Raoul SS 11/12 Preview

I was first introduced to the Raoul label on a trip to Singapore for Audi Fashion Week last year. It was great to discover a label that could translate to the Melbourne climate and so far I think this is my favourite collection.

Size Matters

While on a recent shopping expedition I happened upon a lovely dress in Zara. The ‘S’ hadn’t fit, the ‘M’ was snug and the ‘L’ was perfect. The only other size available was XL.

If you have ever felt like this when shopping, you’re not alone. Women face this problem everyday in shops all over Australia, as there is no standard clothing size used in the Australian fashion industry.

July Reading

…or brains are sexy, so says The Gardener.

I thought that was quite funny because we all read don’t we but it is nice to talk about what’s on our current reading lists.

Washer Woman

I’ve been thinking about doing this post for a while to combine two ideas in one: how I take care of the majority of my ‘hand wash only’ wardrobe, and to include a Hills Hoist clothes line for all my ex-pat readers.