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The Last Day of 2017

I thought I’d end 2017 by sharing with you a special experience I had recently at Domaine Chandon winery. And before we go any…

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Beautiful Children’s Clothes

Months ago now, I was asked to be part of a campaign for a well known children’s footware brand. We were to be winter…

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Remember Why You Started

Close your eyes and think about what you were doing 10 years ago. Can you remember—to the day? This year marks 10 years of publishing Lady Melbourne and because the Internet is the Internet, I can go back in time and see what I published, even down to the date and time of day.

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Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party

To mark the occasion of my baby thriving and me surviving(!), I organised the first birthday party of my dreams. Floral letters, the perfect cake and of course – a donut wall.

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Boden at Christmas

Luxury: what does it mean to you? Silk pyjamas? Staying at the Ritz in Paris? A Chanel handbag or custom made clothes?

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Gorgeous Australian children’s fashion

Pappe Australia is a luxury children’s label, founded on a principal that clothes don’t need to be heavily labelled or adorned but simply focused on design, craftsmanship and refinement.

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Wear your Baby: Babein

Let’s face it, if your baby won’t abide sleeping lying down like the rest of us, or screams if you dare put the little dote in a bouncer to make a cup of tea or put on some clothes or eat – then wearing your baby might be your only option.

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Pretty : Tough

Wow. Almost three weeks between blog posts. Long exhalation. Where have I been you might want to know? Well, having a baby seems to…

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More details from the nursery

You’ve seen the first post about how I decorated the nursery, well this is what happened to the other half. I got quite busy ‘nesting’ before the baby arrived and made all these cushions (except the little star, that’s from good old Kmart) and these Miffy prints.

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Mother Life Love

Before having my baby, the intention was to start a separate platform dedicated to all things fashionable, lifestyle and motherhood. Not getting around to having the website built before the baby arrived, I’ve started an instagram account called @motherlifelove, so if you’re interested in top-notch baby spam, or my take on all things fashionable with a parenting tilt, then I’d love it if you followed along!

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Baby Melbourne!

The temporary service interruption this past week has been to introduce Baby Melbourne into the world!

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A Nursery

Despite the fact that I work in a creative field and am generally an organised person, the project of creating a nursery has only…

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Here’s to 2016!

It’s going to be a big year ahead for Lady Melbourne, with some new topics introduced – can you guess what they might be?!

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Peach Melba

If you’re Australian you’ll probably know what a Peach Melba is, if not let me mansplain for you. ‘Peach Melba is a dessert of peaches…

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Here I am!

Sorry for going M.I.A over the past while, this pregnancy thing has knocked me around a bit now that the weather is hotting up….

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Beautiful products for mother & child

I’ve had some lovely things come across my desk lately so when I thought about the posts it would take to showcase everything, I reasoned it would be far easier in one bumper post!

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