The 'Samara' blush, wrap dress from StFrock | more on www.ladymelbourne.com.au

The perfect blush dress

The perfect blush dress, with a nod to lingerie (but definitely not a nighty!), this frock is the kind of thing you could throw…

Lady Melbourne wearing 'Tell Tale' dress from FREE PEOPLE at REVOLVE | more on www.ladymelbourne.com.au

Free People

Sometimes you find a dress, or for that matter any piece of clothing, which is just easy. You feel good in it because either it’s comfortable…

Boho dress by Boemo | more on www.ladymelbourne.com.au


I love a gorgeous boho dress for spring and summer, but rather than white I thought I’d try something in a darker tone that…

Privacy Please

This is the ‘Moni’ dress from Privacy Please, quite the statement piece don’t you think? Something you could wear to a beach wedding, or a garden party,…

Multi stripe dress from Closet London | more on www.ladymelbourne.com.au

Closet London

Closet London is a label produced entirely in its namesake city, London. We had an unseasonably warm day recently so I chased the sunshine in this frock and don’t the colours just shine!

Lady Melbourne wearing white lace dress from Chicwish.com | www.ladymelbourne.com.au

Last days of Summer…

Autumn is my favourite time of year, mainly because here in Melbourne we still get summery weather but with cooler evenings and nights. Warm…

Lady Melbourne wearing ethnic embroidered dress from Chicwish | www.ladymelbourne.com.au

Big Sleeves, Big Love!

Somehow I ended up with two of these gorgeous dresses from Chicwish.com, with one being considerably shorter than the other. Even with my pregnant…

Lady Melbourne wearing boho dress from label 'Raga' | www.ladymelbourne.com.au

A Boho Dress

I’ve enjoyed wearing this dress so much during pregnancy, but like a lot of clothes I’ve bought I’ve tried really hard to steer clear…

Vintage dress with modern accessories | www.ladymelbourne.com.au

Peach Melba

If you’re Australian you’ll probably know what a Peach Melba is, if not let me mansplain for you. ‘Peach Melba is a dessert of peaches…

Lady Melbourne wearing boho dress from Chicwish.com | www.ladymelbourne.com.au

Boho Love

Just a very quick outfit update today with a new favourite in my wardrobe. I’ll buy pretty much anything with embroidery on it, and this dress is no exception!

The StFrock 'My Moment' dress on Lady Melbourne | www.ladymelbourne.com.au

The ‘My Moment’ Dress

Ahhh spring: glorious weather and hideous hayfever. Such is life in Melbourne at the moment but with the changing seasons brings the opportunity to step out in dresses like this beauty from St Frock.

Lady Melbourne wear embroidered dress from Chicwish.com | www.ladymelbourne.com.au

Spring Dresses

The sun was most excellent last Sunday, so I took the opportunity to don this embroidered number and some light sandals and hit the local park.

Lady Melbourne wearing boho dress from St Frock | www.ladymelbourne.com.au

The ‘Adeline’ Maxi Dress

Latest wardrobe addition: this beautiful ‘Adeline’ wrap maxi dress from St Frock. It’s such a good feeling to find clothes that make me feel like ‘me’ while fitting in my growing bits and pieces!

Lady Melbourne wearing Cynthia Rowley dress

Cynthia Rowley

I did some shopping online recently and picked up a few pieces I hoped would see me through the pregnancy ‘growth spurt’ and beyond. This Cynthia Rowley dress was one such piece, and I’m looking forward to wearing it to the opening of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) later in the week.

The 'Oceana' dress in turquoise from St Frock as seen on Lady Melbourne

A Turquoise Dream

This is the turquoise version of the ‘Oceana’ dress by St Frock. It’s a simple design but the detail around the collar and the colour are really what makes the dress. I don’t mind shooting things like this in an urban environment, but you could just imagine it on a white sandy beach couldn’t you?

Lady Melbourne wears blue lace dress from Daiso

Blue Lace

I realise things have been a little bit quiet around here lately, and not because there isn’t a lot going on behind the scenes,…

Lady Melbourne at the Emirates marquee on Derby Day, 2014

Derby Day 2014

Well here we are again for another year and what a smashing start to the main days of racing for the spring carnival here in Melbourne.

Lady Melbourne in a grey wrap dress

This Grey Wrap Dress

Grecian, goddess, toga – call it what you will but a draped, jersey dress is flattering to most figures not to mention easy to…

A little black dress on Lady Melbourne

A Little Black Dress

A wardrobe staple that continues to be reinvented year after year, the little black dress never goes out of fashion. Coco Chanel is credited with its invention in the 1920s, and since that time women the world over have embraced it as the answer to so many different occasions.

The 'Atmosphere' leaf print dress from St Frock


I wore this gum leaf print dress to MSFW recently and people loved it. Was it the print that sparked some sort of national pride I wondered? A lot of people loved the neckline as well, and I think it’s a shape that would flatter most figures.

Lady Melbourne wearing Chic Wish body con dress

No more sweaters…

I spied this dress on I Heart Bargains instragram account and when I found out it was something like $54 I could hardly believe my eyes.

Lady Melbourne in a vintage inspired Natasha Manfield dress

Girls on Film

In a recent blog post, I pondered whether when in doubt we always reach for a style or type of clothing we know will fit well and look good.
Always looking for sharp, natural light with a film-like quality, I realised I do the same in my photography.

Lady Melbourne wearing the Limedrop Butterfly Tent Dress

Butterflies and Limedrop

Last time I wore one of of Limedrop’s ‘Tent’ dresses on the blog was when I went to Hong Kong last year. They are a staple of the label in cut, however each season you will find them in the signature print of the collection.

Lady Melbourne does 70s Glamour

Your Favourite Clothes

What’s your favourite thing to wear? And I’m not talking about a Snuggie or no-pants-are-the-best-pants attitude. Is there an item of clothing or style that you go back to again and again?

Black lace maxi dress

Rise Like A Phoenix

I love black lace in summer and winter, and while the leaves are turning golden and the days getting colder here in Oz, this type of dress is one of those trans-seasonal pieces you can wear across the seasons.

Lady Melbourne's DIY tassel heels

DIY embellished tassel heels

One area that shines on Pinterest is the DIY section, be it for clothing, crafts, home repairs, hair dos- you name it. I happened upon a tutorial to make your own tassel or fringed heels that was easier than I could believe.

Lady Melbourne wearing Sussan dress

From Sussan With Love

I’ve never been a slave to labels, rather always looking for good quality fabrication and cut. It doesn’t matter to me whether something is op-shop, high street or designer, I’m more interested in whether the garment is a natural fibre, how it’s cut and where it’s made.
On the hunt for simple, modest and fashionable clothing to take with me on my recent trip to Jordan, I stopped into Sussan and found this shift dress that ticked all of those boxes.

The Green Chilli Dress

Do you like this green chilli dress? I love my clothing with a good dose of humour, so went I visited Fashiondacci last week to see what Kurt had in store, this dress jumped off the rack and said, ‘shoot me!’

My Favourite Mexican Embroidered Dress

I bought this Mexican, embroidered dress on Etsy some time ago but it is still absolutely one of my wardrobe favourites.

These photos are actually from this blog post about it, but I thought it was worth re-posting because I really love everything about them. The sunlight, the shadows, the vintage Valentino bag.

Today’s (not so) Face

I loved the colours in this dress, and while I’ve styled it here with quite tough accessories, I think a pair of lavender, suede heels would look great with a slim, silver belt.

Or maybe you can give me your suggestions on how you’d wear it?

Like A Lady

The day I tried on this dress in New York, it was 30 degrees and humid. It was hard to imagine that it was going to work on a winter’s day, but I’m glad now that I bought it.

I featured it in a post I did on why people love New York but it only got hotter and hotter and it sat at the bottom of my suitcase for the rest of the trip.

Manhattan by Sail

Have you ever sailed around Manhattan? I hadn’t considered it before my trip and I really didn’t want to end up on some boat or ferry crammed full of tourists (because you never consider yourself a tourist when you actually are just that) but my brother found this wonderful old topsail schooner called ‘The Clipper City’ run by Manhattan by Sail.

On the High Line, New York

You should most definitely consider a visit to The High Line while in New York, if for no other reason than because of the historical significance of the area to the city, and because of what it has become.

Night Owl

There are times when you need a special frock and some jewels for an occasion, for some people it might not happen that often, for others every other weekend is an excuse to dress up.

Emerald City

I shot in my new studio today for the first time and these photos are the result. There is still plenty to happen in the space and I’m looking forward to sharing all of my DIY projects I’ve got going.

Morning Glory

How beautiful are these ‘Morning Glory’ flowers? I was driving past with The Gardener and was like, ‘Stop the car!’

We were down the coast for the Australia Day long weekend and there were quite a few of these vines, and the white flowers you see below, of which I have no idea of their name.

No matter, they make for a spectacular back drop!

Colour pop!

On my visit to Fashiondacci I purchased this clutch amongst a couple of other items yet to be seen on the blog, partly because they are winter wear. This clutch however could be worn all year around and I think it’s a nice little colour pop to add to any outfit.

Welcome to my wardrobe: Vintage 70s Dresses

For me, there is something so perfect about soft, cotton 70s dresses for summer. I love the Laura Ashley look too, you might remember I recently blogged about a new season Laura Ashley skirt.

These need some small alterations, to be cleaned and pressed but I can’t wait to share them with you as the months get warmer.

Let’s revisit: Diane Freis

I thought it might be worth revisiting one of my favourite blog posts of this year. I love this dress, I love the belt, shoes and the way the wind creates a movement through all of the photos.

The Motel

What a weekend! On Friday night The Gardener and I went to the opening night of Bild Lilli at the Malthouse theatre and stayed over night at Vibe Hotel in Carlton indulging in the Look Polished package. A little stay-cation if you will.

Good on you mum!

Do you have clothing that you wear for sentimental reasons? I have a wardrobe full of dresses and the like that I’ve kept over the years because of the meaning it holds for me.

Frock You

Last year I included an amazeballs dress from Australian online store St Frock in my Christmas Gift Guide.

Lovely Leona

What to say about this gorgeous Leona Edmiston dress? I went out for a pre-Christmas drink with Kyra and she had it on, I think that’s when I fell in love with it

Dark Angel

The latest edition of Fashion Trend magazine has dropped and guess what? This month they’ve done a little feature about the blog. To celebrate I’m giving three copies away to y’all, first give away for the year!

Frocktober: A success!

Well it’s come to an end: Frocktober and my campaign to wear a dress every day and raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research. I am absolutely thrilled to report that through your donations and my frock wearing efforts we’ve raise $1530 dollars. WOW!!

Frocktober day 5: Power shoulders

I am a day behind with Frocktober frocks but you’ll get to see what I’m wearing in some make up posts on the weekend. This frock comes courtesy of Velour Vintage on Barkley St in St Kilda.

Frocktober Day 3: Dusting off packed away clothes

This dress has been in my ‘winter wardrobe’ and I’ve not worn it for about 6 months. Frocktober coupled with a sunny day saw it revived from the back of a rather full collection of clothes (read: wardrobe full of hoarded vintage dresses).

Wash over me

If there is one trend I feel comfortable embracing this coming spring/summer it’s colour blocking. I’ve never really liked bold prints, smaller more subtle floral prints yes but I feel like I’m looking at ‘mess’ with prints sometimes.

The White Wedding Dress

It was off to Bendigo for me over the weekend so that I could attend the opening of the White Wedding Dress exhibition.

July Reading

…or brains are sexy, so says The Gardener.

I thought that was quite funny because we all read don’t we but it is nice to talk about what’s on our current reading lists.

Softly, softly

I bought a whole heap of new clothes recently, and when I say new I mean brand new and not second hand or vintage.

Cooling off

It certainly makes my job easier when you come across back grounds that compliment your outfit, particularly when it’s cold and the light is low.

Love me darkly

Just when things were getting sun shiny and happy on the blog I accidental produced these rather dark pictures but have decided to post them anyhow. I had a different idea in mind for these, in that I wanted a lot more light on the dress but as we’re in the middle of winter I don’t get a huge choice about natural light each day.

A (little) outfit post

The way I figure it, something is better than nothing right? So even though this particular image hasn’t been seen on the blog, this outfit has. Forgive me but outfit posts are proving a little difficult this week with my sprained ankle. However, I am determined that it will not elude me and have some outfit related content not far away that is brand spanking new.

Bad blogger

So I haven’t updated it almost a week! No excuse! No notification! I am sorry to those of you who check in each and every day and I’ve heard from some of you asking where I am. Well I’m here, I just needed a little break.


As silly as it sounds, I made a decision at the end of 2010 to wear more blue. I’ve been a huge fan of…

Quick, quick!

While I was out I got chatting over a cocktail about how Melbourne women seem to lug around tote and shoulder bags full of everything from flats/heels to umbrellas. I did a quick inventory of my own accessories closet and found that pretty much all of my bags were on the medium to large size. Why?

Loads of clothes: Nothing to wear

L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is coming up shortly so I’m starting to think about what I’m going to wear. This DVF dress that I picked up on Etsy should go down a treat. I might have to re-think my heels because, er, I can’t walk in them. I don’t really fancy being fashion road kill outside the parades- although it would make for a hilarious blog post. Ha!


During the month of Frocktober I’ll be frocking up in support of the festive fundraising initiative aiming to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer…