Lady Melbourne wearing Raye 'Beatrix' heels, Feathers Coat, black lace skirt | more on

Fashion fit for Jon Snow

He’d wear this stole, wouldn’t he? When I saw these pictures of me standing in the bushes dappled in sublime winter sunbeams with the…

Gucci Resort 2017 Collection shown at Westminster Abbey, June 2016

GUCCI Resort 2017

The audacious giddy complexity of it evokes Brittania, skinhead bovver boy, late 80s acid-house rave-wear and all the chic’s, from geek and nana to shabby.


Siyona: Part I

When this Siyona skirt dropped onto my desk, I was reminded how sometimes beautiful details, like the colour of a fading fence, can be all the inspiration one needs.

A dining experience at The Press Club in Melbourne | more on

Press Club: My Big Fat Greek Lunch

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 has just been released on DVD and Blueray, and it was with that in mind that I was invited to an exclusive media luncheon to celebrate, at The Press Club here in Melbourne.


Veronica Beard

Veronica Beard wasn’t a label I’d heard of until I stumbled upon it recently during the Shopbop sale. But now I know about it, I can’t get enough of the natural fibres and extreme attention to detail.

Multi stripe dress from Closet London | more on

Closet London

Closet London is a label produced entirely in its namesake city, London. We had an unseasonably warm day recently so I chased the sunshine in this frock and don’t the colours just shine!