Violet & I: Welcome to my wardrobe

It got me thinking about the need to support local designers in such tough retail times, not to mention the fact that Zara has just landed on our shores. I couldn’t see a whiff of the financial crisis hitting home when I re-visted the flagship Melbourne store the other day- it was full, there was a queue for the change room and the tills were running hot.

Happy Friday!

Well Happy Friday to you out there!

Here is my final recent purchase from Etsy and I’m not quite sure yet but it’s vying for my favourite.

Happy Friday!

Ah it’s Friday, it’s autumn and it’s a long weekend here for us. I’m going to a farm for the weekend(have visions of Carrie when she visited Aiden’s country abode) and its been suggested to me that I invest in a pair of gum boots, or wellies. In my personal opinion they are like an overgrown version of Crocs so I don’t really want to spend a lot of money on them, plus I need them in a hurry(as in by tonight!). I think some sort of discount department store will be in order for me today.