Lady Melbourne finds out what superfood really is

What are superfoods?

It’s beyond a trend when you can buy what were once obscure seeds in the aisles of your local supermarket, and celebrity chefs promote activated almonds as part of your everyday diet. Superfood it seems, is here to stay.

So where do you begin?


What colour should you wear to a wedding?

This week’s idea is around what colour means to you, and how you apply that to various occasions in your life. There are common traditions like black or dark colours for a funeral or a bride wearing white for example. And I’m aware that these traditions extend to all sorts of variations depending on your cultural or ethnic heritage.

But what about colour and occasions? I’m off to a wedding shortly and thought about what colour I should wear.

Should you help your ex hook up?

Imagine the bizarre sensation of reading an email from a woman who has met your ex boyfriend in a bar, and forgot to get his contact details. The boyfriend you thought you might once marry.

He mentioned you in passing, and thanks to Google she’s found you and now asks ‘would you be so kind as to pass on my details as I’d love to see him again.’

I actually laughed out loud, closed the email and walked away from my computer to make a cup of tea. Was this a joke?

On closer inspection of the email however, I realized that it wasn’t. This woman wanted my help hooking up with my ex.


The races, but not as you know it

Is your personal look or ‘brand’ more important than the occasion I wonder?
Ignoring a dress code, tradition or standard, says, ‘the way I look is more important than the occasion.” And let’s face it, hats are hard to get right and no one wants to end up on the pages of a celebrity mag being lampooned for what you’re wearing.

But if you are being paid to show up, or even if you’re not, the least you can do is look the part.

Selfies: What more do we want to see?

Now, in 2013 we have the phenomena of ‘selfies,’ and with that a growing trend for them to be taken while half naked and pouting. This is generally the domain of teenage girls, desperate for peer approval about everything from their looks to their dress sense. In a recent article published on The Age, Olymia Nelson wrote: “seeing some of these images can feel too intimate. It’s almost as though we’re peering through a window. Some photos may be of girls showing skin, or girls lying on a bed. Just about all are seeking some sort of approval from their friends. The aim is not to communicate joy but to score a position.”

I’m left wondering, what more do we want to see?