So Frenchy So Chic at Werribee Park 2017

So Frenchy So Chic 2017

Well that was a slow start to 2017 – are you still there?! I went away before Christmas to a place with intermittent internet…

Lunch with Georg Jensen

Picture this: you roll up to an impeccably appointment mansion in the posh part of town to hear the tinkling of a grand piano…

A dining experience at The Press Club in Melbourne | more on www.ladymelbourne.com.au

Press Club: My Big Fat Greek Lunch

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 has just been released on DVD and Blueray, and it was with that in mind that I was invited to an exclusive media luncheon to celebrate, at The Press Club here in Melbourne.

Lady Melbourne with the brand new Mini S 5 Door Hatch

A weekend with MINI

What better way to zip to the Yarra Valley than in a brand spanking new Mini Cooper S Hatch 5 Door?

Balgownie Estate | Yarra Valley

Right in the heart of the Yarra Valley, you’ll find Balgownie Estate nestled among acres of vineyards. Not just a cellar door however, Balgownie…

Coombe | The Melba Estate

Whether or not you’re familiar with Dame Melba, Coombe is a wonderful Victorian destination for its gardens, providore, museum and restaurant alone.

Weekend Getaway

I was remarking to a friend upon my return from a glorious weekend in the country how well one sleeps when away from the hustle…

Resilient Women Think Differently, Saturday April 18th, Melbourne


The AICI is bringing together an exciting line up of women for a networking day with a fashionable edge. You’ll get a chance to talk with panelists who know what it’s like to experience the highs and lows of running a business.

Melbourne's best coffee? Lady Melbourne is going on a quest to find out!

Melbourne + Coffee = Love!

Melbourne loves coffee, fashion and footy, in whatever order suits your preferred pursuit. With that in mind, I thought it was high time Lady Melbourne started to explore where to get the best coffee in this fair city of ours, given that I drink enough of it and really, shouldn’t Lady M know these things?

GREY GOOSE vodka served chilled with St-Germain elderflower liqueur, freshly squeezed lime juice and soda water

Taste by Appointment

Imagine an invitation to dinner where guests are asked to explore their preferences for sweet, sour, bitter, salt or umami tastes. There will only be 12 of you, and all of the food has been created for the evening by the chefs at Melbourne’s hatted Saint Crispin.


Relaxing at Hepburn Bathhouse and spa in Daylesford, Victoria

Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa

Imagine taking a bath drawn straight from the mineral rich earth that is Hepburn Springs: forty-five minutes of private bathing in 100% mineral water, with bath salts infused with turmeric and rosemary.

Lady Melbourne enjoying dinner at The Lakehouse restaurant in Daylesford

Dinner at The Lakehouse

I’d not dined at The Lakehouse before, so when the invitation came my way it was a most definite ‘yes please!’

Lady Melbourne in bohemian luxe on a weekend getaway

Bohemian Luxe

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of a weekend away in the well being region of Victoria, the Daylesford and Macedon ranges. It was a complete back-to-nature experience so I packed light and took comfortable clothes in natural fibres with a little bit of bohemian luxe thrown into the mix.

Lady Melbourne taking tea at Grace Cafe, Fitzroy

Take an Alternative Walking Tour of Melbourne!

How well do you know your home city? Ever considered taking a walking tour?

I like to think I know all there is to know about shopping in Melbourne, but it was with great delight that I discovered a few gems on a recent Alternative Walking Tour of Melbourne.

DFO Shopper Of The Year 2014

DFO Shopper Of The Year is on!

What a busy day I had yesterday at DFO Essendon. Aside from my usual bargain hunting (more on that later) I was there to check out the finalists for the DFO Shopper of The Year.

Lady Melbourne in New Caledonia

Why You Should Go To New Caledonia

Speaking about New Caledonia, the most common response has been, ‘I had no idea…it was so close/it was so affordable.’

It seems that despite it being just hours from our shores, New Caledonia isn’t necessarily on our radars as a holiday destination. That’s not to say it’s some sort of undiscovered paradise – it’s not undiscovered, rather, I’d say, overlooked.

It seems that despite it being just hours from our shores, New Caledonia isn’t necessarily on our radars as a holiday destination. That’s not to say it’s some sort of undiscovered paradise – it’s not undiscovered, rather, I’d say, overlooked.

Lady Melbourne discovers New Caledonia

What to do in New Caledonia

So your flights are booked, fake tan has been sprayed and you have an overflowing suitcase full of kaftans. Aside from the obvious cocktails-at-sunset-by-the-pool, there is a lot to see and do in New Caledonia that might not seem evident from tourist paraphernalia.

New Caledonia: 5 Things That Might Surprise You

New Caledonia is an island paradise and one of Australia’s closet neighbours. You can be in France in four hours experiencing pristine beaches, speaking French and eating French food in a multicultural environment.

Lady Melbourne's flower crown

Learn How To Make a Flower Crown

The Style.Co in Melbourne run classes with their very talented in house florist Vivien, where you learn step by step wiring techniques, wrapping, how to cluster certain flowers together and ultimately create a flower crown of your very own design.

Little King Cafe in Melbourne

Little King Cafe Melbourne

Just adore Little King cafe right in the heart of Melbourne, I think you could be tucked away in a corner of Prague or Berlin no?

The Treasury, Petra, Jordan

Jordan Part III: Petra

Petra: There is an enigmatic and breathtaking quality written on the faces of the local Bedouin people, carved into the rock facades and scattered…

Doing yoga in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Jordan Part II: Wadi Rum

“The map of this desert? It’s in my head,” our driver yells over his shoulder as we trundle through Wadi Rum in the darkness.

Not on a road, or a track, but rather over sand dunes and in complete darkness. Complete. Darkness.

Jordan Part I: An Introduction

‘You went where?’

‘Is it….safe?’

‘Why are you going to Jordan?’

These are just some of the immediate reactions I’ve experienced when talking about visiting Jordan. I suppose from and Australian viewpoint it is a long way away, and it’s nestled pretty much smack bang in the Middle East bordering Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. When you articulate it, the ‘Is it safe?’ question seems quite sage.

Before I write about my trip, I thought an introduction was in order so I can answer some of those questions and put the trip into context.

Beauty Tips for Long Haul Flights

Flying long haul means different things to different people. Four hours on a plane may be your limit, or perhaps (and if you are Australian) you might be used to up to 14 hours for one flight.

Flying to New York from Australia for example will see you clock up 20 hours flying time. Kind of insane, right?!

As I’ve done my fair share of overseas travel this year I thought perhaps I’d share what I use pre, during and post flight to keep my skin, hair and nails in shape.

Oaks Day 2013

Melbourne Cup Day 2013

My beautiful millinery for cup day was supplied by Oscar & Wilde who are a Melbourne boutique with an in-house milliner. We worked together on this piece, me wanting something in soft blues that channeled something Kate Middleton might wear, only a little more flamboyant. Other than that I left it up to Jennifer

Derby Day 2013

The tradition for Derby Day at the Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Carnival is to wear black and white, and for the most part people…

High Fashion, High Tea

Today I attended High Fashion, High Tea at the Park Hyatt here in Melbourne to round of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

It was a great way to end a hectic week of parades, showings and parties, but I loved every moment of it, specially seeing the Carl Kapp parade today.

Jewellery from New York

As most of you would know I love, love, love jewellery and accessories having run my own accessories label for seven years. So I bought back A LOT of jewellery from New York when I was there in May/June.

New York through Instagram

As my time in New York comes to an end, I thought I’d reflect by sharing with you my Instagram feed. If you follow me then these won’t be new, but if you don’t then hopefully it will show you a different side of the Lady Melbourne life!

You can follow me @ladymelbourne

Manhattan by Sail

Have you ever sailed around Manhattan? I hadn’t considered it before my trip and I really didn’t want to end up on some boat or ferry crammed full of tourists (because you never consider yourself a tourist when you actually are just that) but my brother found this wonderful old topsail schooner called ‘The Clipper City’ run by Manhattan by Sail.

American Girls

By spending the last couple of weeks delightedly tripping about the streets of New York, I’ve come to realise that there is most definitely an American girl. I’m not sure you could say the same for Australia, I think we perceive that the ‘Australian woman’ is some sort of beautiful Frankenstein stitch-up of Jennifer Hawkins and Miranda Kerr, but it’s simply not the case.

And while I also realise that it is a sweeping generalisation to say there is an American type, I hope you will permit me to relay what I’ve seen and why I’ve seen it thus.

On the High Line, New York

You should most definitely consider a visit to The High Line while in New York, if for no other reason than because of the historical significance of the area to the city, and because of what it has become.

Sunset on a street corner, New York

Over the years I’ve heard people refer to the The Sartorialist’s ‘light’ in New York. I’ve always scoffed, for two reasons- no one has their own light, and the ‘lighting’ you see in photographs is more about the photographers eye and ability to capture it.

Why People Love New York

It occurred to me today as I was crossing the road, ‘What won’t I miss about New York?’

And while there is only one thing, it got me thinking about why people fall in love with this city, and why it is so commonly referred to as a place that gets under your skin.

Hello there, New York

I have been doing a lot of travel lately, which is why you’ll see the blog shift from Hong Kong on to New York. That’s right, I’m here for almost a month, working, blogging, eating, shopping and generally soaking up all this place has to offer.

Night Owl

There are times when you need a special frock and some jewels for an occasion, for some people it might not happen that often, for others every other weekend is an excuse to dress up.

Meeting Misha in Hong Kong

Then it was off to visit local Hong Kong designer Michelle Lai of the label Mishca. I really wanted to try and uncover local Hong Kong talent on this trip knowing that I was going to see my fair share of luxury because lets face it, it’s what Hong Kong does so well.

The Horizon Club at the Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

When I walked into The Horizon Club on the 56th floor of the Island Shangri-La where we stayed, I have to admit, I’d never been anywhere like it before. As you can see, it is luxury done to a tee complete with linen napkins, silver wear, velvet upholstered chairs, wood panelled walls and chandeliers.

Hong Kong on the Horizon

Staying at the Island Shangri-La meant that we were able to capture some of the best luxury locations on offer in Hong Kong. On the rooftop there is an indoor garden full of orchids and tropical greenery with long, sweeping windows that enable a view of the harbour right around to the mountain side of the hotel.

Hong Kong Bound

A couple of weeks back I did a blog post about how The Gardener and I are off to Hong Kong to shoot for a couple of days. Well, we’re here, it seemed to take a lot longer than I remembered it would (Sydney first, then onto Hong Kong) but by god it’s good to be back!

Singapore Redux

Going through my photos of my recent trip to Singapore I realised that there is still so much that I haven’t shared with you.

Come and see me speak at Camberwell’s STYLELIGHTS A/W Parade!

I’m thrilled to invite you to join me for the debut event in the STYLELIGHTS series, as Camberwell Traders Association presents their Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion Parade.

I’ll be there as guest speaker sharing insights into the world of fashion blogging and what impact the medium has had on retailers, designers, magazines and shoppers.

Tanjong Beach Club, Singapore

This is what the Tanjong Beach Club website tells us about themselves:

“The only venue on Sentosa’s most picturesque beach, this all-day hideout has something for everyone. Nurse refreshing tropical fruit cocktails, have a game of beach volleyball or beer pong, lounge by the pool or dance under the stars.”

From Mexico with love

Earlier in the year while holidaying on the Gold Coast, it just so happened that there was a vintage fair on while I was there. Complete coincidence peeps, but who was I to refuse and invitation?

Crown Oaks Day 2012

On my final day of the spring racing carnival that was Crown Oaks day, Brett Morley who’s done all my millinery for the season entered the millinery award for Myer Fashions On The Field(FOTF)

Lady M & Arthur Galan style event at Array

In line with the tower’s tagline – a little bit French Riviera, a little but Manhattan, very Melbourne – Mirvac hosted a Manhattan-inspired VIP cocktail event at the Array Display Suite where Arthur Galan and I talked all things spring racing as well as guests being treated to a runway show of the latest AG collection and his collaboration with milliner Kerry Stanley.

The Motel

What a weekend! On Friday night The Gardener and I went to the opening night of Bild Lilli at the Malthouse theatre and stayed over night at Vibe Hotel in Carlton indulging in the Look Polished package. A little stay-cation if you will.

High Tea

Finding myself at a loose end one afternoon I booked in to do high tea in their grand dining room and then set off to buy myself a dress. I wouldn’t consider rocking up for high tea wearing jeans in Melbourne, so why would I in Katoomba?

Fashionopolis 2012

Yesterday we made a little bit of blogging history with the first ever gathering of fashion bloggers from all over Australia in one room at Fashionopolis. At the same time. 150 of them.

Origen Imports

“Travel opens the doors to being charmed by people from a completely different world from your own,” Rose Marie the owner of Origen Imports tells me as we sit down over Turkish delight, dates and mint tea.

What I bought in Hong Kong

As you can see it’s not the shopping haul I had hoped for as I was mainly confined to bed, but then when I think about it there’s not a great deal I actually need so these little treats really are quite enough.

On the Street: Kowloon

I only have these two photos for you today, my ear infection eased so I was able to go out for lunch but it…

In which I’m permanently on a boat

Or in other words, I have barotrauma or an inner ear infection of which vertigo is a side effect. It’s a cruel mistress and there isn’t much you can do but stay in bed and rest until the inflammation in your ear subsides.

Hello Hong Kong

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in Hongkong and I have to say it’s superb to be back albeit freezing cold.

The Design Files Opens a House

If you are into reading Melbourne based blogs you will probably have heard of The Design Files. Lucy’s most recent pursuit is an open house in Fitzroy where everything you see you can buy. Everything!

Crown Oaks Day 2011

I attended Crown Oaks Day courtesy of Lavazza a couple of days ago and despite the fact that as I type this I am sick as a dog, I had the most wonderful time.

Derby Day at Flemington 2011

When I was thinking about writing this post it occurred to me how Melbourne-centric the spring racing carnival is: outside of this city it makes the social pages or celebrities turn up on gofugyourself.com for wearing ugly hats but otherwise it could come off as quite a strange phenomenon.

Frocktober break: L’Heure du Thé

A couple of weeks ago I attended the L’Heure du The at the Langham here in Melbourne. It was a wonderful after noon that was really just a fabulous excuse to get all frocked up and take tea with a very Parisian feel with proceeds going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Beautiful one day, perfect the next…

That’s an old marketing slogan for tourism Queensland but for most people who’ve been on a holiday along the east coast of Australia in Queensland it’s a fairly acurate description.

Miles Mason Trading Company

My dear friend Kyra from Pybus PR asked if I was at all interested in discovering the Miles Mason Trading Company on Greville St so I popped in last week. Charlotte the owner talked me through the store and the business that she runs with her mother(loved that) and how after 5 years of wholesaling it was time to open her own bricks and mortar shop.

Melbourne Central…did you know?

When I was at uni across the road from Melbourne Central in 2009 (affectionately referred to as Melb Cench) it was where my friends and I inevitably ended up during breaks or at lunch. Things have changed dramatically since then however so when I was invited to take a tour I was certainly surprised to find some more unusual features you probably wouldn’t expect to find at a shopping center.


As mentioned in my previous post I spent a deeeeeelightful weekend away at Barwon Heads on the Bellarine Peninsula. It was peaceful, relaxing but one of the most exciting aspects(for me at least) was the great fashion boutiques I discovered. I’ll be honest, I thought Barwon Heads was a sleepy little seaside town the last time having been there when I was about eight.