Beauty Week: Who does your hair?

One of the questions I get asked the most(strange I know) is who does your hair? Well, I’m lucky in that Oscar Oscar do my hair pretty much where ever I am in Australia. Lucky I know.

Beauty Week: Health and Wellbeing

Hooray, it’s beauty week on Lady Melbourne! And what better way to start things off than with health and well being, specially in light of me coming down ill last week. Thank you for all your well wishes, it’s definitely helped.

Next week is beauty week on Lady M!

I do get asked quite a fair bit about my beauty, hair and fitness regimes so I thought why not just make a whole week of posts all about it? It’s quite exciting really because I’ve recieved some great products lately (ie mineral makeup) that have changed how I wear my make up. There are things such as my manicures that I only ever do myself however and my good old tried and tested $13 moisturiser so quite a mixed bag that makes up Lady M.

April Reading

I didn’t do a book list for February or March because I had so much to get through- rather ambitious to think I’d get…

Bad blogger

So I haven’t updated it almost a week! No excuse! No notification! I am sorry to those of you who check in each and every day and I’ve heard from some of you asking where I am. Well I’m here, I just needed a little break.