Lady Melbourne wearing pleather skirt by

The Leather Pleat Skirt

Listen you guys, I’ve never worn a leather, or pleather skirt and I never thought I would until there was a mix up in my order and I ended up with this in my shopping cart.
When it arrived I tentitively unwrapped it, slid it over my hips and did up the zip. And then I kind of fell in love.

Summer essentials by Lady Melbourne

Summer Essentials

Summer is around the corner here in Oz, but whether you are reading this from a colder climate I think these ‘essentials’ still apply.

Lady Melbourne and What Would Karl Do in the Lexus marquee on Crown Oaks Day 2014

Emirates Melbourne Cup Day in Lexus, 2014

It’s one of the richest group one races in the world with prize money in the millions, and the fashion is of course another major draw card with international VIP’s flying in from all over the world to attend.

Lady Melbourne in the Lexus marquee on Crown Oaks Day 2014

Crown Oaks Day in the Lexus Marquee, 2014

Crown Oaks Day, otherwise known as ‘Ladies Day,’ (or blokes day depending on how you see the world) is traditionally a day for women to enjoy the races. I’ve no idea when or why it came to be, but I do know that you do see groups of women all dressed up out for a day of racing, punting and champagne of course.

Lady Melbourne wearing pink jacket from

A Chic Wish

So a little while back I blogged about an incredible dress I’d found from a website called Well I’ve joined their affiliate ranks which means that last week a haul of clothing arrived including this gorgeous dusty pink cocoon trench.

Lady Melbourne at the Emirates marquee on Derby Day, 2014

Derby Day 2014

Well here we are again for another year and what a smashing start to the main days of racing for the spring carnival here in Melbourne.