10 Things Fashion People Say

Many hilarious things can be overheard at fashion shows, media events and the like, and sometimes you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d been made up. Well, these are all true, and I may have just said some of them myself. Enjoy.

Lady Melbourne in Fame & Partners two piece lace outfit

Fame & Partners

We all know I love lace, correct? Imagine my delight when this number turned up in the mail from Fame & Partners who specialise…

How to pronounce designer names

How to pronounce designer names 101

Have you ever wondered how to actually pronounce Hermès? Perhaps you haven’t and you’ve been walking around pronouncing something that sounds like a skin disease.

Lady Melbourne wearing a vintage Diane Freis dress with Nine West heels

Save your pennies: Shop for shoes online

So I had a little break over Christmas but that didn’t stop me from doing some shopping online where I found these babies. I discovered shopping for shoes from Amazon about two years ago now and haven’t really looked back.