lady Melbourne wearing 'Naked Pearls' jewelry

Naked Pearls

Pearls are timeless in my opinion, and I like that for younger women, you can create a push/pull of feminine and tough wearing them.

Gold jewelry


Fine gold jewellery and lots of it. It’s  all over Pinterest at the moment and is quite easy to achieve because you can mix…

Lady Melbourne's double pearl rings and earrings

Double Pearl

So I went on a search and found this fabulous jeweller from Korea with a store on Etsy. She makes everything and these pieces took a couple of weeks to get to me but I honestly couldn’t be happier with them.

Lady Melbourne's GLOMESH 'Day's Takings' bag

All Wrapped Up

I love that this pom pom cardi is a little bit ugly and kitsch(don’t worry it hasn’t escaped me), kind of reminds me of something Molly Ringwald would have worn circa 1986.

Mozi 'Out Of Africa' beaded clutch

Mozi Out Of Africa Clutch

This ‘Beaded Zebra Clutch’ is from their ‘Out Of Africa’ range and I love it with my Lady Petrova coat. I generally can’t stand the colour yellow, but for some reason, perhaps as it’s such a small dose I really love this clutch!

Inside Lady Melbourne's accessory closet


Here’s a look at just some of the accessories I own, I’ve pulled out some of my absolute favourites but I don’t wear that often for fear of ‘ruining’ them. Which is silly because they should be worn, life’s too short!

Lady Melbourne in Ace of Something Fedora

Felt fedoras: perfect for winter

Ace of Something are an Australia label that make one thing only: felt fedora hats. This is one of theirs in a fawn colour, but there are so many to choose from you’ll be there for hours. The hats are 100% felt wool and made in Australia(love that!)

Lady Melbourne's bohemian accessories

Sunday at Sunset

Even if no one else can tell, I like to know there are little touches to my outfit. The hat you picked up on holiday, the bracelet that cost $3 in Hong Kong. Do you have those quirks in the way you dress?

Prada lace white skirt

Take Two: Mixing Old and New

I don’t often look back to reflect on photos I’ve discarded at the time of posting, so I was quite delighted when I found these. It’s good to see what I thought wasn’t good enough at the time actually wasn’t too bad. Kind of like life huh?

Lady Melbourne's DIY tassel heels

DIY embellished tassel heels

One area that shines on Pinterest is the DIY section, be it for clothing, crafts, home repairs, hair dos- you name it. I happened upon a tutorial to make your own tassel or fringed heels that was easier than I could believe.

Lady Melbourne wearing Sussan dress

From Sussan With Love

I’ve never been a slave to labels, rather always looking for good quality fabrication and cut. It doesn’t matter to me whether something is op-shop, high street or designer, I’m more interested in whether the garment is a natural fibre, how it’s cut and where it’s made.
On the hunt for simple, modest and fashionable clothing to take with me on my recent trip to Jordan, I stopped into Sussan and found this shift dress that ticked all of those boxes.

Lady Melbourne wearing House of Harlow sunglasses and vintage dress

House of Harlow keeping me cool

These House of Harlow ‘Chelsea’ sunglasses were my sole boxing day sale purchase from In Her Shoes Boutique.

I allow myself one purchase each year so I don’t end up in the shops weeping over an empty bank account and bags full of things I simply don’t need. Last year I bought a Samantha Wills ring from St Frock on sale(see the blog post), and this year I noticed that In Her Shoes Boutique had put these up for the tidy sum of….$50. How’s that for my only bargain buy!

YSL jacket

The New Year

Happy new year to you!

I’ve taken a little break over Christmas and it’s been really great to reflect on the year that was 2013. I don’t do resolutions, rather preferring to look back on the previous year and improve/change/recharge.

2013 was a big year for Lady Melbourne with loads of travel and I’m looking forward to doing my top 10 posts for 2013 later today.

So do you make resolutions?

Bowerhaus Jewellery

Australian Luxury: BOWERHAUS

Bowerhaus is an emerging Australian luxury jewellery label featuring semi-precious stones and baroque pearls. I discovered them a while back but it’s not until I actually got my hands on one of their necklaces that I was able to see the true beauty in their work.

This is the ‘Gardenia’ necklace made with adventurine, jadeite and malachite with a baroque pearl and an 18K WGP Clasp.

A new one to watch on the Australian luxury accessories scene in my book!

An Ode To New York

I wore this outfit for lunch on Sunday past and it reminded me of my time in New York. Namely because this is a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg dress that I picked up at the Chelsea Antique Garage that I’m wearing with a cuff that was given to me by my sister-in-law who also lives there.

I got around in outfits like this when I was there for six weeks earlier in the year (seems like an eon ago now!) and so that’s why this outfit, is an ode to New York.

Reebonz Chanel Bag

Vintage Luxe: Chanel from Reebonz

There’s a new kid in town when it comes to authentic, pre-loved luxury: Reebonz. We’re working on a little project together and there’ll be some quite exciting content coming up featuring, well, a lot of Chanel. And we all love Chanel right? Even if like me it’s just to gaze at through the windows of a shop.

The Green Chilli Dress

Do you like this green chilli dress? I love my clothing with a good dose of humour, so went I visited Fashiondacci last week to see what Kurt had in store, this dress jumped off the rack and said, ‘shoot me!’

Look The Part

So it’s spring but feels like summer so important to look the part. I can’t decide whether to put away my heater, pull out the sandals or hedge my bets because lord knows it could be freezing cold in November. Melbourne is a fickle mistress with her weather.

Stay In The Sunlight

Although when you look at an outfit like this, you could probably add opaque tights, stiletto ankle boots and a cropped leather jacket to transform it for a winter look. Because I live in a city where the weather changes so much, I’ve found that a lot of my wardrobe is interchangeable between seasons.


UK online retailer are moving into the Australian market place in a big way at the moment. Having just got back from their SS 13 launch that will be exclusive to Australian shores, I can tell you that the momentum is well and truly in full swing.

Jewellery from New York

As most of you would know I love, love, love jewellery and accessories having run my own accessories label for seven years. So I bought back A LOT of jewellery from New York when I was there in May/June.

Like A Lady

The day I tried on this dress in New York, it was 30 degrees and humid. It was hard to imagine that it was going to work on a winter’s day, but I’m glad now that I bought it.

I featured it in a post I did on why people love New York but it only got hotter and hotter and it sat at the bottom of my suitcase for the rest of the trip.

Shiny and New

It wasn’t intentional that I would shoot this jacket in the late afternoon sun, but now I’m looking at these photos I can see that it really needed to be under direct sunlight for the full effect of the foil leather to come to life.

It’s even better in real life, and while I’m wearing it casually here, it looks great all dolled up for a night on the town.

Mix Up

A big part of why I started the blog all those years ago, was that I didn’t see the way I dressed represented in mainstream media. And I suppose it is hard to put ‘vintage’ or ‘op-shop finds’ on the pages of glossy magazines, but none the less I knew I wasn’t alone in how I mixed up my wardrobe with new designers pieces, high street fashion and vintage and second hand clothes.

Times Three

When I read other blogs, I always enjoy the detailed photos, especially when it comes to layers or accessories. And I think it’s really easy to forget the same principal with your own blog sometimes. Case in point I had shot this post wearing the outfit as you see it in the top picture. But I knew that both layers underneath were interesting pieces in their own right, so I re-shot it trying to capture each layer individually.

A Pearl World

So I’m home from New York and am answering life’s big questions today: should I start wearing pearls again? I used to live in them, they were somewhat of a signature look for me as long term readers will know. And when I say long term, I’m talking rewind seven years. You know who you are!

Why People Love New York

It occurred to me today as I was crossing the road, ‘What won’t I miss about New York?’

And while there is only one thing, it got me thinking about why people fall in love with this city, and why it is so commonly referred to as a place that gets under your skin.

Meeting Misha in Hong Kong

Then it was off to visit local Hong Kong designer Michelle Lai of the label Mishca. I really wanted to try and uncover local Hong Kong talent on this trip knowing that I was going to see my fair share of luxury because lets face it, it’s what Hong Kong does so well.

Hong Kong on the Horizon

Staying at the Island Shangri-La meant that we were able to capture some of the best luxury locations on offer in Hong Kong. On the rooftop there is an indoor garden full of orchids and tropical greenery with long, sweeping windows that enable a view of the harbour right around to the mountain side of the hotel.

Silver & Gold

I don’t mind wearing silver and gold together. I started to think about it because last week I was doing exactly that and someone said to me, ‘Can you….do that?!’

I didn’t know that you couldn’t to be honest, unless you are still dressed by your mum every morning then really, you can wear what ever you like when you get dressed every day as far as I’m concerned!

Autumn to Winter in Melbourne

For anyone who has visited Melbourne knows, we more often than not have four seasons in one day. Most visitors don’t believe it, until they get here of course and realise that you can wake up in the morning to pouring rain and grey skies, only for it to clear by 11am to sunshine, then back to grey and high winds in the afternoon, only for the sun to come out again before a thunderstorm.

Simple Style Tips

I love a good clutch and handbag as much as the next gal, but sometimes I just need to keep it simple so rather than arrive looking like a bag lady, I just consolidate into a laptop case. Do you have some tips for keeping it simple while looking chic? I’d love to hear!

Emerald City

I shot in my new studio today for the first time and these photos are the result. There is still plenty to happen in the space and I’m looking forward to sharing all of my DIY projects I’ve got going.

Silver Plum

I didn’t actually wear this jacket today because it is damn hot here in Melbourne at the moment. All the international blogs I follow are thrilled that Spring has arrived, but summer really has no plans on leaving us here!

Lapis Love

Why wear one ring when you can wear six I say. I have some new rings in my life that were custom made in Canada as pictured below, and the lapis lazuli is on loan from Made In Earth Creations


One of my favourite TV shows is ‘The Love Boat,’ for too many reasons to list in this blog post for fear that you will get bored and click elsewhere. Also: it’s not the point.

The point is, when I found this dress in an op-shop for $12 it screamed ‘Love Boat’ and I couldn’t leave without it.

Head Case

I dunno, do you like turbans? I do, I actually own this and a blue one but I never wear them. I think this summer that might all change as I’ve been lurking around Pinterest for inspiration and have found a whole heap of ways you can wear them.

Fresh as a daisy

The Gardener is on holidays so that means I have someone to take photos for me and isn’t the difference just so dramatic?! Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved taking my own photos, but there is something great about seeing yourself as someone else does.

Colour pop!

On my visit to Fashiondacci I purchased this clutch amongst a couple of other items yet to be seen on the blog, partly because they are winter wear. This clutch however could be worn all year around and I think it’s a nice little colour pop to add to any outfit.