On the Street: Kowloon

I only have these two photos for you today, my ear infection eased so I was able to go out for lunch but it…

In which I’m permanently on a boat

Or in other words, I have barotrauma or an inner ear infection of which vertigo is a side effect. It’s a cruel mistress and there isn’t much you can do but stay in bed and rest until the inflammation in your ear subsides.

Hello Hong Kong

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in Hongkong and I have to say it’s superb to be back albeit freezing cold.

Hong Kong nails by Miss Fox Melbourne

I’m venturing back to Hong Kong after 4 years and as it’s Chinese New Year and just because I love to have quirky nails I popped into Miss Fox Melbourne before I left and had these heart shaped nails fashioned.

Opinion: Should the use of models under 16 be banned?

In 2012 I’ve decided to mix things up a little bit and add a monthly opinion piece written by a fabulous fellow blogger. They will be humorous, serious, opinionated and are aimed to get you thinking about fashion in a completely different way.