• #VAMFF Opening Parade 2014

    #VAMFF Opening Parade 2014

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  • Spirit Queen exhibition by Christian Blanchard

    SPIRIT QUEEN by Christian Blanchard for #VAMFF 2014

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Be still my heart

Hi spies, how was your weekend? The ‘Blogging Basics’ course that I took on Saturday at the CAE went down a treat and I…

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!
Hope you enjoy todays’s video about my summer reading list. I’m also wearing the Panacheya Camisole by Aussie label Violet & I. 20% of the sales price goes to the Butterfly Foundation, an organisation that helps Australians dealing with eating disorders.

Red, red, she wears red…

Regarding my hair in these photos, I have taken the liberty of applying a balayage affect with photoshop because I’m thinking about actually having…

Lady Melbourne, can you teach me to blog? Yes I can!

So it is with great pleasure that I can let you all know that this year I will be taking short courses at the CAE here in Melbourne on you guessed it- how to blog. It’s not always an easy thing to quantify- what I do and how to make it successful but I’m putting my experience and qualifications together to teach anyone out there the basics of how to start a blog.

When the wind blows…

…my skirt flutters like leaves on water. The silk is so light and airy with lovely little lace cobweb detail around the cuffs and neckline. I bought it on Etsy for a song- I love Etsy. Do you shop there? I used to head over to eBay for vintage but these days it’s staight to Etsy.