Lady Melbourne wearing boho dress from label 'Raga' | www.ladymelbourne.com.au

A Boho Dress

I’ve enjoyed wearing this dress so much during pregnancy, but like a lot of clothes I’ve bought I’ve tried really hard to steer clear…

Vintage dress with modern accessories | www.ladymelbourne.com.au

Peach Melba

If you’re Australian you’ll probably know what a Peach Melba is, if not let me mansplain for you. ‘Peach Melba is a dessert of peaches…

Lady Melbourne wearing boho dress from Chicwish.com | www.ladymelbourne.com.au

Boho Love

Just a very quick outfit update today with a new favourite in my wardrobe. I’ll buy pretty much anything with embroidery on it, and this dress is no exception!

The StFrock 'My Moment' dress on Lady Melbourne | www.ladymelbourne.com.au

The ‘My Moment’ Dress

Ahhh spring: glorious weather and hideous hayfever. Such is life in Melbourne at the moment but with the changing seasons brings the opportunity to step out in dresses like this beauty from St Frock.