Lady Melbourne wearing Oasis 'Isabella' skinny jeans

In search of the perfect blue jean

What would you say are the ingredients for the perfect pair of jeans? I suspect it will be different for most people depending on taste, however I’d wager there would be commonalities.

Successful Australian Women

Career Tips From Successful Australian Women

Recently I was inspired by an article I read in Who What Wear daily on career tips from some of the fashion industries most successful women.
Two things struck me: how helpful this would have been to me when I was starting in my career, and why isn’t there the same from Australian women? So I made one!

Lady Melbourne in bohemian luxe on a weekend getaway

Bohemian Luxe

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of a weekend away in the well being region of Victoria, the Daylesford and Macedon ranges. It was a complete back-to-nature experience so I packed light and took comfortable clothes in natural fibres with a little bit of bohemian luxe thrown into the mix.

The launch of 'The Eternal Hedonist' in Melbourne

‘The Eternal Headonist’ Launch

Annabel Allen, founder of ‘The Eternal Headonist’ (the a is deliberate, think about it!), has hand-picked milliners whose use of materials and technique are bringing a new perspectives to fashion millinery.