Lady Melbourne's DIY Gold Flower Crown for under $20 |

DIY Gold Flower Crown for under $20!

With the Australian spring racing season upon us and, in a bizarre duality, Halloween approaching too, I thought I’d share a DIY project I completed recently: the Lady Melbourne super-spesh gold flower crown.

10 Things Fashion People Say

Many hilarious things can be overheard at fashion shows, media events and the like, and sometimes you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d been made up. Well, these are all true, and I may have just said some of them myself. Enjoy.

How to pronounce designer names

How to pronounce designer names 101

Have you ever wondered how to actually pronounce Hermès? Perhaps you haven’t and you’ve been walking around pronouncing something that sounds like a skin disease.

5 Tips to Get Through Monday

We all have to do it, get up out out bed on a Monday and cope with life. Whether you partied all weekend or spend it on a meditation retreat, psychologically Monday seems to be the toughest day of the week.

So how do you cope? Well here’s five tips for you to get you to the end of the day.

Lady Melbourne will be teaching masterclasses with The Guardian Australia

Guardian Australia Masterclasses with Lady Melbourne!

I’m teaching masterclasses with The Guardian Australia on social media for business and beginners. I started Lady Melbourne eight years ago when social engagement was in its infancy, and have grown, as it has grown. The popularity of Lady Melbourne is indelibly linked to the rise in popularity of social media.

Super foods: What are they?

What are superfoods?

It’s beyond a trend when you can buy what were once obscure seeds in the aisles of your local supermarket, and celebrity chefs promote activated almonds as part of your everyday diet. Superfood it seems, is here to stay.

So where do you begin?

Lady Melbourne's flower crown

Learn How To Make a Flower Crown

The Style.Co in Melbourne run classes with their very talented in house florist Vivien, where you learn step by step wiring techniques, wrapping, how to cluster certain flowers together and ultimately create a flower crown of your very own design.

Lady Melbourne's blue and white interior

My blue and white obsession

I wonder why we develop a penchant for certain colours over others? I know someone who loves purple to the point where they wear it on their person every single day. I think she’s kind of eccentric, but then I look around my own house…

So are you drawn to some colours more than others? And have you ever wondered why?

DIY Fascinator for under $20!

Can you make a (beautiful) fascinator for the races for under $20?

I’m here to tell you that you can, and that there is no sewing, stitching or millinery skills required. Amazing right?!

I’m moving!

Why I thought I could move house quietly in the background and it not disrupt my blog is beyond me, but here it is: I’m moving house and it’s impossible to blog!

Me, tea and Twinings

Along with Twinings I’m giving you the chance to win your very own Assam pack that included this gorgeous wooden Twinings of London box full of tea!

New Day

This blog post is dedicated to the Irish national Jill Meagher who was abducted, raped and murdered this week in Melbourne. I understand that this is a departure from usual blog content, but I wanted to acknowledge this story because its really affected me.

The Weekend

I did all sorts of things this weekend, mostly it was a lovely chance to relax and catch up on things after fashion week and the races last weekend. It also gave me a chance to sort of a heap of new things that I have lying around that I just haven’t had a chance to feature as yet.

Style inspiration: 1960s Luxe

I have a photo shoot on the weekend for a rather fancy campaign that will be featured on the blog but that you will hopefully see about the place. That’s all I can say at the moment!


I have blogging fatigue. I’m stuck. I literally have no idea what to blog about and haven’t for a week now.

Lady Melbourne’s Top 5 Blogging Tips

Over the years I’ve been blogging there have been many things I’ve learnt along the way. Some things however are timeless and even at this stage in my blogging career I return to what I’ve compiled below and strive to do it better.

Washer Woman

I’ve been thinking about doing this post for a while to combine two ideas in one: how I take care of the majority of my ‘hand wash only’ wardrobe, and to include a Hills Hoist clothes line for all my ex-pat readers.

Miles Mason Trading Company

My dear friend Kyra from Pybus PR asked if I was at all interested in discovering the Miles Mason Trading Company on Greville St so I popped in last week. Charlotte the owner talked me through the store and the business that she runs with her mother(loved that) and how after 5 years of wholesaling it was time to open her own bricks and mortar shop.

Lady Melbourne meets David LaChapelle

Last year I had the opportunity to interview the photographer and artist David LaChapelle. It was an incredible conversation and although his schedule was tight, he shooed away the PR’s and his minders and we had a long chat about, well, all sorts of things.

Here are some of the major questions I put to him.

R.I.P Jane Russell: What a babe

Jane Russell passed away yesterday, Tuesday 28th Feb 2011 and I’d like to pay a small tribute to one fabulous, stylish and everlasting woman….

Lady Melbourne, can you teach me to blog? Yes I can!

So it is with great pleasure that I can let you all know that this year I will be taking short courses at the CAE here in Melbourne on you guessed it- how to blog. It’s not always an easy thing to quantify- what I do and how to make it successful but I’m putting my experience and qualifications together to teach anyone out there the basics of how to start a blog.

My custom made Obus dress to wear at Moral Fairground

This coming weekend I’m donating my time to MC the fashion events at the ‘Fair@Square’ festival here in Melbourne, bought to you by Moral Fairgound.
Knowing that I’d need something fabulous to wear, Obus were approached and asked: If we give you this fair-trade certified organic cotton can you make a dress for Lady Melbourne to wear?
A: Of course!


During the month of Frocktober I’ll be frocking up in support of the festive fundraising initiative aiming to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer…

Welcome Home

His Lordship my Brother Melbourne arrives tonight from London and I am soooooo excited! Welcome home!

Cycle Style!

I ride a bike, and I don’t mind trying my best to look stylin’ while I do. My mate Joyce, the one woman power-house behind Mel: HOT or NOT asked me that given I’m a lady rider, would I like to try out some new products from her online store CycleStyle.
‘HECK YES!’ was my answer so we met up and she kindly handed these over for me to try. As I am a self professed ‘bag lady,’ in that I always seem to be carrying bags of stuff around with me(I know you are out there, I can’t be alone in this affliction!) I find that shopping + bags = a hilarious lady doing a balancing act on her bike. And not at the circus.

My Alphabet

Some of you have commented on how much you like my drop caps and new lettering that I’ve been using lately. As part of the redesign of the site I created this alphabet from scratch with a font that I purchased online and vectors I also purchased.

Inside my world: filming with the ABC

This afternoon was spent filming a day-in-the-life of a blogger in my apartment for a new arts program on the ABC.
It was fun having my place turned upside down in order to get the shot ‘perfect,’ and kind of funny as well having someone tell you to ‘act natural’ while there are 4 people standing around watching.

My hair: One year ago

I was just reading on Twitter @goaskalica tweet about how with personal style blogging there is always a record of what you wore exactly a year ago.

So I thought I’d step back in time which I rarely do and found this picture taken at the end of March last year. I can’t believe how much my hair has grown in a year!

Thank You

I can’t reach out and thank all of your for coming here and reading every day, or for the notes, cards and general well wishes I receive. I can take photos however and post them, just to give some kudos to the lovely people who make every day special.

Now that the dust has settled, some thank you’s…

Last week I had a couple of people help me out with my wardrobe and on the communications front.

Jude’s fabulous necklace caused so much chatter and conversation where ever I wore it- some people even felt compelled to touch it. A little disconcerting to say the least, but I can understand it as he has made it by hand and the craft work is incredible.


Okay, I need to admit something as a blogger and texter: I can’t speak Textese. I know some basic abbreviations, but with a mother…

I’m kind of a big deal….

His Lordship just got back from Canada, and apart from some lovely duty free YSL products(my faaaav!) I got this t-shirt. I freaking love…

My Christmas Tree

We don’t really have a traditional sense of a ‘tree’ at the manor, I love cherry blossoms so I just decorate them. I guess…

Paris and the Post

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone said, you know what, we’re going to send you to Paris, all expenses paid and put you up…

So sad to say goodbye…

I had to send back my Telstra Next G phone and wireless card today which I had become quite addicted to, just as His…


I don’t think I can bring myself to eat this divine toffee apple- partly because it just looks so beautiful but partly because I…

Valentino, Valentino!

On Tuesday night I was a guest of Joy 94.9 fm’s preview screening for Valentino: The Last Emperor.Mark and I introduced the film and…

400th post!

Hello out there!My fingers are tingling as I type this because I can hardly believe I’ve made it to my 400th post as a…


I bought these Beutron buttons on sale at Spotlight for $1 a card…. I made these cuffs by gluing the pearls and rhinestones on…….

Pick a size, any size

Here is a little article I wrote on clothing sizes in Australia for another publication. Before the idea came across my desk I wasn’t…

Sew & Stuff

I’ve spent most of the weekend sewing after buying up at The Job Warehouse on Friday. I got some great fabric’s for $5 a…

Happy Friday

Happy Friday y’all!I did a photo shoot today for the next issue of Fashion Journal, I can’t reveal anymore until the mag comes out…

Hei Norge!

Interview….. Silje’s blog…. Boy oh boy do I wish I could speak Norwegian! If you don’t know Silje then look her up, we have…

My little Penguin

On Tuesday evening, I was invited by Penguin Australia to the launch of the next 50 titles in their Popular Penguin series.I love reading…

You can colour too…

I came across these illustrations on From Betsy With Love originally, but if you want to know more about Edwin Georgi you only have…

And another thing….

I am super busy this week, I am keeping up to date with all your blogs through my ‘following’ application, but apologise for not…

Go Here

The L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is in full swing this week, but apart from the parades there is plenty going on as part of…

Little pleasures….

A reader suggested that I try this ‘reverse’ manicure. It needs a little tidying up, but you get the general idea. I found all…


Follow my blog with bloglovin´ I’ve claimed my blog at Bloglovin. Finally!


click-click, I get bigger…. Sunday nights are for relaxing in my book, and I’m thrilled to be doing so on a new addition to…

Queens of Vintage

I’ve been interviewed for the fabulous ‘Queens of Vintage’ website, a daily global glossy for vintage lovers. It is such an honour and lovely…

Girls, girls, girls…

Virginia Vanda Jackie Imogen Henrietta These delightful illustrations that come courtesy of Melbourne based illustrator Eleonora Dicandia. They encapsulate everything that I love, I…

Art World

I don’t show pictures of the interior of the manor, except for the couch which you all know about. Following on from my post…

Pretty Porcelain

I got this idea for a cluster of figurines from a home wares magazine- apologies but I can’t remember which one, it was one…

Weekend wonder…..

I had a fab weekend, the highlight would have to be finding this Grathelms Couture dress at Savers for $9.00.Clearly they had no idea…

Old Timer….

I set out for this photo to look a lot different, but even though it’s not as I planned, I’m happy with the result.In…

House Keeping

I do believe that the heat must have gotten to the maids, because the mail box didn’t get looked at until today and low…

Black cat…

So Australian Vogue this month tells us to try out the new Max Factor felt tip liquid eye liner. I love winged eyeliner as…

Picture this….

I bought these stencil frames at Ikea on the weekend, I’ve also got a really large cherry blossom that covers almost an entire wall….


I spent a bit of quality time today with Charbonnel & Walker, you know, just doing my bit for humanity. Ahem.Who ever thought up…

Rest in Peace: Bettie Page

It would be remiss here at Lady Melbourne to not pay tribute to Bettie Page, who died yesterday in California aged 85.Bettie’s legendary look…

24 days until…..

Here’s an out take from the shoot I did for my Christmas column in Metro News. I am so happy I finally get to…


I’ve created a little blog award, and it ties in with the fact that I’ve been tagged lately, but I don’t usually play tag!…

TIme for a clean up!

Just a short intermission ladies and gents, sorry to interrupt your photo viewing time! Being away has given me some time to think about…

Read This: Pocketto

Emma from Ausstyle is not only one talented blogger and writer, she is now the editor of Pocketto zine that she established and pulled…

Cease and desist!

A reader, (or perhaps not a reader, I’m not sure as the comment was left anonymously) has suggested that I cease calling my clothes…

Join this…

Like an Australian version of Chictopia, I’m not Antisocial and Lady Smaggle are already on board, as well as Lady Melbourne of course!