10 Things Fashion People Say

Many hilarious things can be overheard at fashion shows, media events and the like, and sometimes you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d been made up. Well, these are all true, and I may have just said some of them myself. Enjoy.

How to pronounce designer names

How to pronounce designer names 101

Have you ever wondered how to actually pronounce Hermès? Perhaps you haven’t and you’ve been walking around pronouncing something that sounds like a skin disease.


5 Tips to Get Through Monday

We all have to do it, get up out out bed on a Monday and cope with life. Whether you partied all weekend or spend it on a meditation retreat, psychologically Monday seems to be the toughest day of the week.

So how do you cope? Well here’s five tips for you to get you to the end of the day.

Lady Melbourne will be teaching masterclasses with The Guardian Australia

Guardian Australia Masterclasses with Lady Melbourne!

I’m teaching masterclasses with The Guardian Australia on social media for business and beginners. I started Lady Melbourne eight years ago when social engagement was in its infancy, and have grown, as it has grown. The popularity of Lady Melbourne is indelibly linked to the rise in popularity of social media.

Super foods: What are they?

What are superfoods?

It’s beyond a trend when you can buy what were once obscure seeds in the aisles of your local supermarket, and celebrity chefs promote activated almonds as part of your everyday diet. Superfood it seems, is here to stay.

So where do you begin?