Origen Imports

“Travel opens the doors to being charmed by people from a completely different world from your own,” Rose Marie the owner of Origen Imports tells me as we sit down over Turkish delight, dates and mint tea.


What do you all do for Easter? I understand my friends in the States don’t get Good Friday or Easter Monday as a holiday but I’m not sure what it’s like for every corner of the globe.

Sneak peek!

I dropped in to see my friend Leigh who runs online boutique Halcyon State. This is a little sneak peek at what we got up to playing dress ups, stay tuned for the whole blog post!

What is a Blogger? Part II

The overwhelming reaction to the FELLT network launching here in Australia wasn’t that it was a bad thing for bloggers to make money. Rather, it was the approach. Managers, agencies and in particular a closed network only available to a chosen few seemed to rub the fashion blogging community the wrong way.

Random new things…

So many random and new things come across my desk and not all of them make it to the blog. I’ve sort of started a regular post called ‘Random New Things’ of, well, exactly that!