Curious Objects

Chanel No.5 Print from Astella Designs

Artwork To Brighten Up Your Walls

I’ve got some new pieces to add to my picture wall, or just move around the apartment as is my usual want. But what I love about the pieces, is that they’re not only affordable but in limited edition quantities and both are Australian.

A look inside my new home

I’ve always been of the opinion that you fill your home with stories from your life- the people in it, the places you’ve been, the memories from times gone by. What I’ve shown you below pretty much all has a story attached to it, and it fills my heart with joy to be surrounded by these stories every day.

A day in the life…

There is no typical day in the life for me, in that I do all sorts of things all over the place, all the time.
Samsung sent me their new Samsung GALAXY Note II, to try and see if it could keep up with my incessant social media contact addiction, the need to take photos wherever I am and then of course share with the world.