Lady Melbourne's blue and white interior

My blue and white obsession

I wonder why we develop a penchant for certain colours over others? I know someone who loves purple to the point where they wear it on their person every single day. I think she’s kind of eccentric, but then I look around my own house…

So are you drawn to some colours more than others? And have you ever wondered why?

DIY Fascinator for under $20!

Can you make a (beautiful) fascinator for the races for under $20?

I’m here to tell you that you can, and that there is no sewing, stitching or millinery skills required. Amazing right?!

Big Love Monday

Today I am grateful for the park that is around the corner from my house. It’s quite large, many people use the tan and…

Big Love Monday

As my gratitude project rolls on I’m really blown away by your contributions each week and I thank you so much. I’ve started to put together some memes with your quotes using images I’ve sourced from creative commons on Flickr and I thought I’d share at the end of the first month of the project. A little celebration of sorts.