Random new things…

So many random and new things come across my desk and not all of them make it to the blog. I’ve sort of started a regular post called ‘Random New Things’ of, well, exactly that!

Beauty Review: Natio

Here’s what makeup I use on my skin everyday and in the photos you see on the blog. It’s Natio, it’s from Melbourne and it’s amazeballs.

What is a blogger? Part I

Today on Twitter a storm in a teacup erupted over the use of the term journalists in reference to bloggers that are part of a new and invitation only blogging platform. Here’s what I think.

Day light fading…

I was drawn to this bag for some inexplicable reason even though I really, REALLY dislike the colour orange.

Inside my apartment, on my walls

When you asked how my interior was looking and that I hadn’t posted about my apartment for a while I realised that I have only just added new additions to the prints that cover almost every wall.

Tumble On

I’ve got to say a he-uge thank you for your comments on my previous post about having blogging fatigue. I really struggled with whether or not to blog about it because it’s not really in the style of the blog, but I’m so glad I did.