Frocktober break: L’Heure du Thé

A couple of weeks ago I attended the L’Heure du The at the Langham here in Melbourne. It was a wonderful after noon that was really just a fabulous excuse to get all frocked up and take tea with a very Parisian feel with proceeds going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Frocktober day 5: Power shoulders

I am a day behind with Frocktober frocks but you’ll get to see what I’m wearing in some make up posts on the weekend. This frock comes courtesy of Velour Vintage on Barkley St in St Kilda.

Frocktober Day 3: Dusting off packed away clothes

This dress has been in my ‘winter wardrobe’ and I’ve not worn it for about 6 months. Frocktober coupled with a sunny day saw it revived from the back of a rather full collection of clothes (read: wardrobe full of hoarded vintage dresses).