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Sunday at Sunset

Even if no one else can tell, I like to know there are little touches to my outfit. The hat you picked up on holiday, the bracelet that cost $3 in Hong Kong. Do you have those quirks in the way you dress?

Prada lace white skirt

Take Two: Mixing Old and New

I don’t often look back to reflect on photos I’ve discarded at the time of posting, so I was quite delighted when I found these. It’s good to see what I thought wasn’t good enough at the time actually wasn’t too bad. Kind of like life huh?

Lady Melbourne's gold accessories

Before you leave the house, never take one thing off…

Coco Chanel actually said ‘always’ not ‘never’, but if you have ever had a good look at the way she dressed and wore her accessories, there was nary an unadorned body part in sight. If Chanel took one thing off, she was very possibly still wearing a necklace, brooch, earrings, bracelet, rings and watch. It’s why I love her.

Lady Melbourne's white blazer, studded bag and lucite heels

How to dress for lunch (or not)

The business lunch, the networking lunch, lunch with the boss. I go to variations of all three (lunch with the boss is when I take myself out) and more often than not I’m kind of stumped as to what to wear.

Lady Melbourne's DIY tassel heels

DIY embellished tassel heels

One area that shines on Pinterest is the DIY section, be it for clothing, crafts, home repairs, hair dos- you name it. I happened upon a tutorial to make your own tassel or fringed heels that was easier than I could believe.