Reasons I know my blog is my boyfriend

I initially read this fabulous blog post via the IFB networks newsletter and I laughed so hard my head almost hit the keyboard.
I’ve decided to do my own version here because more often than not these days I certainly think that my blog may as well be my boyfriend

Frocktober: A success!

Well it’s come to an end: Frocktober and my campaign to wear a dress every day and raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research. I am absolutely thrilled to report that through your donations and my frock wearing efforts we’ve raise $1530 dollars. WOW!!

Derby Day at Flemington 2011

When I was thinking about writing this post it occurred to me how Melbourne-centric the spring racing carnival is: outside of this city it makes the social pages or celebrities turn up on for wearing ugly hats but otherwise it could come off as quite a strange phenomenon.

Lunch and a launch

As it is the season for Spring Racing, today I set off to Flemington for the official launch of the Myer Fashions on the Field. Then it was on to lunch at The Millswyn in South Yarra (how posh!) for lunch with Kyra who was my date for the launch and Cecylia from