Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party

To mark the occasion of my baby thriving and me surviving(!), I organised the first birthday party of my dreams. Floral letters, the perfect cake and of course – a donut wall.

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Boden at Christmas

Luxury: what does it mean to you? Silk pyjamas? Staying at the Ritz in Paris? A Chanel handbag or custom made clothes?

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Gorgeous Australian children’s fashion

Pappe Australia is a luxury children’s label, founded on a principal that clothes don’t need to be heavily labelled or adorned but simply focused on design, craftsmanship and refinement.

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Wear your Baby: Babein

Let’s face it, if your baby won’t abide sleeping lying down like the rest of us, or screams if you dare put the little dote in a bouncer to make a cup of tea or put on some clothes or eat – then wearing your baby might be your only option.

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Pretty : Tough

Wow. Almost three weeks between blog posts. Long exhalation. Where have I been you might want to know? Well, having a baby seems to…

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More details from the nursery

You’ve seen the first post about how I decorated the nursery, well this is what happened to the other half. I got quite busy ‘nesting’ before the baby arrived and made all these cushions (except the little star, that’s from good old Kmart) and these Miffy prints.

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Mother Life Love

Before having my baby, the intention was to start a separate platform dedicated to all things fashionable, lifestyle and motherhood. Not getting around to having the website built before the baby arrived, I’ve started an instagram account called @motherlifelove, so if you’re interested in top-notch baby spam, or my take on all things fashionable with a parenting tilt, then I’d love it if you followed along!

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Baby Melbourne!

The temporary service interruption this past week has been to introduce Baby Melbourne into the world!

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A Nursery

Despite the fact that I work in a creative field and am generally an organised person, the project of creating a nursery has only…

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Here’s to 2016!

It’s going to be a big year ahead for Lady Melbourne, with some new topics introduced – can you guess what they might be?!

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Peach Melba

If you’re Australian you’ll probably know what a Peach Melba is, if not let me mansplain for you. ‘Peach Melba is a dessert of peaches…

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Here I am!

Sorry for going M.I.A over the past while, this pregnancy thing has knocked me around a bit now that the weather is hotting up….

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Beautiful products for mother & child

I’ve had some lovely things come across my desk lately so when I thought about the posts it would take to showcase everything, I reasoned it would be far easier in one bumper post!

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